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The Slice archive for Jan. 1, 2011

FRIDAY, DEC. 23, 2011

This date in "Twilight Zone" history

The most head-on treatment of Christmas in the show's run, "Night of the Meek," first aired on Dec. 23, 1960. Starring Art Carney as a tattered store Santa with a drinking problem and a big wish, this episode's heart is in the right place. But…

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Ghost of Christmas Past 

"Hello Paul, "My wife, Sandy, and I were having a latte at Madeleine's Wednesday morning and it all of a sudden dawned on us that we were sitting right where the amazing and magical mechanized Christmas displays were in The Crescent window," wrote Jeff Nadeau.…

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For the rest of us

Happy Festivus. I have to admit that I had forgotten. But my colleague Gina Boysun, who knows her "Seinfeld," intends to observe the holiday. I've already heard her make a reference this morning to a Festivus miracle.

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Santa down "I'm concerned about all these 'dead' Santas lying in folks' front yards," wrote Donna Potter Phillips. "They were meant to be fat, bright, shiny and inviting but laying airless and flat, covered with frost, surely can give a sour meaning to Christmas. What must…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 22, 2011

Voice from the past

I like to set the radio on "Scan." But I sometimes tap the button to halt the station-hopping when I hear Adrian Rogers. Rogers was a big deal Southern Baptist preacher for many years. He died in 2005, but a local radio station airs recordings…

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This date in Slice history (2000)

Today's Slice question: What Christmas song makes you want to run screaming from the room? And in an item about birthdays overshadowed by Christmas, Mike Schieche suggested the way to avoid this problem was for adults to curtail a certain activity in March.

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Talking the talk

I can't claim to have conducted an actual survey or anything. But I have been listening to passing clusters of predawn joggers for years. And here's what they tend to be talking about. Women 1. Their kids. 2. Work stuff. 3. Their spouses. 4. Service…

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What's next? A portable telephone? Aren't you supposed to wipe off your lipstick before you turn in? And below we see a woman with a child-whacking spoon used to defend the cookie stash. You know those kids would totally spoil their dinner.

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The rest of the story

I tried to cram 10 pounds of stuff into a 5-pound bag in today's print Slice. That happens sometimes when I come back from a week off. Anyway, one item in particular got a bit deflavorized in the condensing process. So here is the original…

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21, 2011

Please welcome the Winter Solstice

If your calendar says winter doesn't begin until tomorrow, that's because it is already Thursday in the Eastern Time Zone. One way to note the arrival of the solstice in Spokane is to do a close, careful clipping of your toenails before turning in tonight.…

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Saying "hello" to everyone you meet 

On December 1, I declared an intention to take Burl Ives' advice. I would walk around downtown Spokane and "Say hello to friends you know and everyone you meet." And, with the help of volunteer assistant Jeanie Buchanan, that's what I did during the noon…

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Zuzu grew up to be a self-serving idiot 

The TCM channel recently trotted out a special on Christmas movies over the years. Though there were a few good bits, I wish I had that hour back. There was, though, one astonishing moment. It came courtesy of the rather dim woman who, as a…

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