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Otter trying 'personal touch' in snare business 

OLYMPIA – Idaho Gov. Butch Otter continues to “court” Washington businesses, sending personal letters to their owners that suggest they should move to the Gem State.That’s fair, Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire said Thursday, because the Evergreen State makes similar overtures to businesses in other states,…

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'Dry Fly' bill becomes law

OLYMPIA – Small distilleries will be able to produce more liquor under a new law that triples their maximum capacity to 60,000 gallons.The law, signed Thursday by Gov. Chris Gregoire, is a reflection of the fast growth of the Spokane's “craft” distillery, Dry Fly, which…

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WA Lege SpecSess: No deal, Lucille

OLYMPIA -- Reports of a "deal" between House and Senate Democratic leaders on the taxes and budget package appear to be greatly exaggerated.The Senate was briefly in session today, passing a bill that allows a 25 cent tax to help fund Enhanced 911 service. Democrats…

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WA Lege SpecSess: Senators called back

OLYMPIA -- Senators are coming back today to do more than just open the session and go right into recess. Democrats have a caucus to discuss progress on talks to figure out a tax plan that solves the problem they've had for months:Namely, that the…

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FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

What do you do on Earth Hour? 

Turn out the lights.Or at least, that's what will happen at the Capitol Building in Olympia and City Hall in Spokane from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. It's part of a worldwide observance of Earth Hour. Not to be confused with Earth Day,…

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WA Lege SpecSess: House debates, passes tax plan

OLYMPIA – Using a compromise plan suggested by the governor, House Democrats stripped an increased sales tax out of plans to balance the state budget and countered with higher business taxes.Saturday afternoon they voted 53-42 to stake out different territory in their efforts to combine…

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FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 2010

Today's fun video: How funny can you make the census?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10cGary Locke Pt. 1www.thedailyshow.comDaily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care ReformOh right, the census.That's why former Washington Gov. and current Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was on the Daily Show Thursday night. The Commerce Department, see, is…

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Green jobs in the Evergreen state

OLYMPIA – Washington counted twice as many people working in “green” jobs last year as in 2008.Although changes in the way jobs were counted are responsible for much of that growth, the state still saw an increase in people building wind turbines, constructing new energy-efficient…

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WA Lege SpecSess: GOP leaders wait, fume

OLYMPIA -- Republican leaders of both house in the Legislature showed clear frustration with the pace -- or lack of it -- thus far in the special session.A few minutes after the state Senate recessed for the day, GOP leaders in the House and Senate…

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Reed scheduled for cancer surgery

OLYMPIA -- Secretary of State Sam Reed will have cancer surgery Monday in Seattle, his office announced this morning. He's expected to return to work after a brief recovery period.Reed, 69, was diagnosed recently with the early stages of kidney cancer: "Thanks to early detection…

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WA Lege SpecSess: More "no's" to per diem

OLYMPIA -- Legislators continue to say "no, thanks" to the $90 per diem they can receive for the special session.Among those who aren't taking it are:Rep. Kevin Parker, R-SpokaneSen. Tracey Eide, D-Des MoinesSen Paull Shin, D-MukilteoSen. Randy Gordon, D-BellevueAdd them to the names reported earlier…

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WA Lege Spec Sess: Say what?

OLYMPIA -- Debate sometimes gets so heated in the Legislature that the honorables mix their metaphors or jumble their allusions.Today's House debate on the Democrats' "Jobs" bill, which asks for $861 million in bonds to do energy refits in schools around the state, was one…

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WA Lege SpecSess: Day 2 report

OLYMPIA – Legislators retraced some of their steps Tuesday from the regular session, re-approving some bills that one chamber supported but the other didn’t before time ran out last weekThe House passed an $861 million bond measure to retrofit public schools and make them more…

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WA Lege SpecSess: Running with the bills

OLYMPIA-- Both the Senate and House start up around 10 a.m., with some housekeeping stuff, some caucusing and then plans to "run bills."Which is to say vote on them and likely pass them. Because everything "rebooted" for the special session, each house will have to…

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MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

WA Lege SpecSess: Rebooting budget bill

OLYMPIA – The Legislature picked up Monday where it left off Thursday trying close estimated $2.8 billion hole in the state’s operating budget. Legislative leaders said they were closer to agreeing how much to cut and spend, and how much to raise in taxes, but…

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WA Lege SpecSess: Just saying No to the per diem 

OLYMPIA -- The list of senators refusing their $90 per diem for the special session right now stands at 15 -- 12 Republicans and 3 Democrats.Alphabetically, they are:Randi Becker, R-EatonvilleDon Benton, R-VancouverMike Carrell, R-LakewoodKaren Fraser, D-OlympiaMike Hewitt, R-Walla WallaJanea Holmquist, R-Moses LakeJim Honeyford, R-SunnysideDerek Kilmer,…

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WA Lege Day 60: WA Lege session 2.0 starts Monday

OLYMPIA -- Gov. Chris Gregoire is calling the Legislature back into session starting noon Monday to solve the state's projected $2.8 billion budget shortfall and telling them to do it in seven days.Democratic leaders say ageement, and budget negotiators from both houses will work over…

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WA Lege: Resolution honors Wood

OLYMPIA -- Rep. Alex Wood of Spokane got a pre adjournment send off this week, with a resolution in the House honoring him for his seven terms there.Honoring outgoing members is a tradition, of course, but it's also one of the few things that all…

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