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EWU sports live chat transcript (Oct. 6)

Jim: Hello everyone - let's talk Eagle football!

Jim: Warmup question: How was your mood at halftime of last week's game?

GoEags88: I'll have to say I was a little upset.

Jim: No lack of confidence, though?

KHB_GoEags: Frustrated! But also optimistic. I knew Beau would go in there at halftime and light a fire.

KHB_GoEags: Ok, what did I miss with Simba? I saw on his twitter he had surgery on Tuesday?

Jim: Hello, KHB. Simba Webster broke a collarbone during his long kickoff return just before halftime. He's out indefinitely.

KHB_GoEags: Did he get hit hard? I don't know what I was watching, but I wasn't watching him, apparently.

Jim: Hard enough!

Jim: However, Stu Stiles was practicing Tuesday, so the receiver corps looks OK. Well, better than OK, with Kupp, Bourne, Hill, Stiles, Sblendorio et al.

GoEags88: I agree with KHB, Beau always makes great halftime adjustments

Guest180 (guest): Worried about O-line and depth. Heard Beau Byus is now on O-Line

Jim: Where did you hear that? That's the kind of info coaches don't share with the media, unless we're at practice every day and watching for players migrating from one position to another.

GoEags88: How many true frosh linemen have burned their redshirting?

Jim: Just D.J. Dyer at this point

Guest180 (guest): Vic on Blog

Jim: That would be Vic Wallace, who attends most EWU practices. On the other hand, Byus is still listed at tight end on the depth chart - plus at 235 pounds, I don't think he has the beef.

Jim: I think youth/inexperience is a bigger issue, but the O-line has been a pleasant surprise so far.

Guest180 (guest): I agree. Best is a great coach and has "coached up" the young men

Guest180 (guest): "#61 Beau Byus is also from CV 6'5", 235 lbs, and played is butt off on Saturday. His # used to be 86 and a TE." (also from Vic).

Guest180 (guest): Great article on the freshman RBs. Feels like they were missed by other programs. Feel bad for Wilson as far as playing time

Jim: Looking ahead, who's afraid of Northern Colorado, and why?

Jim: Thanks ... both look great so far - thunder and lightning.

KHB_GoEags: They've given us grief the last few times we've played them.

GoEags88: They have played us well the last couple of years.

Jim: That's right: it took a last-second 44-yard FG from Dascalo to pull out last year's game.

GoEags88: Aside from NAU last week, who else have they played?

Guest180 (guest): The Big Sky has progressively gotten better. NC has only been in league 5 years or so. They have a nice recruiting area, expect them to keep getting better. Still, we have the team to beat them this year

Jim: They won 55-52 over Abilene Christian, which plays in the ever-tough Southland Conference but is 0-5. They did play Air Force tough, lost only by only 37-21.

Jim: I make Eastern a heavy favorite, same as I did last week. And yes, I was scratching my head at halftime.

KHB_GoEags: Who have they played in conference?

Guest9917 (guest): Abilene put up 52 on the Bears. That lends me a little confidence going into Saturday.

Jim: For the first time since they joined the Sky in 2006, Northern Colorado is 1-0 in conference games.

Guest9917 (guest): Then they beat NAU without Case but only managed to score 21. NAU had dominated the box score but lost the game.

Jim: They beat NAU last week 21-18, getting outgained badly but getting three turnovers.

Jim: I also checked special teams. Remember, last year the Bears got two long TD returns (KO and punt) to stay with the Eagles. This year they rank 100th nationally in each category.

GoEags88: I'm not very worried. I would like to see us play a full 4 quarters though

Guest3867 (guest): Looks like they better put some pounds on Beau Byus and possibly move Wimberly to Tackle

Guest180 (guest): Is Jones done for year? Status of Williams kid from Cheney?

Jim: No, definitely not done - it's an ankle sprain and he seemed to be moving well in street clothes last weekend.

KHB_GoEags: Keenan should be playing this weekend!

Jim: Source?

KHB_GoEags: Keenan


Jim: Nice!

Guest3867 (guest): Have you noticed any other DL playing OL (I think Jacob Stoll was moved to center)

Jim: Only Kaleb Levao, who was moved at the beginning of fall camp.

Guest9917 (guest): Is Sommer back yet? Re-watched the Root broadcast and wow was Jay Tee a beast.

