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Community Comment archive for Sept. 2012

SUNDAY, SEPT. 9, 2012

A Word A Day -- lugubrious 

September 09, 2012 Word of the Day lugubrious \loo-GOO-bree-us\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : mournful; especially : exaggeratedly or affectedly mournful 2 : dismal EXAMPLES Katie's friends guessed immediately from her lugubrious expression that she and her boyfriend had broken up. "Then beneath that lugubrious lament…

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A Word A Day -- gallant

September 08, 2012 Word of the Day gallant \GAL-unt\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : showy in dress or bearing : smart 2 a : splendid, stately b : spirited, brave c : nobly chivalrous and often self-sacrificing 3 : courteously and elaborately attentive especially to ladies…

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 7, 2012

David Horsey--Obama's answer

Amswers to the questions... 

Good evening, Netizens... I have given a great deal of thought to the Democratic National Convention, and I have reached a few conclusions that probably will not surprise anyone. If you are a Republican stalwart, of course you eagerly chant the new party line of…

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A Word A Day -- jocose

September 07, 2012 Word of the Day jocose \joh-KOHSS\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : given to joking : merry 2 : characterized by joking : humorous EXAMPLES Rachel has the kind of jocose personality that can liven up even the dullest of parties. "The information imparted…

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A Word A Day -- gainsay

September 06, 2012 Word of the Day gainsay \gayn-SAY\ DEFINITION verb 1 : to declare to be untrue or invalid 2 : contradict, oppose EXAMPLES There is no doubt that their work makes a useful contribution, but it does not provide enough evidence to gainsay…

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Take me out to the ball game..,. 

Good morning, Netizens... Can you imagine Michelle Obama as a baseball pitcher for a major league baseball team? Instead of the sleek form-fitting silk dress she wore last night before the Democratic National Convention, she might show up sporting a baseball uniform and packing a…

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A Word A Day -- inimitable

September 05, 2012 Word of the Day inimitable \in-IM-it-uh-bul\ DEFINITION adjective : not capable of being imitated : matchless EXAMPLES "He is involved in roughly six projects, most of them part time and some dormant. Each is different from the others and to each, say…

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 4, 2012

A Word A Day -- ecstatic

September 04, 2012 Word of the Day ecstatic \ek-STAT-ik\ DEFINITION adjective : of, relating to, or marked by rapturous delight EXAMPLES Naomi's face was ecstatic as she accepted first prize in the essay contest. "Jordan Staal would much rather play with his brother than against…

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MONDAY, SEPT. 3, 2012

A Word A Day -- caduceus

September 03, 2012 Word of the Day caduceus \kuh-DOO-see-us\ DEFINITION noun 1 : the symbolic staff of a herald; specifically : a representation of a staff with two entwined snakes and two wings at the top 2 : an insignia bearing a caduceus and symbolizing…

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SUNDAY, SEPT. 2, 2012

The price of war... 

Good evening, Netizens... I've read one hell of a lot of comments and blogs over the last 48 hours about Clint Eastwood's diatribe spoken before the Republican National Convention, some good, some irreverent and some only marginal. Having read a lot of texts of the…

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A Word A Day -- wend 

September 02, 2012 Word of the Day wend \WEND\ DEFINITION verb : to direct one's course : travel, proceed EXAMPLES The hikers wended through the forest's trails. "Improvements in wastewater treatment and conservation upgraded the water quality of the river, which wends its way nearly…

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A Word A Day -- aborning

September 01, 2012 Word of the Day aborning \uh-BOR-ning\ DEFINITION adverb : while being born or produced EXAMPLES The bill was introduced in the Senate last year, but it died aborning. "We've all put aside the social task that we wanted to take the time…

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