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Super Mitt-- fact or fiction?

David Horsey-Los Angeles Times
David Horsey-Los Angeles Times

Good morning, Netizens...


Cartoonist David Horsey asks some of the hard questions about Mitt Romney's Presidential candidacy.


The national news media is full of constant infighting between Obama and Mitt Romney, perhaps no more so than the endless bickering over Romney's tax returns. However if one looks closely enough, you will quickly see there are potentially more secrets buried inside the Romney other than his income taxes.


The most-essential question that bothers me is just who the hell is Mitt Romney? He took properly-conservative public positions as the Governor of Massachusetts on gay rights, abortion, healthcare and immigration, positions, some of which he seems to have tried to recently ignore. It is really difficult to get Romney to to clearly state his position on big government without lapsing into generalities and wasted airspace.


One thing is certain to me: he doesn't want to disclose all of his taxes. What is he hiding? It isn't just members of the Left Wing that are clamoring for full disclosure, either. The National Review, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and a long list of other Republican officeholders and conservative commentators are demanding access to Romney's tax records. The only member of the Right Wing who seemingly is urging him to stand his ground is Rush Limbaugh, if that counts for anything.


Of course, no tale of “The Mittman” would be complete without mentioning the list of his potential running mates. Some are saying he will have to find someone from within the ranks of the Mormon Church or face the wrath of his Bishop. Who might that be?


There are a lot of unanswered questions about just who the Mittman might be, once he takes off his costume.



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