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Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Good morning, Netizens...


Guess who is coming to dinner? Would you believe David Elton is coming back to Spokane, and that might be interesting, considering he is contemplating at least two lawsuits. I would wager a small pittance that perhaps Doug Clark and myself might find this mildly amusing, although I assume that others might not be entertained with David's return what passes for the cultural illuminati of Spokane. On the other hand, that is no guarantee that either of us will be eating dinner with David Elton anytime either.


Of course, those of you in the know might already be aware that in July Mr. Elton's book, ostensibly titled “Crazy Drunk Mormon” will be released. Of course, before the BMOS (Big Mormons of Spokane) stand up in unison and begin beating their agitated and celebrated gongs in favor of Moroni, the publisher of this upcoming tome is partially owned by the Mormon Church, which should make for interesting late-night final edit sessions in David Elton's future.


To add to this merry band of miscreant potential, yesterday, David Elton sent out a formal press release where he announced a forthcoming lawsuit against Cowles Media and Spokane County Judge Mary Ann Moreno...not to mention Detective Corey Turman. That set of events alone, along with a personally hitherto unknown lawyer who hails from Oregon, Mr. Gregory Ernst. (His website is ) should prove enlightening, to say the very least.


Yes, David Elton has reassured me by phone he IS coming back to Spokane, and the only advice that comes to mind at the present is for everyone, including Joe Shogun, to ignore the rooftops for the time being.


Welcome back to Spokane, David. In our new-found sense of enlightenment, we even have a PhD running our Police Department these days.



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