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To Everything a Season…

Good morning, Netizens!

Yes, it's TGIF Day, time to hitch up your knickers or tighten down your braces, depending upon your respective gender because it's Friday. Time to take that big load off your back, cast off your irons and make headway toward the weekend!

Perhaps that is why, as I come strolling into the Virtual Ballroom this morning, I note the presence of the First Universal and Triumphant Ganja Chanting Choir out parading in the street in front of the Virtual Garden chanting words of celebration and ecstatic apostasy, something about the eternal weekend that goes without end forever and ever Amen, or perhaps that was potheads unite. I am not certain.

As I am chuckling to myself, having noticed that the Garden Gnomes are already hard at work this morning in the Virtual Garden, occasionally pausing in their labors to express their opinions of the Chanting Choir just outside the fence by uplifting their middle fingers in derision, since for the Garden Gnomes there is seldom a spring nor summer day when they are not hard at work. Of course, our Virtual Garden reflects that, with juicy baby strawberries are already ripe and everything else is starting to grow nicely, despite having had a cold Spring this year.

As I slide onto my favorite espresso bar stool and grasp a copy of the morning paper, I see where a deer crashed through the rear side window in State Highway 26 in the Palouse and then began thrashing about in the back seat. I had that something quite akin to that actually happen to me once upon a time in Wyoming. I had stopped to pick up an injured deer with a broken back and laid it gently on my VW Rabbit's back seat to find someone to put it out of its misery. Once I got back underway, said deer incredibly sat upright in the back seat and proceeded to watch me drive. Curious thing that, driving down an isolated country road in Uinta County, Wyoming with a deer closely monitoring my driving skills. I never did quite get over that.

Gabriel, this morning's barrista sidles up to my place at the bar and with a grin, slides me a cup of today's special virtual espresso blend, announcing it as, “Just for You”. Now having had various flavors of espresso from the Virtual Espresso Bar, some that took me up and others brought me down, I didn't know quite what to expect.

One sip, and I simply felt like my same old self, funky, yet at ease with that, not grumpy since it is too early in the morning for that yet, and actually quite comfortable. Even the orchestra is getting into the mood, and begins playing a 60's hit, “White Bird” by a band called “It's a Beautiful Day” from long, long ago.

You might try a cup of this morning's virtual blend and see how it feels to you.


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