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Spin Control i-960 archive

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2013

SATURDAY, FEB. 27, 2010

WA Lege Day 48: Senate passes budget

OLYMPIA – With the bare minimum votes needed and debate over taxes yet to come, Senate Democrats passed a general fund budget Saturday designed to close the state’s $2.8 billion budget gap.Even without a firm decision on which taxes to add or alter to raise...

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MONDAY, FEB. 22, 2010

Wa Lege Day 43: Senate takes up I-960

OLYMPIA -- The state Senate is taking up the suspension of various provisions of Initiative 960 again this evening.The House has sent the suspension back, and it means a straight up or down vote.Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, said the House did one good thing, which...

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THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 2010

House votes to suspend I-960

OLYMPIA – Debate over the need for supermajorities to raise taxes stretched into its second night Wednesday in the House of Representatives and invoked everything from the Gospel to the law of the jungle. There were warnings about taking away the voice of the people,...

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TUESDAY, FEB. 16, 2010

SATURDAY, FEB. 13, 2010

WA Lege: A goof or an evil plot? 

OLYMPIA – Is it better to be incompetent or duplicitous?That’s the choice being set up for Senate Democrats by initiative entrepreneur Tim Eyman after last week’s double vote on suspending portions of a ballot measure requiring supermajorities for tax increases.The proposed suspension wasn’t a surprise....

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THURSDAY, FEB. 11, 2010

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10, 2010

TUESDAY, FEB. 9, 2010

Wrapup: I-960 suspension passes the Senate

OLYMPIA – The Legislature would be able to raise taxes this session and next with a simple majority vote under a bill approved Tuesday in the state Senate.In the most contentious Senate debate this year – one that constantly invoked “the will of the people”...

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WA Lege Day 30: Bill passes 26-23

OLYMPIA -- The Senate approved changing state law to allow taxes to be raised this year and next with a simple majority.After a lengthy debate and a time out for parliamentary measures, the Senate voted 26-23 to suspend the provisions of Initiative 960 that requires...

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WA Lege Day 30: Fixing the title

OLYMPIA -- Senate Democrats apparently will have to resurrect a Republican title that they previously rejected to pass a bill that makes changes to the supermajority requirements for tax increases.That means Democrats take an amendment that they don't like, for a title written by Republicans...

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WA Lege Day 30: Title problems 

OLYMPIA -- Debate a bill to suspend the supermajority to raise taxes has come to a halt on the floor of the Senate.Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, raised a "point of order" that because of changes approved by Democrats, the bill's title is no longer accurate.After...

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WA Lege Day 30: More grandmas, and one not

OLYMPIA -- Sen. Jim Kastama, D-Puyallup, warns of severe cuts, even if there are tax increases."You talk about restructuring of government? There are going to be complete programs that are going to be eliminated. We give out billions of tax breaks every year and there's...

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WA Lege Day 30: Democrats defend the changes

OLYMPIA--Some of the problems with the original bill suspending the supermajority required for tax increases have been removed, Sen. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield, said.That doesn't necessarily mean any Republicans will vote for it, he said.Democrats defended the suspension."This is a significant issue. We do not take...

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WA Lege Day 30: Time to vote?

OLYMPIA -- A Republican amendment described as an attempt to fix technical problems with the title is being discussed."Enough is enough," Sen. Rodney Tom, a Democratic vice chairman of the Ways and Means Committee argues. "It's time to vote" on the bill itself.Amendment fails 22-26,...

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WA Lege Day 30: Debate continues

OLYMPIA -- Arguing against changes to the state's supermajority for tax increases continues, and some senators are attempting to usie t to their best advantage"The citizens voted their conscience. Now we're throwing that away. We're ignoring the will of the people," Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver,...

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WA Lege Day 30: Real debate starts

OLYMPIA --First up is a Republican amendment that limits the suspension for just this session.Sen. Mike Carrell, R, warns that if Democrats repeal the provisions of Initiative 960, "there will be another referendum in November" on them.Sen. Pam Roach, R: "There will probably be a...

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WA Lege Day 30: Debate on changes to I-960 begins

OLYMPIA -- Senate Democrats are making a move to simplify changes to rules governing tax increases. Rather than a complicated array of changes to Initiative 960, they are suggesting an amendment that simply suspends it until July 1, 2011.The original bill suspended the two-thirds majority...

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