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Matter of Opinion archive for Jan. 1, 2008


FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008

Keo Chronicles: April 12, 1945

(AP Archive photo)This afternoon we were startled and shocked to hear of the death of President Roosevelt. Eva first heard it in the drug store. When we turned on the radio, every station was buzzing with the news and commercial programs were canceled.And there's been…

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Pass the rose bud bong, dude

(S-R photo by Jesse Tinsley)From our editorial todayThe Spokane City Council should have shown more thoughtfulness Monday when it adopted a feel-good ordinance that even the attorney who drafted it said won't keep people from using drugs. What began as a proposal to ban the…

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Drive at 5

Well, I'm just about to pack up and leave West Central. The day sped by.Once upon a time, I wanted to do a one-minute story project. Set up a booth, a computer and invite people to tell us their one-minute stories. Today, it felt like…

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Disability Programs: Everyone counts

Beverly Nunn is the program director for three programs here at West Central that serve people with disabilities. They are Pathways to Employment/Community Access and Learning Skills Center.The programs have about 90 to 95 participants, ages 16 to almost 90.A community center should include programs…

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How your federal income tax dollar is divvied up

Check out this slideshow.42.2 cents for military/defense22 cents for health.10 cents interest on national debt.3.3 cents on housing assistance/community development programs. 4.4 cents for elementary, secondary and higher education and employment training centers..1 penny goes to foreign affairs, including foreign humanitarian assistance.Sound about right to…

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Famous Photos

I'm sitting here with Ella Horseman. She's a teacher's aide here in the Head Start program. Her hobby is going to events and concerts where famous people will be, mostly at Northern Quest Casino.She's raising her grandchildren. Her daughter died in 2005. She says she…

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Eavesdropping on Leonard Pitts Jr.

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., whose work appears in The Spokesman-Review, has begun holding weekly on-line chats at You can read some excerpts from this week's session by clicking on the rest of this post. For those who want to check it out for…

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West Central: See you there

Thanks to blog regular commenter, JeanieSpokane for giving address and directions for West Central.It's at 1603 N. Belt, which is on Spokane's Near North Side.If you know where Bloomsday's Doomsday Hill is, well the Community Center is right at the top of the hill.The phone…

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Police ombudsman: It's a go!

"The City and Guild have reached a tentative agreement for the creation of an ombudsman to provide external oversight of the SPD," Marlene Feist just informed us in a City Hall press release.Among the highlights in the agreement, the ombudsman would have the authority to:Take…

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Loose Thread Wednesday

The roofs are shining from the rain,The sparrows twitter as they fly,And with a windy April graceThe little clouds go by.Yet the back yards are bare and brownWith only one unchanging tree--I could not be so sure of SpringSave that it sings in me.-- Sara…

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Keo Chronicles: April 10, 1945

(Keo in her powder room, circa 1940s)Mildred and her mother called this eve -- they were on their way to the P.T.A. at Bancroft School. I started the ice box cookies today for the tea.A simple entry, but I am intrigued with the drop-in visitors…

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Verner: Just one right-hand man

Our editorial today suggests that Mayor Mary Verner should stick with just one second in command. Mark Early, her former chief of staff, resigned last week. This leaves Ted Danek, city administrator.The money savings, our edit said, should be spent on another priority:Now, after four…

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Drive at 5: World ending in 2012?

(Poster from On the Beach, the 1950s film in which the world ends in 1964 due to nuclear war.)Hah! Did I get your attention? Pretending to be a blogger whose livelihood depends on hits. (Shouldn't joke. Could happen!)Anyway, on your way home, ponder this: There…

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Seattle Times to lay off 200 staffers

Is there some sad irony in the day the Pulitzer Prizes are announced, huge layoffs are also announced at The Seattle Times?Staff members who attended a meeting with Executive Editor David Boardman said they were told about 45 newsroom positions would be eliminated. At least…

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Does blogging kill?

Here at The Spokesman-Review, blogging is still a fairly optional process. Those who are interested can usually blog. But except for Dave Oliveria, who works full time at his wildly popular Huckleberries blog, the rest of us have taken blogging on as an additional duty.We…

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Raceway memories: Worth keeping?

(S-R file photo)Our editorial today urged County Commissioners to really consider whether a raceway park purchase is in the best interest of most citizens.When county commissioners meet Tuesday, they should ask themselves if the best role for them is to tie up millions of tax…

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Our view: Give a life

Recent organ donation stories prompted us to urge awareness and involvement in organ donation. Many people die while on the waiting list for a transplant; many die without having signed an organ donor registration.Nevaeh was able to save lives even when she tragically lost hers.…

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Loose thread

We haven't gotten as many letters as usual, nor have we seen as much blog traffic this week as heretofore. I hope that means everyone is enjoying the spring-break weather outside. Keep an eye out for what you might want to share when you get…

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Today's editorial: Travel Green

(Mike Prager/S-R photo)STA and other entities are pushing their "Travel Green" program this month, encouraging every commuter to take an alternative form of transportation at least one day during April. We hope, though, the awareness generated will create lifelong earth-friendly commuters.Do you have a bus/bike/walk/carpool…

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Our view: Still homeless

(In this Brian Plonka/S-R photo, a Stevens Elementary student hurdles a pile of leaves next to a homeless camp along Napa Street, Nov. 2, 2007)Today's editorial urges the regional housing task force under consideration to get underway quickly and come up with real solutions. The…

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The end of racism?

If you haven't yet, treat yourself to a read of the guest column we ran today, already referenced in the post below.It begins:On March 26, noted conservative scholar Dinesh D'Souza presented a lecture titled "Racism is not the Problem" at Washington State University's main campus…

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Intellectual diversity on racial diversity

The director of the Foley Public Policy Institute at WSU contributed today's guest column, which I thought was a wonderfully written admonition to those who in practice (if not in theory) seek to eliminate the accommodation of minority opinions in the booking of guest speakers.…

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