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Undecided or decided voters…

David Horsey
David Horsey


Good morning, Netizens...


If the Barack Obama that showed up for the second Presidential Debate had shown up on the first debate, according to David Horsey, the Republican Party might be turning their thoughts to 2016 and arguing over how they got tricked into nominating a loser two elections in a row, or so says David Horsey, cartoonist.


Some think Obama clearly won the debate -- early polls by CNN and CBS gave Obama the edge -- some call it a draw, but few people beyond the walls of the Fox News studio are contending that Romney was the winner. Thus the third and final debate on Monday is now fired up as the Grand Finale to what has been a long and tortured campaign. It should be a knockdown drag-out fight between two candidates who do not particularly like one another, each trying to go for the knockout punch.


It all seems to come around to the committed voters as opposed to those uncommitted voters. The former seem to have an opinion of where they stand while the latter who seemingly have a vague and uninformed feelings and do not have a clear consensus of whom they believe. What really surprised me was that the Salt Lake Tribune did not endorse Romney, despite his once being a favored son.


For example, there is the matter of Romney's Five-Point Economic Plan so highly-favored by undecided voters. What plan? Romney's plan seems more aspiration and hyperbole than a dynamic plan for future growth.


Horsey believes the election is going to go down to the last hour on election day. Were I given the choice between the two candidates, we will need voters who are as tough and smart as the candidates should be, not idiots who cannot decide what they know or want.


Of course, your opinions may differ.



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