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Matter of Opinion archive for May 2008


Wednesday's loose thread

Anyone doing a study to measure the popularity of biking to work with whether the workplace has showers (and whether the route to work is uphill or down).Just one of many areas for reflection on this, today's loooooooose thread.

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TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2008

Question to mull during your drive time.

Barack Obama keeps getting asked about his running mate. He keeps deflecting the question by saying he hasn't won the nomination (yet) so it would be premature of him to talk about a vice presidential choice.Hmm. He hasn't been elected president yet, either, but he...

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Tuesday thread

Ralph Nader is suing Arizona state election officials over the difficulty he's having getting himself on the ballot as a third-party candidate. That issue has become a standard part of every presidential election. What about it, should Americans just accept the two-party system or is...

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MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2008

Keep an eye on Maddow

On Tuesday evening as the margin in Indiana's primary was narrowing, I was following it on MSNBC, where (along with most other channels, apparently) the concensus among commentaters was that Hillary Clinton would soon be stepping aside. The only questions were how and how soon....

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FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2008

Our ombudsman drumbeat

From our editorial today:The furor over police videos and a report that surfaced late in the legal process directs the spotlight once again on the Spokane Police Department. And, once again, competing stories will battle for public opinion. Critics say the episode shows that the...

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Keo Chronicles: May 9, 1945

I worked more cleaning on back porch. Harl came over and put up the shelf for plants. Emeline had it all cut and ready. He did a nice job -- it's so solid.E. arranged the plants and colored vases on it. We think it's quite...

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Keo Chronicles: May 8, 1945

(Keo as a young woman, possibly in the 1890s, long before her journaling days.)Dressed my hair and put on makeup first thing when I got up. Seemed to give me more pep for the day.Io called up in afternoon and told us what a good...

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Crime Check/Communication: Vote yes

(S-R file photo of a county Crime Check/911 operator taken before Crime Check was downsized in 2002.)Our editorial today endorsed Proposition 1, a 0.1 percent sales tax that would update the county's emergency communications equipment and restore Crime Check.With today's soon-to-be obsolete equipment, local firefighters,...

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It's over for Hillary Clinton

(UPDATE: The post below was done on March 4 ... right around Super Tuesday. Since then, there's been Wrightgate, Bittergate and several more races ... and Obama has expanded his lead. More delegates. More money. More popular votes. More states. To reiterate: It's over for...

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TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2008

Drive at 5

Do you have any "secret" ways to drive to avoid the insanity on Ash/Maple and farther up North or to get through construction anywhere?Tips appreciated.Here's mine: Take Post Street to get North-South and vice versa. Not many motorists think of it.

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Operation Dittohead

Rush Limbaugh is urging Republicans in Indiana to cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton, with the idea being that a voter for her prolongs the race and damages the eventual Democratic nominee.Would you vote strategically if given the chance? Did you ever do that...

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Equal Opportunity Domestic Violence

Our editorial today examined how domestic violence legislation has changed over the years to make it easier for law enforcement -- not the family members involved in a fight in the home -- to determine whether a crime has happened.In bygone days, when arguments turned...

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MONDAY, MAY 5, 2008

The Drive at 5

If it starts raining fish out there, let us know.Stranger things have happened. Raining frogs is not a myth, see here.Be safe in traffic tonight, come fish or frogs or Spokane drivers.

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The air smells like fish today

Has anyone else noticed that downtown Spokane has a fishy smell today? I was in a meeting on the fifth floor of our building when I first smelled it. I thought someone might be microwaving leftover fish somewhere down the hall.Then I drove to the...

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Save the salmon ...

... shoot a sea lion.OK, that's not official policy, but somebody shot six of the sea lions that congregate at Bonneville Dam to gorge on salmon. What should be done with the sea lions who swim up the Columbia to the man-made trap?(AP photo at...

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Feast then Famine

(Photo from editorial today discussed the wisdom of Inland Northwest higher ed institutions for planning for the lean years ahead. A famous tale of the abundance-scarcity cycle appears in the Old Testament. Joseph, sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, gains renown in captivity...

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SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2008

Sunday Twosome

STA sales tax. We're for it. Read here.All of the sign posts point to this region needing reliable transit service. All of the recent changes show that STA can be trusted with the moneyFunding programs that help kids? We're for it, but accountability is a...

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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2008

It's a privilege blogging with you

Put your seatbacks in an upright position and prepare to transition to Rebecca as your blog-master for next week. I've enjoyed it this week, but I'm going on vacation through Wednesday and it's unlikely that I'll look at anything related to work during that time....

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Letter: Pay no attention

The Rev. Wright is on an ego trip. In his attempt to bring down Barack Obama he has attained national attention, which you can see that he dearly loves. He is like a young child who never got enough personal attention so he not only...

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Chism: 'Never rush to judgment'

Todd Chism has been cleared of charges of purchasing child pornography, but his supporters say his reputation has been irrevocably damaged by the WSP and the media. Now he's mulling whether to file a lawsuit against the WSP, and he has support in doing that...

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