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Spin Control

What did profanity-laced call to Shea say? We’ll tell you if you really want to know.

The Washington State Patrol today released a recording of the voicemail message left on Rep. Matt Shea's office phone on Jan. 12.

Patrol investigators determined it wasn't a death threat, but rather a threat to occupy his office.

Hey Will (Rasavage, Shea’s legislative assistant), your office in Spokane is going to suffer an armed arm occupation and we're gonna take it over, OK? Why don’t you tell your boy there that he better fucking cool his ass, right now. You want to chase around the sheriff's wife and children there? Remember we can do it here too. Matt Shea lives in our community. He’s a fucking treasonous piece of shit, though.

And you know what?  I can’t wait until his fucking ass comes back to Spokane because, you know what, you don't need to be supporting terrorists. You’re insane, you know that right? Absolutely fucking insane.

It’s coming dude. Don’t be threatening the rest of the community and your own government. There's a lot of people like me that are not gonna tolerate your bullshit anymore. All you fucking republicans, fuck you all. You better get your ass out – I hope you told them to get the fuck out of there.  That’s what I think. And your ass needs to get out of there too, motherfucker. Fuck you. You represent me? You’re fucking insane. 


The report, released based on a public records request filed by The Spokesman-Review, has a computer-generated transcript of the message that doesn't come close to the actual message. Here's what the computer heard: 

Hey well your office in Spokane is getting it's offer arm occupation and we're gonna take it over okay I
 wanted to tell you boy there but you better stalking cool his past like now you want to change round
 the sheriff's wife and children their number we can do it here too Matt zzShea wins in our community.
Here for completeness piece of she at bell -- and you know what I can we go so I can ask comes back
 Spokane because you know where you don't need to beast supporting care rest your insane you know
 that rice absolutely talking insane -- is gonna do don't be selecting the rest of the community and your
 home government there's a lot of people like me they're not gonna call or your bulls shift anymore all
 you can republicans talk to you wall -- tickets are passed out I hope you told them to get the file out
 of there -- NASA like thanks bye hope you and you were asked me to get out there to mother soccer.
Talk to you you represent me just talking insane.

Jim Camden
Jim Camden joined The Spokesman-Review in 1981 and retired in 2021. He is currently the political and state government correspondent covering Washington state.

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