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The Slice archive for Jan. 1, 2012

SUNDAY, DEC. 23, 2012

SATURDAY, DEC. 22, 2012

"Why do we give them money?" 

It didn't just start happening this season. But have you noticed how often parents have their young children be the ones to put some money in the Salvation Army kettles? You have to think the subsequent family conversations are talks worth having.

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FRIDAY, DEC. 21, 2012

One thought leads to another 

Just before leaving work this afternoon, I received an email from a woman in Post Falls who blames me for the provincialism she finds in our area. As rants go, hers was reasonably under control. She lectured me, but never came out and wished me…

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Here's a game you can play at home

If you receive a fair number of family-photo Christmas cards, here's a thought. After the holidays, you can cut out faces and cast your own sitcom. Mix and match for minutes of fun! "Here's the story..."

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Not exactly master of my domain

I should say at the outset that I am not using that expression in a Seinfeldian sense. No, I'm talking about poorly organizing your organizing tools. Or perhaps I should say my organizing tools. I was out of the office last week. Before leaving I…

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A line I didn't expect to hear 

A twentysomething woman getting on the No. 43 bus at the STA Plaza looked back at some friends who weren't boarding. "You two are dead to me," she said. Her smile suggested this was all in fun. The friends standing outside the bus said something…

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Picking up a few things at the store

An express-lane cashier looked up and said "How are you two doing today?" Then, immediately, she realized the man and woman next in line were not together. Each had a shopping basket. No one was troubled, of course. But it would have been the perfect…

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THURSDAY, DEC. 20, 2012

What's your honest opinion of this?

I owned it. Still might have it somewhere in a box that hasn't been opened in a long time. A case could be made that the group's soaring harmonies work on some of these songs. But I don't know. You make the call. "A…

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"Oh, grow up, lady"

A letter to the editor today from a former SR colleague included her quoting a guy saying that to her. She had questioned him about his wearing a holstered pistol in a theater. It was my favorite line in a letter to the editor since…

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Frozen in memory

My friend Ken Stout recalled a couple of childhood winters spent in Lewistown, Mont. The snow and cold made a definite impression on him. I shared his memories with my colleague, Rich Landers, who grew up in Lewistown. That prompted Rich to remember a day…

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Close encounters of the Patty Duke kind

Here are a few readers' recollections of meeting the actress. (The Slice had solicited same back on her birthday. This is just a sampling of the reports.) "I met Patty Duke when we went bowling," wrote Lauren Hopkins. "Her feet are so small, she had…

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19, 2012

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