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Community Comment

Community Comment; It Takes a Village

This is a prayer request for Dave Laird.

I count Dave as one of my best friends.  If you are lucky enough to have him as a friend, you will always be respected, loved, and valued.  He is gregarious, eccentric, boisterous, and he beats to his own drum.  If his personality could be described in clothes – he would be wearing checkered with plaid with stripes in green and purple and fuchsia.  He would wear one green sock and one blue sock and be perfectly stylish in his own fashion.

It’s been five years since Dave Laird’s dream came true.  Via the Spokesman-Review, he implemented his version of a community forum known as “Community Comment.”  It sports hot topics of the day, such as the objective and purpose of the new Omnibudsman for the Spokane Police Department.  Subjects have been  controversial and boil and sizzle and then wind down, only to have another hot topic spring from his fingertips.   He wanted it as a community and invented the Virtual Ballroom and Garden, complete with various characters that have passed away from this world onto a celestial level.  I call it a Village.

It takes a Village!  I think it is appropriate that I approach this community, our Village, and request prayers and positive thoughts for Dave Laird.  Dave has had a series of medical issues the past year, being bed-ridden for much of it.  Dave had a heart attack three weeks ago – his fourth.  He had double bypass surgery and seemed to be going forward, when suddenly his heart rate spiked and then crashed.  Since then, he has struggled with breathing, with his heart rate, and with myriad afflictions. 

He needs our support.

His wife, Suzie, is posting daily status reports to Facebook.

I personally am asking for your prayers for Dave.  I believe in prayer.  What more perfect prayer circle than Community Comment.

I thank God for Dave – for his exuberant and eccentric ways – for his prolific writing and his touch of humor – for his sense of justice for every man.  I thank God for Dave’s prodding and poking style that piques each reader to search for the same justice in themselves.  Now I pray God’s blessing on Suzie and Dave and that His hands are holding and healing Dave’s heart and lungs.  That while Dave is healing, God is embracing him and pouring over peace and calm.  I believe that God can bring Dave back to us – and with all of Community Comment trained in together, a miracle will occur and we will each be touched by it.

I believe!


Spokesman-Review readers blog about news and issues in Spokane written by Dave Laird.