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Down To Earth

FRIDAY, OCT. 31, 2014

Until next time….

The story of Down To Earth begins with the Wu-Tang Clan. In 2001, I met this wild, bushy tailed freshman in Streeter Hall at Eastern Washington University. His dorm room had VHS stacks of Seinfeld recordings, he geeked-out on Late Night with Craig Kilborn, and,…

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TUESDAY, OCT. 21, 2014

How are we prepping for climate change?

Check out this 50-state tracking tool developed by the Georgetown Climate Center charts state-by-state progress in climate adaptation plans, and shows which ones have hit their goals. California leads the pack, while Maryland and New York don't lag too far behind. From Georgetown: Below is…

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Super Mario transit maps

Artist Dave Delisle has combined two of my favorite subjects to geek-out on: Transit and old school video games. Yes, someone has finally drawn public transit systems as Super Mario and Mario Kart maps. Would you ever miss a train if you could get a…

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THURSDAY, OCT. 2, 2014

TUESDAY, SEPT. 30, 2014

Nature and science are soulmates

For those who still think we're stuck in a state of climate denial, it's science to the rescue. Nobel Prize-Winner Richard Feynman is regarded as one of the greatest physicists to have ever lived. In this uplifiting video, he explains the link between nature and…

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MONDAY, SEPT. 29, 2014

THURSDAY, SEPT. 25, 2014

How are we extending the life of our car?

Take a look at this statshot I dug up from The Onion: It's funny but true. I'm always trying to live as car-lessly as possible but fuel efficiency matters. Emptying your trunk and vehicle of unnecessary clutter, especially seasonal items - or bowling balls anyone?-…

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MONDAY, SEPT. 22, 2014

Upriver Scrub is September 27th

We were sad to hear the Spokane River cleanup was cancelled this year but fear not: The Fifth Annual Upriver Scrub is taking place Saturday, September 27th. Starting at 9:30 a.m., volunteers will help with Spokane River cleanup from Stateline to Mirabeau Park. To assure…

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 18, 2014

If All The Ice Melted

National Geographic has quite the disturbing interactive map that shows what 216 feet of sea level rise will do to coastlines around the world: The maps here show the world as it is now, with only one difference: All the ice on land has melted…

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 16, 2014


This is what 2,000 calories look like

Buzzfeed created a video that illustrates what 2,000 Calories look like using bagels, chicken McNuggets, carrots, and other foods. The video was inspired by WiseGEEK’s awesome photo collection showing 200 Calories of various foods. <br /> <br />

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 9, 2014


How to harvest tomatoes all year

What up harvest time? It's getting colder at nights and I know it won't be too long before I have to throw a tarp over some of my tomatoes. If you're feeling overwhelmed, Treehugger has five ways to take advantage of this fruit (even during…

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United States Of Sustainable Food

I am geeking out on this new series from Grist by Eve Andrews. Writing that we are in the midst of a dietary and environmental crisis, she looked for ways to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in. The solution? Andrews challenged…

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 2, 2014

Dirty Martinis set for September 12th

​ The Eighth Annual Dirty Martinis for Clean Water Fundraising Event is on for Friday, September 12th. I think I'm safe in assuming you like your martinis dirty and your water clean so, yes, this event is for you. There will be delicious food, drinks,…

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