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The Slice archive for Nov. 2011

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 30, 2011

The best state flags

Here, according to The Slice Blog, are the Elite Eight. No. 8 Wyoming No. 7 Arizona No. 6 California No. 5 Texas No. 4 Maryland No. 3 Ohio No. 2 New Mexico No. 1 Alaska

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This day in Slice history (1999)

Maybe the problem you're having with your outdoor holiday lighting display is that you lack a theme. So here are a few ideas, just to get you started. "Visions of garishness danced upside their heads." "Ground zero." "The Shining." "Frosty the Glowman." "Three wise men…

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TUESDAY, NOV. 29, 2011

Re: shared hospital rooms 

There's no need for a Top 10 list of the potential drawbacks. I assume most of us know about loud, bathroom-hogging roommates whose visitors tend to be foul-smelling, braying jackasses. But that's not the whole picture. If you are extremely fortunate, you might encounter people…

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Just wondering 

What was the drinking age in your state when you were a teenager? I lived in a state where the legal age was 18. That meant, for all practical purposes, some 16-year-olds could buy beer. That had some advantages at the time. But I would…

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This date in Slice history (1994)

One way America has changed: "The wonderfully greater sense of moral purpose with which the affluent and the comfortable defend their well-being and specifically their income against the claims of the unfortunate and the deprived." -- economist John Kenneth Galbraith, in American Heritage magazine

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A different era

We all know the rip-roaring office Christmas party is a thing of the past. But that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy film/TV depictions of how it supposedly used to be. My own favorite is in the 1960 Academy Award winner, "The Apartment." Though there's…

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MONDAY, NOV. 28, 2011

This date in Slice history (1997)

Someone should alert that moving and storage company: Tim and Joyce Crabb's 5-year-old niece Makena heard all about the Pilgrims the other day in kindergarten. And she was delighted to share some of what she had learned. Contrary to what you might have heard, it…

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Re: Today's Slice column 

Spokane's Steve Becker said he still likes to scan the modern version of the radio dial to see what far-away stations he can pick up. He said it is not unusual to tune in stations from Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Calgary, Edmonton and other…

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Multiple sheets to the wind

A jolly drunk provided a bit of a distraction last night in the Sacred Heart ER waiting room. He was inappropriately loud, smelled like the men's room in a dive bar and had a glazed out-of-it look. In a word, the twentysomething guy was 'faced.…

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SATURDAY, NOV. 26, 2011

Birdcage liner syndrome

As you are no doubt aware, there are people who have a tendency to read only about subjects they have previously identified as personal interests. Many of these individuals have turned their backs on the traditional print newspaper. That is their right, of course. Apparently…

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This week in "Seinfeld" history On Nov. 25, 1992, an episode called "The Airport" first aired. After their original flight is cancelled, Jerry and Elaine end up on a flight where Jerry is up front in first class sitting next to a model and Elaine is in coach experiencing…

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