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Matter of Opinion archive for Jan. 1, 2008

TUESDAY, FEB. 5, 2008

MONDAY, FEB. 4, 2008

What's in your rebate?

( AP file photo of minivan equipped with a microwave oven and washer/dryer)Our front page story Sunday included interviews with folks who said what they'd do with any economic stimulus rebate. Short answer: They'd spend it.Today, we got a press release from Consumer Credit Counseling...

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Ambassador Crocker in Spokane

Ryan Crocker, who was named ambassador to Iraq just over a year ago, is in Spokane, where his mother still lives. He will visit with the editorial board tomorrow. What questions would you ask him? (S-R photo from 2007, Brian Plonka: A sign at McDonald...

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FRIDAY, FEB. 1, 2008

Loose Thread Friday

Always to want togo back, to correctan error, ease a guilt, see how a friendis doing. And yet,one doesn't, exceptin memory, in dreams.The land remains desolate.-- From "The Tortoise" by Cid Corman( J.BART RAYNIAK photo/The Spokesman-Review)It's Friday. The land remains desolate outside. What's on your...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 31, 2008

Spokane soldier killed in Iraq

Another war death hits home.An Army sergeant from Spokane was killed along with four other 4th Infantry Division soldiers on Monday when a roadside bomb exploded, destroying their vehicle in Mosul, Iraq.Sgt. James E. Craig, 26, was married in Spokane in July and deployed in...

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Our View: Leadership is adrift

Yes, there's an unusual amount of snow, but so much that schools need to close for an entire week? So much that vulnerable people are reduced to being shut-ins? So much that commerce must grind to a veritable stop?No. In today's editorial, we make the...

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Letter: Thumbs down on stimulus plan

The plan is simply election-year pork we'll all have to pay back, with interest, someday in the future. Therefore, I can't support it. It's thinly disguised income redistribution; tax the "rich" and give it to the middle and working class. While this is a noble...

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 30, 2008

Our View: Law laboratories

Travel can be broadening. It's also a good way to pick up ideas that work elsewhere, in Our View. Excerpt:No more plastic bags? Ultra-clean vehicles? Imagine. But remember when it seemed beyond imagination that states would ban smoking in bars? Or make it illegal to...

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Terrible news on the charity front

St. Vincent de Paul's Family Services to close due to financial difficultiesThis is a huge blow to the city. Excerpt:The service center, which provided food and other emergency services to 60,000 people a year at North Regal Street and Trent Avenue, will close Feb. 29,...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 29, 2008

Downtown Spokane: Share your vision

(Christopher Anderson photo/S-R)Three of the folks working hard on the updated Downtown Spokane Plan -- Downtown Spokane Partnership President Marty Dickinson, Melissa Eadie, a Spokane city planner on loan to the updated plan process and Jeffrey Callahan Nave, a member of the DSP board, met...

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Confusion over school libraries

This line in Sunday's Our View editorial has caused much consternation.Lawmakers are considering two bills. The Senate version would mandate that districts use a specific formula for spending on libraries. The result would be more money for librarians, but Spokane Public Schools says that would...

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Letter: Just say no to war spending

Who is winning this war? Private contractors and Cheney's old company. We the people have invested almost $700 billion for war since 9/11. Do you feel a trillion dollars safer? I think our actions have fueled the hatred in the world, not abated it. And...

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MONDAY, JAN. 28, 2008

Boomer U: What are your college regrets?

In my Sunday column, I said most boomers have one of two regrets about their college years. Those who partied too much wish they'd studied more.Those who studied too much wish they'd partied more. Boomer U will make wishes come true.My idea is to let...

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First Amendment for students, too

In Monday's editorial, we advocate legislation that would allow student journalists to deal with real-world First Amendment challenges.We agree that there ought to be some boundaries -- obsenity, libel, privacy -- that adults must supervise, but censorship based on truths that cause discomfort is going...

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Smart Bombs: Next sure thing?

Mr. Smart Bombs weighs in on the subprime lending mess and wonders whether the country will fall for the next too-good-to-be true trend in the economy?What do you think?UPDATE: A "recovering banker" named Richard Martens (see his blog here) sent me this YouTube link to...

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Weekend letter: Spokane slow on snow

One of our writers appears to have had an inkling about what was coming over the weekend:Being a newcomer, I need to further my education about Northwest ways. I moved here from the Midwest, and I am accustomed to snow, cold weather and icy conditions....

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SATURDAY, JAN. 26, 2008

Loose (and slippery) thread

The snow has begun and is falling steadily enough to convince me the 2- to 4-inch prediction I heard is credible. Enough to drive me inside from an apple tree pruning chore I've been putting off. Got far enough into it to discover that today's...

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FRIDAY, JAN. 25, 2008

THURSDAY, JAN. 24, 2008

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 23, 2008

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