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Spin Control archive for Feb. 2013

THURSDAY, FEB. 28, 2013

Supermajority for taxes struck down. Now what?

OLYMPIA – For months, legislators have waited anxiously for the Washington Supreme Court to answer a political question that has roiled the state for two decades: Can voters make them pass any tax increase with a two-thirds majority? No, a divided court said Thursday, not…

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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27, 2013

GOP: Reform before gas tax hike

OLYMPIA – Legislative Republicans say they will not vote for a gas tax increase or other new vehicle taxes until the state makes major reforms in the way it builds big road projects. Gov. Jay Inslee, who has urged the Legislature to find new money…

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OLYMPIA -- Gov. Jay Inslee prepares to sign SB 5147, the first bill he signs into law as governor. It covers the amount of time a shelter has to notify parents or the Department of Social and Health Services that they have a runaway child. (Jim Camden)

Inslee signs his first bill

Jay Inslee prepares to sign SB 5147 with prime sponsors Sen. Jim Hargrove, left, and Rep. Tina Orwall, right. OLYMPIA -- Gov. Jay Inslee signed his first bill today, a new law that requires youth shelters to notify parents of the state welfare offices after…

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OLYMPIA -- Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll signs an autograph for Rep. Reuven Carlyle after the House presented him with a resolution supporting the team. (Jim Camden)

WA Lege: An official 'Yay' for Seahawks

Pete Carroll signs an autograph for Rep. Reuven Carlyle at the House rostrum. OLYMPIA -- In a bold move, the Legislature came out officially in favor of the Seattle Seahawks today, with resolutions in both chambers congratulating the team for making the playoffs, and lauding…

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TUESDAY, FEB. 26, 2013

Debate over tax super-majority continues

OLYMPIA – A proposed constitutional amendment gave a Senate panel another chance to argue whether democracy is helped or hurt by requiring legislative super-majorities to approve tax increases. Definitely helped, Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, the sponsor of the amendment, told the Ways and Means Committee.…

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WA Lege Day 44: More on 2/3rds majorities

OLYMPIA -- There are many different attempts to cement a requirement for a two-thirds supermajority for taxes into law. Today, the Senate Ways and Means Committee has a hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment that would do that. The same panel also has a hearing…

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MONDAY, FEB. 25, 2013

In keeping with tradition, and history

WASHINGTON — Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., will begin today's legislative day in Congress with a tradition dating to Washington state’s first days as a part of the union. The reading of President George Washington’s Farewell Address , first published in the Philadelphia Daily American Advertiser…

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SUNDAY, FEB. 24, 2013

How far is too far?

Mike Fagan’s response to criticism of the language in that e-mail is that he was not expressing himself as a city councilman; rather, he was expressing himself as a tax-fighting activist. That raises a question: Is a councilman, or any elected official, ever NOT in…

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SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2013

Sunday Spin: Tough sledding on gun bills

OLYMPIA – The massacre of first graders and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary may result in some major national gun-control legislation this year. Too soon to tell. But it may also block some smaller gun-related legislation in Washington state. At least that’s what several Senate…

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FRIDAY, FEB. 22, 2013

Susan Fagan not the one slamming Inslee 

OLYMPIA -- Rep. Susan Fagan and Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan don't share any constituents, but both do have voters in the Spokane area. And the Pullman legislator wants them to know that she is not the Fagan who called Gov. Jay Inslee a "lying…

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Condon weighs in on Fagan letter

Spokane Mayor David Condon has issued statement criticizing a letter signed by City Councilman Mike Fagan that calls Gov. Jay Inslee "a lying whore." “Words like this have no place in public discourse," Condon said in a prepared statement released this afternoon by the city.…

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Allen, Salvatori call on Fagan to apologize 

A majority of the Spokane City Council is calling on Councilman Mike Fagan to apologize for the letter he signed calling Gov. Jay Inslee "a lying whore." The council's three Democratic-leaning members issued a statement condemning Fagan's letter this morning. Now two of the council's…

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Reproductive Parity bill passes 

OLYMPIA -- On a mostly party-line vote, the House passed the Reproductive Parity Act, sending it to the Senate on a 53-43 vote. Both sides argued that they were defending "choice." Supporters said women should have medical insurance that allows them to choose abortion, regardless…

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Reproductive Parity debate starts

OLYMPIA -- Debate over the Reproductive Parity bill starts after a pair of caucus meetings. First up, a call for a Republican amendment with a "conscience clause" to be inserted into the bill. That allows an organization to keep from offering abortion as part of…

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THURSDAY, FEB. 21, 2013

State could legalize hemp along with pot 

OLYMPIA -- The cannabis plant could provide Washington state with two new agricultural crops: One for smoking, and one making rope and fabric. Different strains of the plant would be used for the different products, and different state agencies would control the different crops. But…

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Vapor cigs would be banned for minors

OLYMPIA -- "Vapor" cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the need to light up tobacco, would be illegal for minors in Washington under a bill that got unanimous support from a House panel this morning. The House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee voted 8-0 to put…

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WEDNESDAY, FEB. 20, 2013

Some gas tax money for N. Spokane Corridor 

OLYMPIA – A proposal to raise the state’s gasoline tax by 2 cents per year for five years and impose or hike other taxes would provide some $420 million for further work on the North Spokane Corridor. The long-running road construction project – sometimes called…

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TUESDAY, FEB. 19, 2013

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