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Matter of Opinion archive for Jan. 1, 2008

TUESDAY, JAN. 22, 2008

E-mail hoaxes

Clark County Republicans were so moved by a pass-around e-mail about Barack Obama they posted it on their Web site. It was then taken down.Emails saying Obama is Muslim and doesn't recite the Pledge of Allegiance get passed around all the time. A lot political...

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How far have we come...really?

As an American, I take great pride in the fact that a woman and a black man are potential candidates for the presidency of the United States. No matter what your political party..that has to be evidence of great change. Imagine what MLK JR would...

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SATURDAY, JAN. 19, 2008

FRIDAY, JAN. 18, 2008

Open records 101

Friday's editorial cheers the idea behind a bill in the Legislature to prevent government agencies from using the threat of lawsuits to chill citizen oversight.

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THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 2008

Car warranty scam

Yesterday at work, I was introduced to a variation of this scam. But instead of getting a postcard warning me that my car warranty was about to expire, I got an automated phone call telling me the same and that the consequences would be dire....

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How much did you pay for college?

Our editorial today begins:Are you having a pleasant day? Got enough sleep? Coffee's especially soothing? The kids got off to school with minimal mayhem? Well, here's one way to ruin it: Visit one of those online cost-of-college calculators and figure out how much it's going...

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16, 2008

Letter: Obama not tough enough

About this Obama thing: It reminds me of when women were fainting and squealing over Elvis and every time Frank Sinatra would sing. I don't think the people are thinking about the welfare of the country. (...)Politics is a dirty business and Obama is too...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 15, 2008

Avista: Advantage and Homegrowns

We had a fascinating interview this afternoon with Scott Morris, chairman, president and CEO of Avista.I found two things particularly interesting. One is Avista's subsidiary Advantage IQ which pays energy bills for large chains, such as Starbucks. It's one of their growing success stories. The...

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Our system of "universal care"

“Even if you don’t have health insurance, you are still taken care of in America. That certainly could be defined as universal coverage.” -- Former HHS Director Tommy Thompson in 2004, explaining why it was OK to spend $1 billion in Iraq toward the goal...

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Letter: Primary purpose

I just don't understand why anyone would have a problem with the primary election. The main purpose of a primary is for each party to select their candidates for the general election. It isn't proper for people to cross over and influence the selection. People...

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MONDAY, JAN. 14, 2008

Mental Illness: How pervasive?

(Mark Williams conducts the Spokane British Brass Band in a rehearsal in Yakima in 2006 at a music educators conference. Photo Courtesy of Larry Pittman)The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that mental illness touches 1 in 4 people, but this figure takes into account...

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FRIDAY, JAN. 11, 2008

THURSDAY, JAN. 10, 2008

The obsession with Hillary Clinton

I'm having a difficult time finding cartoons that don't feature Hillary Clinton. There are several candidates still in the presidential race (on both sides), but the undeniable fixation -- and it is largely negative -- is on Clinton. One cartoon is so brutal (complete with...

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Remembering the Big Snow: 1968-1969 

I might be in the minority, but I'm loving the big snows of the last few days. It's good for the environment, especially the Spokane River, but it's also been a great nostalgia boost.Spokane folks who were around in the winter of 1968-1969 remember the...

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TUESDAY, JAN. 8, 2008

The Drive at 5, Take Two

It's snowing out there. More snow is expected.I see this snow and feel grateful that the snow pack might be OK this year. So much depends on it. So let it snow, but be careful out there.Update: Lynn and I, without knowing, both did Drives...

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No more Wal-Mart Kittens, please

In our editorial today, we looked positively on ordinances that will prohibit the selling, giving away or bartering of animals on public space.In the 1989 Michael Moore documentary "Roger & Me," a woman sells her rabbits for "pets or meat." She shows Moore how she...

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MONDAY, JAN. 7, 2008

Minimum wage and history

Dave Oliveria has an interesting question over at Huckleberries Online. What's the lowest wage you worked for?For me, it was $1.50 an hour. I was 14. This graphic shows the buying power of a minimum wage salary through the years. The high point was $1.60...

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What makes you happy?

Politics is not mentioned in this article, yet here we are discussing it every day. Are we masochists? Anyway, this article has a lot of data on the distribution of wealth and the correlation between that and happiness. It also mentions other things that make...

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SATURDAY, JAN. 5, 2008

Lose thread: Jan. 5, 2008

I'll be packing away Christmas decorations today, a task undemanding enough to give my mind the opportunity to drift. Care to offer some fodder for consideration? Click below to comment, and see what you can weave from today's loose thread.

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THURSDAY, JAN. 3, 2008

Loose thread

You have a choice. You can tell us how impressed you were by the thrashing Oregon gave the University of Southern Florida in the Sun Bowl, can start your own thread by clicking comment below.(How about Jonathan Stewart's 71-yard TD run!)

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