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Spin Control archive for Jan. 1, 2008

TUESDAY, NOV. 4, 2008

Polls close in six states at 4 p.m. PST

Polls will close soon in six states, and the vote-counting and projecting will begin.Those states areIndianaGeorgiaKentuckySouth CarolinaVermontVirginiaWe'll blog the results as we get them. Stick with Spin Control and the other Spokesman-Review blogs as we await the first results from Washington and Idaho.Spokane County will…

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MONDAY, NOV. 3, 2008

Track the vote

Think you can do a better job of predicting the Electoral College results than John King and his magic map?Here's your chance to give it a try. USA Today has compiled results for the last four presidential elections and created an interactive map for everyone…

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SUNDAY, NOV. 2, 2008

Note to drivers: Be careful out there

On your commute Monday and Tuesday, it will be very important to keep an eye out for an extra traffic hazard.Candidates.They will be everywhere, waving signs and trying to convince the remaining voters that have yet to decide how to fill in those little ovals…

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FRIDAY, OCT. 31, 2008

The problem with that McMorris Rodgers rumor

A late-campaign e-mail from congressional candidate Mark Mays to supporters repeats a well-travelled rumor that his opponent, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, plans to resign mid-term if she wins and let another Republican be appointed to the seat.It's a rumor that McMorris Rodgers and her alleged…

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Happy Halloween. Now take your signs down

This time of year, two things always happen in close proximity: Halloween and Election Day.Spin Control will spare you the speculation of which is scarier at your door, little kids looking for candy or politicians looking for your vote.But the closeness of the two events…

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THURSDAY, OCT. 30, 2008

How does a signature bounce?

Alert reader John O'Rourke wondered about the posting that mentions some 700 ballots have already been pulled because of improper signatures. Do they examine each ballot for matched signature? Who deterimines what's mismatched and what kind of training they get to be experts?Good questions, which…

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Thursday's quickie political briefing

Today's fun video: If only they could really dance like this...Ballot Watch: More than 120,500 ballots have been returned to the Spokane County Elections office. That's about 47 percent; put another way, more than half of everybody that's gonna vote, has voted.Here are today's headlines…

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 29, 2008

Parsing the income tax issue

Democrats running in the hot 6th Legislative District are now flatly rejecting income taxes – at least in campaign ads.Don Barlow and John Driscoll are responding to Republican-backed groups that have accused them supporting an income tax. But the statements in new advertisements for the…

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Wednesday's quickie political briefing

You want polls? We got pollsSurvey USA has new WA numbers for president and Governor.Everybody, their cousin and their cousin's dog has new numbers in the presidential race and there is some tightening.AP has new polls that show Obama ahead or tied in 8 battleground…

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TUESDAY, OCT. 28, 2008

More than one in three ballots already in

Some 37 percent of all Spokane County voters have already sent in the ballots.County elections officials say they've received and begun processing 95,371 ballots as of Tuesday morning.A breakdown of the legislative districts shows the 6th District starting to edge ahead of the others in…

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MONDAY, OCT. 27, 2008

Obama stays on ballot

A King County Superior Court judge refused today to order the state to demand a birth certificate from Barack Obama.There's a thread on the Internet that suggests Obama wasn't really born in Hawaii and raises questions about the authenticity of his birth certificate. It has…

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FRIDAY, OCT. 24, 2008

Where the money comes from

The Washington Public Disclosure Commission has tallied up the contributions in the governor's race, by candidate and county, and the results aren't too surprising.Like the famous bank robber Willie Sutton's admonition, both Dino Rossi and Chris Gregoire go where the money is, that is King…

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THURSDAY, OCT. 23, 2008

Another salvo in the ad wars

Must be time to changeup the ads in the governor's race. Both Chris Gregoire's and Dino Rossi's campaigns released new commercials today, and both are connected to The Spokesman-Review.Who knew the paper was so important in the political realms?Gregoire's bragging about endorsements from newspapers that…

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Over 3 million served?

The Washington Secretary of State's office is predicting the election turnout will top 3 million by the time the counting is done.That's a record, as is the 3.6 million total for voters on the books. That latter number is moving upwards as county elections offices…

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22, 2008

Stretching to catch the coat tails

Spokane County Democrats seem to be hoping that Barack Obama has long coattails. Their latest e-mail to like-minded folks tries to link a Democrat in the White House to Democrats in the courthouse, suggesting that Obama will need folks like Brian Sayrs and Kim Thorburn…

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Wednesday's quickie political briefing

Today's fun video: If you missed the debates (or maybe even better if you didn't) here's the quick lookHere are today's headlines in the presidential campaign from The Associated Press:AP poll: McCain gains, drawing even with Obama with two weeks until Election DayObama says he…

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TUESDAY, OCT. 21, 2008

Surge in new, young voters

Did young people rush to register in recent weeks because they're becoming more politically aware? Or were they just more likely to procrastinate?We probably won't know until the ballots are in...because if they're really into politics they'll actually vote.But as the chart above shows, about…

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Tricker treat

Guess what Gov. Chris Gregoire is going to be for Halloween when kids show up at the mansion for trick or treat.OK, all you Republicans out there who said unkind things, you should be ashamed of yourselves.Last year, the governor and husband Mike greeted kids…

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MONDAY, OCT. 20, 2008

More music from the campaign trail

Aaron Tippin is rocking GOP crowds with "Drill Here, Drill Now." This clip has a guest guitar appearance from Mike Huckabee.Rapper Youngallows is trying to get some traction with a Sarah Palin rap. (Warning: Some viewers are going to find parts of this objectionable. But…

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Monday's quickie political briefing

The tracks of those pollsWhere's the SNL video? We had it up Sunday. Click here to get to it.Here are today's headlines in the presidential campaign from The Associated Press: Obama invokes Reagan line to criticize handling of the economy; vows to halt foreclosuresMcCain, supporters…

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THURSDAY, OCT. 16, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes of pain are turning out to be a bit of a headache.First of all, Joe ain't a plumber. And, when the media hordes descend upon you, God knows what they'll dig up.Go inside to read the Associated Press's latest account.

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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 15, 2008

Presidential candidate making Spokane stop

If it seems as though the Inland Northwest has been demoted to Nowheresville as far as the the presidential campaign is concerned, take heart. Spokane will once again be a stop on for a presidential candidate next Monday. Not John McCain or Barack Obama, however.Chuck…

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Wednesday's quickie political briefing

Here's how sees Washington's gubernatorial race shaping up.Debate watch: Spokane Democrats will be at Toad Hall, 1437 W. Dean; College Republicans will host a party Here are today's headlines in the presidential campaign from The Associated Press.Final debate offers McCain another chance to shake…

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TUESDAY, OCT. 14, 2008

Tuesday's quickie political briefing

Today's fun video: Remember, this is satire.Here are the headlines in today's presidential campaign from The Associated Press:McCain proposes eliminating tax on unemployment benefits as part of his latest economic plan Obama calls for moratorium on foreclosures, two-year tax break for businesses that create jobsPalin…

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