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Keeping Pace

Full Moon Shines On Full Night Of Yakima Speedway Action

 (The Spokesman-Review)
(The Spokesman-Review)

After Mike Easley set a new track record in qualifying at 21.448 for the RJ’s Tire Factory
Super Streets, Bob Greiner won the Trophy Dash. The other dash was called off
after Buck Noel, Jr. flew his race car into the banking outside turn one
bringing out a red flag.

Courtesy: Yakima Speedway Media Relations

They say that a full moon and auto racing can be strange bedfellows. At ASA Sanctioned
Yakima Speedway on the Saturday night before Mother’s Day that was certainly
true. A five division show saw almost 60 cars pack the pit area and a great
crowd enjoying the nice spring evening under the full orange moon.

After Mike Easley set a new track record in qualifying at 21.448 for the RJ’s Tire Factory
Super Streets, Bob Greiner won the Trophy Dash. The other dash was called off
after Buck Noel, Jr. flew his race car into the banking outside turn one
bringing out a red flag. Noel walked to the ambulance and emerged under his own
power moments later to walk back to his pit, however is #95 car was totaled.
The Heat Races were won by Dusty John and Gary Flammang. Ben St. Mary made a great
pass on the 12th lap and held back Chet Beaman and a stout run by Ken Mullins for the
40-lap Main Event win.

In the Burger Ranch Sportsman division Randy Marshall, Jr. set fast time and a new
track record with a 23.075 clocking around the 1⁄2 mile paved oval. Winning
Trophy Dashes were Jesse Vincent and Reese Kastl. The heat race wins went to
Vincent and Marshall. Marshall cleared traffic at the 7th lap of the Main Event and was never
seriously challenged while winning the 30-lap event. Reese Kastl and Mel Patnode held the crowds interest with a great two car battle over the remaining laps for second and third, with Kastl making a huge move into turn one to take
the spot on the 20th lap.

At the Apple Cup a few weeks earlier, Mike Hill won Best Appearing Car in the
Sportsman Division, then over the last few weeks made some changes to the car
to race in the H&H Furniture Pure Stock class. Hill set a new track record
in time trials at 24.886. Hill also won his heat race and the 20-lap Main
Event. Other winners in the Pure Stock class were Terry Cook and Jay Younker in
the Trophy Dashes. Cook and Hill won the Heat Races.
For rookie driver Ryan Kallenberger, the first night will always be remembered as a good
one in the Hornet class. Kallenberger won both his heat race and the 15-lap
Main Event. Fast time and a new track record went to Josh Washington in
17.362.  Mike Beck and Josh Parmentier won the Trophy Dashes and the other Heat Race winners was Eric Appleby. Team PBJ won the Best Appearing Car Trophy in a fan vote-off.

Once again the Bump to Pass cars thrilled the crowd. Despite a lower than usual car
turnout fans stayed for the last Main Event won by defending Champion Donnie
Stevens. Kyle Wade set a new track record in qualifying turning a 18.386 lap.
Wade won the dash and heat and lead a few laps of the main before giving way to
an excellent set-up, spin-out and pass by Stevens for the win.

Racing resumes next Saturday night with gates opening at 4:00 p.m and racing starting
after opening ceremonies at 6:00 p.m. featuring the Late Models, H&H
Furniture Pure Stocks, Yakima Driving School Youth Hornets and the Bump To Pass

RESULTS 5/9/09
FAST TIME: 75 Mike Easley 21.448 (new track record)
DASH: 26 Bob Greiner, 7 Tony Huffines, 03 Ken Mullins, 12 Ben St. Mary
B HEAT: 38 Dusty John, 7 Huffines, 03 Mullins, 12 St. Mary, 02 Todd Connell
A HEAT: 91 Gary
Flammang, 25 Chet Beaman, 98 Zack Beaman, 97 Mike VanAmburg, 75 Mike Easley

MAIN: 12 Ben St. Mary, 25 C. Beaman, 03
Mullins, 7 Huffines, 38 John, 97 VanAmburg, 02 Connell, 91 Flammang, 75 Mike
Easley, 98 Z. Beaman
LAP LEADERS: 03 Mullins 1-25, 12 St.
Mary 26-40


FAST TIME: 52 Randy Marshall, Jr. 23.075 (new track record)
B DASH: 54 Jesse Vincent, 16 Barry Mueller, 63 Don Klang, 42
Jason Huffines
A DASH: 7 Reese Kastl, 52 Randy Marshall, Jr., 5 Buck Noel,
Jr., 04 Mel Patnode
B HEAT: 54 Vincent, 16 Mueller, 63 Klang, 42 Huffines, 00
Ron Morton
A HEAT: 52 Marshall, Jr., 7 Kastl, 04 Patnode, 95 Thomas
Benscoter, Sr., 55 Kevin Taylor
MAIN: 52 Randy Marshall,
Jr., 7 Kastl, 04 Patnode, 95 Benscoter, Sr., 54 Vincent, 11 Tony Taylor, 12 Ed St.
Mary, 63
Don Klang, 00 Ron Morton, 16 Mueller, 55 K. Taylor, 42 Huffines
LAP LEADERS: 54 Vincent 1-6, 52 Marshall, Jr. 7-30

FAST TIME: 14 Mike Hill 24.886 (new track record)
B DASH: 31 Terry Cook, 58 Derek Raptcheff, 87 Rob Allen, 16
Roy Bolster
A DASH: 27 Jay Younker, 14 Hill, 36 Joe Estep, 09 Ron Pepper
B HEAT: 31 Cook, 87 Allen, 58 Raptcheff, 16 Bolster, 25
Daniel Coble
A HEAT: 14 Hill, 5 Jeff Liebert, 09 Pepper, 36 Estep, 34
Kevin McGovern
MAIN: 14 Mike Hill, 4
Liebert, 09 Pepper, 27 Younker, 36 Estep, 31 Cook, 87 Allen, 58 Raptcheff, 34
McGovern, 25 Coble, 16 Bolster

LAP LEADERS: 87 Allen 1-3, 14 Hill 4-20

FAST TIME: 03 Kyle Wade 18.386 (new track record)
DASH: 03 Wade, 77 Jake Breshears, 43 Joe Stevens, 71 Eddie
HEAT: 03 Wade, 43 J. Stevens, 44 Donnie Stevens, 42 Mark
Mager, 71 Abrams
MAIN: 44 Donnie Stevens, 03
Wade, 77 Breshears, 42 Mager, 43 J. Stevens, 71 Abrams
LAP LEADERS: 43 J. Stevens 1-10, 03 Wade 11-12, 44 D.
Stevens 13-15

FAST TIME: 06 Josh Washington 17.362 (new track record)
B DASH: 76 Mike Beck, 23 Marcus Maggard, 16 Milo John, 12 Keith Erickson
A DASH: 51 Josh Parmentier, 06 Washington, 22 Greg Gargett, 72
Steve Hall
B HEAT: 00 Eric Appleby, 24 Eric Coble, 12 Erickson, 16
John, 76 Beck
A HEAT: 4 Ryan Kallenberger, 51 Parmentier, 72 Hall, 06
Washington, 20 Chris Morrison
MAIN: 4 Ryan Kallenberger, 00 Appleby, 51 Parmentier, 23
Maggard, 72 Hall, 24 Coble, 20 Morrison, 26 Jessica Tidrick, 16 John, 76 Beck,
12 Erickson, 22 Gargett, 06 Washington
LAP LEADERS: 24 Coble 1-7, 4 Kallenberg 8-15

Keeping Pace

Motorsports correspondent Doug Pace keeps up with motorsports news and notes from around the region.