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The Slice archive for June 2011


Ahh...It's Bohemian Club time!

Well, maybe not quite yet. But keep in mind that I do start pretty early. And there are few things I like better than kicking back with a convenient half gallon fun-size bottle of locally brewed beer after a hard morning of item forging. Even...

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Deal 'em

A couple of my colleagues, Tom Sowa and Bert Caldwell, were just speculating about which self-important local personalities they would least like to play poker with. Who would you seat at your own table from Hades?

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It's all anticlimax after 1973

So the Belmont Stakes is Saturday. It will be nice for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness winners to have a rubber match. Assuming that is, that they'll both be in the race. I guess I could show a little more interest and actually find out....

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Honk if you know what he means

"I was driving around Cheney and heard someone honk," wrote Jerry Hilton. "I never figured out who or why. It got me thinking. As I grew up in Cheney, almost always, whenever someone honked it was to get a friend's attention and say Hi. Does...

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"No new steps"

One of the old Magic Lantern theater's bigger hits in the early '90s was the quirky Australian production, "Strictly Ballroom." One of the actors who made that fun to watch, Bill Hunter, died recently. R.I.P., Barry Fife.

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Malt Shop Babylon

She started off talking about defunct Spokane movie theaters. But then one of my correspondents mentioned having seen a Ricky Nelson concert at the old Coliseum sometime around One Million B.C. Quite a few year's before that, the late singer's father performed with his big...

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It's smaller than you'd think  

Graceland, Elvis Presley's Tennessee home, opened for public tours on this date in 1982. I lived in Memphis at the time and was in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. So that summer or maybe it was the next, I took the boy with whom I...

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Unprintable endings

So it's not new, and it's definitely not just a Spokane thing. But the pervasiveness, in certain circles, of ending every third utterance with a catch-all "...and (common scatological swear word)" sort of cracks me up. If you have been out of the home, you...

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Slice feedback

"Almost two weeks ago, you asked in a column something to the effect of, what if you could take back the 10 stupidest things you've ever said?" wrote North Idaho's Stephanie Eloe. "Well, I've been thinking about it, and I would have fewer regrets, perhaps...

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Things really have changed

Back in June of 2005, I spoke with a Spokane couple about their family's drive to Disneyland in the summer of 1955, the year of its grand opening. I alluded to some of the high-tech distractions modern kids have. And I asked how the couple's...

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MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011

Hunting, fishing and fleeing diversity 

Before my junior year of high school in Vermont, I spent part of the summer out in California with my older sister and her horse's ass husband. They lived in the other Inland Empire. One day, when my brother-in-law had something to do at UCLA,...

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Sex in pop songs isn't new

When I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time listening to Top 40 songs on my transistor radio. One thing I learned, thanks in part to a singer named Lou Christie, was that when I grew up to be a teenager I...

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What moviegoers could handle in 1962

So those who know say war is actually more "Saving Private Ryan" horrific than combat depicted in "The Longest Day." The truth can be upsetting. And "The Longest Day" has a lot of company when it comes to sanitizing brutality.

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