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Spin Control archive for Jan. 1, 2008


Wednesday's quickie political briefing

Today's video: Age is a factor for voters in the presidential election Here are today's headlines in the presidential campaign from The Associated PressObama meets with foreign policy group; team includes potential Cabinet membersFla. Gov. Crist joins McCain in opposing offshore drilling moratorium, says let…

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TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2008

The party that campaigns together...

Washington state Democrats will once again be running many of their campaigns in Spokanke out of a central office.The Coordinated Campaign, as they call it, plus the Mark Mays congressional campaign, will be operating out of an HQ at 1009 N. Washington, staring with a…

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MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2008

Political donations by occupation

Crossposting from Rich Roesler's blog and originally from BoingBoing, here's an interesting piece from Mother Jones that breaks down political donations by occupation. It lists donation amounts and matches them to what we assume are respondents' self-descriptors - as broad as "Businesswoman" (mostly to Democrat)…

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ID GOP Convention: New leadership

Staff writer Erica Curless reports from Sandpoint the Idaho GOP has a new leader and a new direction on how to vote in primaries, the result of a dramatic convention that revealed the division of the party and perhaps a straying from the GOP establishmentIn…

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WA Dems: Platform adopted

Washington Democrats may be getting tired of the back and forth of convention politicking.The platform was introduced, and a motion was made to adopt it by acclamation.Seconded.Passed overwhelmingly.On to resolutions.Time elapsed: 2 minutes.

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ID GOP Convention: Delegates selected

Erica Curless reports from Sandpoint that the Idaho GOP Convention just approved the slate of delegates to the national convention, including the six Ron Paul delegates and alternates.The list of delegates is already posted on HBO.The only addition is the four electors who are John…

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ID GOP Convention: Voting for an open primary

Erica Curless reports from Sandpoint that Republicans just narrowly voted to change their party rules and open the GOP primary, a reverse in course that shows the division within the party about the controversial issue.The recommendation passed by just seven votes and now will go…

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WA Dems: Minutia in the slow times

U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott managed to mess up a few things in his speech, most notably the date of the election."It's not over until 8 o'clock on the Eighth of November," he said.Actually, by that time, the election will have been over for four days.…

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WA Dems: Bogging down a bit

There's discussion over changing the order of the future discussion of the Charter Amendments, which delegates are supposed to debate after lunch.The convention is still operating with its temporary chair, because one must accept the rules and schedule before it can move on to the…

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ID GOP: Fireworks in Sandpoint

Erica Curless reports from Sandpoint on some sound and fury over delegates:Delegate John Ferris of Benewah County let it rip on new Shoshone County Chairman Bill Dire after the meeting to reinstate the District 2 delegates."Thanks for destroying District 2," Ferris said angrily, loud enough…

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WA Dems: Klobuchar to speak

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, of Minnesota, being introduced as the keynote speaker of the convention.State Chairman Dwight Pelz recounts great Democrats from Minnesota. "From Gene McCarthy to Paul Wellstone." Then he pauses."What about Hubert Humphrey? Who writes these notes?"

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WA Dems: Gregoire continued...

Gov. Chris Gregoire compares Barack Obama to John Kennedy, says she told her daughter she believes Obama is her generation's JFK.She Hillary Clinton's historic run and tells delegates "Today is the day we stand proud and tall" to support Obama.Washington state is doing better than…

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WA Dems: Murray speaks

Sen. Patty Murray tells delegates there's 143 days until the election "and we can't afford to waste a single one."She gets cheers when she says they can change the country and take it back, and the expected boos when she mentions George Bush or GOP…

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2008

WA Dems: Who's this guy?

The third featured speaker at the Washington State Democratic Convention is Mark Parkinson.Who?He's the lieutenant governor of Kansas.But beyond that, he's a pretty good speaker, which is why State Chairman Dwight Pelz asked him to come west for the evening.

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WA Dems: General milling about

Political conventions include a significant amount of down time.Time between Workshop A and Workshop B. Time for lunch. Time between Workshop C and the general discussion on being a good progressive.Time for the pre banquet reception.Time between the pre banquet reception and the banquet, which,…

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WA Dems: A big platform vs. a big tent

One of the most noticeable differences between the Democrats and the Republicans in their conventions this year is likely to be their platforms.As adopted two weeks ago, the Republicans have a platform that fit neatly on three sides of standard size paper. Each section was…

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WA Dems: It's Gregoire's convention

There's no doubt who this convention is designed to boost.Sure, there are cardboard cutouts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the grand hallway, and paraphernalia for candidates of all levels. But the Washington Democrats, like their Republican counterparts two weeks ago, are focusing on…

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