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Tormenting of the cat…


Good afternoon, Netizens...


Peering at the NEXRAD Weather Radar, if not glaring out the window at the falling rain, the weather forecast this morning is wet. In our house we have one indoor-outdoor cat, that being a feline that normally comes inside to purloin some crunch junk bit cat food, and a quick drink (either from the toilet or the drinking bowl) and then back outside to commingle with the neighborhood's cats, of which there are many. My favorite preoccupation on rainy or snowy days is to ask the cat if she wants to go outside, knowing all the time that if she even sees a hint of moisture falling from the skies, she will flee back inside the house, cursing at me the entire time in her best feline oaths.


This morning I was in rare form, and having already invited the cat if she wanted to go outside, and having been quite successful at aggravating her mightily thrice, I was working on a fourth attempt, but somehow in her brain, she had figured out the weather wasn't going to change anytime soon, and withdrew to her private quarters atop a box in the closet to doubtlessly mutter swear words about matters.


However, now that it has stopped the torrential downpour of this morning, I decided to give it another try and, to my utter surprise and delight, the damned cat fled out the front door, immediately hiding beneath the huge ornamental bush right beside the front door. There she sat, in nearly-invisible silence, glaring left and right at various other cats, nearly all of which were equally hiding beneath ornamental bushes in their front yards, unquestionably watching the rain still dripping off the trees and bushes, but unwilling to venture away from their hidey-holes to see if it really had quit pouring down rain.


Since I have other affairs that need attending to, in my best saccharine-sweet voice, I tried coercing the cat back inside one more time, and receiving no answer, I must be off and about my business.


To the unseen visitors, the drivers and those foolish enough to be walking outside in such a drippy mess, it would appear as if there were no cats anywhere in our sacred little conclave. I can hardly wait until the next band of rain comes roaring through, so I can once more entice the cat to come inside, out of the rain, like all good cats do.



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