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Matter of Opinion

MONDAY, JULY 23, 2007

Too many paint fumes?

There's nothing the least bit intelligent/defensible about spray-painting the Olive Garden and other businesses because you're mad at police.Our View on Saturday, at left, said it all.

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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2007

DeLeon's day in court

As I type, Carole Ann DeLeon is being sentenced for two charges of criminal mistreatment. The maximum sentence is six years for this charge; even if she receives this sentence, she could get out quite a bit sooner.We received one anonymous letter in support of...

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Thursday's loose thread

When you're 107, you can talk about whatever you want. In John Babcock's case, he is "more interested in talking about his appreciation for women than the war" (See today's article about the World War I veteran).Today's loose thread is open for meandering minds, from...

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Red light cameras revisited

Here's a progress report on red-light cameras in Seattle.Meanwhile, a Spokane contingent is headed to Baltimore to study the system that's run by the contractor favored by Spokane officials.

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Editorial: Open those doors

Today's editorial applauds Judge Christopher A. Washington for ruling in favor of openness in state negotiations with unions. There is still a ways to go, but we think increased accountability will serve the taxpayers.What do you think?

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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2007

Loose thread: left unsaid?

This Tuesday, the editorial board continues to interview City Council candidates. At the end of their interviews, we give them a chance to say anything they haven't yet had a chance to say in the interview. Some of the more interesting parts of their presentation...

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Hot, hot, hot!

Today's editorial lays out one of the reasons I came to Spokane from the "steam-bath South." The weather here has lived up to my idyllic expectations until the last crispy week or so.Water conservation is inarguably something that would benefit us all. Any ideas on...

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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2007

More vacation or more pay?

Americans vacation a lot less than people in other countries. We're the only Western government that doesn't guarantee paid vacation for workers. The easy explanation is that we are individualists and hard workers, but a poll shows that most people would rather decrease their work...

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Classy action

The Washington state Supreme Court upheld the validity of the class-action lawsuit, and we think their decision preserved a useful tool for the justice system. Monday's editorial explains why.What do you think?

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Our view: Diverse benefits

The passing of Lady Bird Johnson reminded us of the applaudable progress that has been made by talented women in the political arena as well as in other areas. Read Saturday's editorial and feel free to comment on Lady Bird and the changes that have...

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FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2007

The Jurassic Park of Water Parks

It's been a busy week here in Opinion Land as we've been interviewing Spokane City Council candidates, so I never got around to blogging an item related to my Sunday column on the big changes in Idaho's Silver Valley.One of the biggest surprises for me...

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Stay in school

The letter to the editor that caught my eye on today's Roundtable page was this one from a Mead High School student named Adrianna Hall, who struggles with the math portion of the WASL.What's your best advice for her? (And if you'd like to share...

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Catch the Candidates on CityCable5

The Spokane City Council and mayoral candidate forums were fairly well attended last night, even though it was in the late 90s temperature wise and those in the audience wore shorts and T-shirts.If you missed it but would like to hear what the candidates had...

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Crazy drivers

One of today's Letters to the Editor writers, Ray Moss, describes driving all over Spokane each day, only to encounter bicyclists taking risky chances.Read his letter here: Cyclist behavior dangerousAnd chime in here with your opinions on sharing the road with bicyclists and/or car and...

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Trash talk

Today's editorial laments the city's decision to ignore homeowners with a new ruling against collecting garbage in historic Northside neighborhoods.Read it here: Our View: Alley oopsCity's trash pickup fiat ignored residents' wishesWhat do you think of the city's approach to this issue?

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Boosting big box paychecks

A group called Spokane Citizens for a Living Wage says it has the signatures to put its proposal on a citywide ballot in November.The group says Big Box retailers like Wal Mart should be forced to pay workers 165 percent of the state's minimum wage,...

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Head in from the lake

It's difficult to pull people away from the sunshine long enough to listen to political candidates. But today's editorial describes your chance this evening.Read it here: Summertime civics:Early primary means voters need to study up nowAnd share your thoughts.

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2007

A brief word of explanation

As most readers of this site know, The Spokesman-Review hosts a large number of blogs. This one has been up and running only about three months now, and we've been pleased with the response. We're learning every day and we hope to make improvements as...

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An Independence-Day freedom

In today's editorial, we emphasized the importance of free speech -- especially on the Fourth of July. At the same time, we called for protesters to abide by the law.Read the editorial here: Protests worth furor.Then please weigh in with your opinion.Staff photo by Dan...

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MONDAY, JULY 9, 2007

Loose Thread Monday: Smart Eating, Smart Thinking

Our editorial today examines the wisdom of eating locally, especially in light of food contamination issues from China.This spring and early summer, Americans discovered one threat after another in products coming from China. In March the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found animals were dying...

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Iraq: Futile Strategy?

From our editorial today:The military's current tactic is to increase its boot print in an effort to gain enough control of the country so that the Iraqi government can take charge. Winning hearts and minds is optional when it should be the key. Even if...

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FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2007

Question: Were You A Hippy During Summer of Love?

AP PhotoItem: Of Love and Haight-Ashbury: Missoulians who were there reflect on San Francisco's Summer of Love, 40 years later/Jamie Kelly, MissoulianMore Info: San Francisco's Summer of Love, 40 years old now, changed a lot of things. It brought the hippies out of obscurity and...

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Loose Thursday Thread

The hot dogs are eaten. The fireworks watched. Perhaps some of you out there in Opinion Land are suffering from a July 5th hangover of any kind -- from too much beer or too many hot dogs and cupcakes or too much family or too...

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