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Is it time to regulate guns?

David Horsey--Los Angeles Times
David Horsey--Los Angeles Times


Good morning, Netizens...


Who wants to possess a rocket launcher? Maybe a rocket launcher, tanks, fighter jets or an attack helicopter or two? There is a far difference between possessing a handgun and any of the above. According to some staunchly conservative gun rights advocates, President Obama wants to take away all their guns, under the auspices of gun registration laws being presently considered to combat the proliferation of quasi-military hardware.


I have no problem with upstanding citizens possessing guns to defend themselves and their property. I do especially have a problem with the mentally ill possessing weapons of any kind because they do not have a cogent sense of reality, and they can fall instantly from sensibility to insanity while equipped with any kind of hardware.


However, I do not believe additional laws are going to prevent more mayhem and death. Just remember, the killer in Newton, Connecticut had guns his mother obtained lawfully, which he had stolen from her. She should have had her guns locked up in a secure manner.


Does this imply that gun owners should be required to possess locking gun cabinets? That does seem to be a sensible solution.


Of course, your results may differ.



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