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This week’s Council Connection show looks at downtown loitering, safety

It was only a period of time before we'd have another chance to talk about the Mosquito problem -- or the Mosquito solution, depending on whom you ask.

Downtown businesses have again started working out solutions to preserve a sense of well-being and calm in the face of younger folks not having anywhere else to hang out. The problem has led some busienesses, such as the Symons Building, to add devices called the Mosquito, which emits a high-pitched sound meant to discourage loitering. Our big story on the effort ran on April 7.

City Councilwoman Amber Waldref will tackle the topic on Wednesday this week during the regular “Council Connection” TV broadcasst, airing at 6 p.m. on CityCable 5.

The show will feature  Downtown Spokane Partnership Director Mark Richard, Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub, Spokane Transit Authority Director Susan Meyer and STCU President Tom Johnson. 

“The central business core is the lifeblood of our city,” Waldref explains. “Our guests on Wednesday are working hard to make downtown Spokane safe, vibrant and accessible to all our citizens.”

She'll also accept calls from viewers during the show.

Council Connection” programs also can be found on the City’s web site.  Go to

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