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The Slice archive for June 2011

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011

A movie that aspired to say something

Just noticed that the Lawrence Kasdan film "Grand Canyon" is 20 years old. I remember being excited about it when it came out. In the end, not many people were all that impressed. And certainly it had its shortcomings. But at least it tried to...

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That way lies madness

I overheard a couple of younger men talking about softball. It was clear they took it pretty seriously. And I had half an impulse to warn them. Careful guys, I might have said. Let this become too important to you and you'll remember certain softball...

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Moronic Moments in My Career Dept.

Long ago and far away, I found myself in a hotel room talking to Dinah Shore about her new cookbook. My editor wanted me to get her to talk about her recent break-up with Burt Reynolds. She wanted to talk about cooking. For some reason,...

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Land spreadin' out so far and wide

For the longest time, I was somewhat baffled by the decision of so many of my friends and colleagues to live way out in the country. After all, isn't the relative ease of going from Point A to Point B one of Spokane's true assets?...

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On the road

It's almost a certainty that someone reading today's print Slice, in which I refer to the start of long car-drive season, will politely note that I seem to have forgotten about gas prices. Not really. I just haven't noticed motorists abandoning their cars. Sure, some...

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The opposite of incognito

There are several good things about driving a company car or truck while on the job. But if those vehicles are adorned with a prominent business logo or a big sign naming your company, even those of us reasonably proud of our place of employment...

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Movie lines about dancing

"Hi, Paul," wrote Robyn Stevens. "I hope I'm not too late to submit a line from the immortal Groucho Marx in 'Duck Soup.'" Actually, she is too late. I deal with all that in tomorrow's print Slice. And if you didn't read Sunday's Slice and...

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Re: Tuesday's Slice column 6

A nice fellow named Paul Nolan called to say he endorsed the idea of putting an image of the late broadcaster Curt Gowdy on the Wyoming state flag (if the other 49 states were going to go with faces on their banners). Nolan grew up...

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Re: Tuesday's Slice column 5

"I love your list, although I must admit there are a few names I don't know," wrote Doris Woodward. "But mostly I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for suggesting that Maine use Joshua Chamberlain. He is my Number One favorite Civil...

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TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011

Just wondering 

So, OK, we have Spokane. We have Spokane Valley. And there used to be Spokane Falls. But what if someone wanted to establish a utopian village near here and use "Spokane" as the root for this new place's name. Well, other towns and cities in...

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Slice answer

How many times does something have to happen or how prevalent does a behavior have to be before it's appropriate to refer to it as "a Spokane thing"? "Twice on the National News," said Curt Olsen.

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Re: Today's Slice column 4

"There may be some virtue in avoiding the obvious, and I appreciate your point about how a complicating factor is that some people were born in other states than those with which they're legitimately identified," wrote Wayne Pomerleau. "Here are two cases in point: It...

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Re: Today's Slice column 3

Here's a note from Bill Ellis. "I enjoyed reading your list of nominees for state flags, but as a lifelong Oregonian, relocated to Spokane in 2006, I must comment on your choice for the Oregon flag. If you wanted a writer you needed either David...

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