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The gaffe on Monday Night Football lives on…

Good morning, Netizens...

I watched the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks and despite the chaos at the end of the game, I admit a personal preference for Seattle, win, lose or draw. Until ESPN announcer John Gruden made an offer to jump out of the press box over the call by the temporary referees in the last seconds of the game, I could barely restrain myself from having a genuine gut-busting laugh over the outcome of the game.

There are some who will go to their graves debating whether the Seahawks scored a touchdown or were guilty of offensive pass interference. Green Bay Packers fans, of course, may have their own opinions of how things should have been called, because they lost the game because of the errant call on the field.

Either way, the Seahawks won the game by a very confusing ruling on the field by the temporary referees, and the entire collective view of Internet commenters set to howling like a pack of wolves in search of fresh game for dinner. Everyone, it seems, holds strongly-held opinions about the play call at the end of the gane, and they are not the least bit shy about expressing how they would have called the play were they in charge.

The ultimate judgment, which came later from the NFL matters most of all, when they stated, “The result of the game is final.”

Lest everyone lose sight of the purpose of Monday Night Football, that being it is entertainment, pure and simple and, for a moment there, I was entertained. As we enter the middle of the week, on this Wednesday morning, the national and regional news agencies are still playing the videos of the final play of the game. Ah, yes, the entertainment that continues to serve long past its usefulness.


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