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Take a shot at the news quiz

Challenge your knowledge of current events: Take the <a href=News Quiz."/>
Challenge your knowledge of current events: Take the News Quiz.

There's still time to try to win something through That's News to You, the newspaper's weekly news quiz. As a discerning reader of Spin Control, you might do pretty well. And even better if you know a few of the "tricks of the trade."

newspaper version of the quiz appeared in Sunday morning's paper. It had five questions, the online version has 10. The top entries in the online version -- which almost every week are the ones that go 10 for 10 because the questions aren't that hard -- go into a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card at the Davenport Hotel. All of the entries, even the ones that go 0 for 10, go into a separate drawing for the week's other giveaway, which this week is free movie tickets.

Here's something many online-only readers don't know: Some of the newspaper questions are repeated in the online version of the quiz. So if you take the newspaper quiz first (which you are scoring yourself, so no one else knows how well or poorly you did) you have a leg up on the online readers who didn't.

Spin Control knows these tricks for  That's News to You because most weeks, we put the quiz together. It would be cheating to just give you the answers, but we don't mind giving you a few tips on how to play the game.

Jim Camden
Jim Camden joined The Spokesman-Review in 1981 and retired in 2021. He is currently the political and state government correspondent covering Washington state.

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