Jim: I talked with Jay Tee after the game, he was pretty excited after getting two sacks. Sommer has played only a bit.

Jim: That's three seniors you've got to feel a bit sorry for, for a variety of reasons: Jabari Wilson, Jordan West and Matt Sommer. So far, their final year isn't what they'd intended.

Guest9917 (guest): Eags are doing well with "next man up" but could it just please stop! I guess that's part of a physical game.

KHB_GoEags: I think defense has really stepped up. And it was nice to win a turnover battle.

Guest9917 (guest): Two weeks in a row with the TO battle. Could be a trend!

Jim: You have to hope. More aggression from the defense is a big part - DBs are playing downhill more this year.

KHB_GoEags: YES, let's hope so 9917. I would love to see us reach that score (but wayyyy more) from last week when we play Montana.

Guest3867 (guest): I have a feeling people are overlooking NC, I've watched two of their games and they looked pretty good.

Jim: Which games?

Jim: Looking ahead, who's afraid of Northern Colorado, and why?

Guest9917 (guest): NC is 3-1 and coming in with a lot to play for the first time in a while. I think this game is going to be a tough one!

Guest3867 (guest): Northern AZ and Rocky Mountain) I know Rocky Mountain is NAIA but NC controlled it pretty easily

Guest3867 (guest): I have a feeling we will win by a couple of touchdowns but it will be close through three quarters

Jim: You wouldn't want it any other way, would you?

Guest3867 (guest): I prefer we win a few by more than 3 touchdowns, keeps the wine consumption down

Jim: Also lets me get a jump on my game stories!

KHB_GoEags: No! I don't like close games. Heart attacks at age 34 is not good

Guest3867 (guest): Any word on Oregon’s coach, I saw a certain FCS coach pop up a few times.BTW - We would have beaten Oregon this year

Jim: I follow Oregon pretty closely (class of '79) and have heard Baldwin's name only the most vague terms on fan forums. Anything more substantial?

Jim: Oh, gosh, KHB, I've been out of college longer than you've been alive!

Guest180 (guest): Here we go. Talk to Sam Adams. He always has coach out the door. It will happen when it happens and we will be fine

Guest3867 (guest): Nah, probably saw it on the same forum. I doubt Oregon would go to FCS.

KHB_GoEags: Beau isn't going anywhere. Still a lot to accomplish.

Jim: No way does Baldwin go to Oregon. They feel pretty entitled these days - some think an NFL coach is dying to come to Eugene and save the program.

Guest180 (guest): Chip off the old block!

Jim: They'd love to have Kelly back.

Guest3867 (guest): I was just going to say Chip, but who wins between EWU and Oregon this year?

KHB_GoEags: Entitled that they can't produce their own talent and come to FCS 2 years in a row and dangle a carrot.... for what?

Guest1973 (guest): Interesting they are sitting Prukop this week

Jim: If they played right now on a neutral site, I'd say it's a tossup. They still have top-tier talent, guys

Guest180 (guest): The only team that EWU would have trouble with in Pac NW is Washington

Jim: A lot of trouble.

KHB_GoEags: So glad we are missing that QB!!!!!

Guest180 (guest): I think we play them in 18

Jim: No ... upcoming FBS games are as follows: Texas Tech in 2017, then WSU, UW and Florida in 2020.

KHB_GoEags: I think WSU in '18

Jim: Yep!

Jim: Five minutes left before I finish my feature on an EWU team captain who changed his uniform number for his senior year. Guesses?

Guest180 (guest): Zamora

Jim: Nice!

Jim: Let's hear some predictions ...

Jim: I have EWU rolling, 56-27

Guest180 (guest): 52-19

KHB_GoEags: 65-32

Guest3867 (guest): EWU 42 - 28

Jim: You should take comfort that UNC was badly outgained at home last week by an NAU team without QB Cookus.

Guest180 (guest): Are we doing this next week?

Jim: Good question - no chat during the bye week. We'll do it again on Oct. 20.

Guest1973 (guest): concerned about the weather/wind: EWU 42 NC 35

Jim: The forecast for Saturday is a high of 63 with rain - again?!

Guest180 (guest): Rain has only been while setting up Tailgates.Hope by game time Rain is done But they've had crappy weather this whole week to prep! Go Eags!

Jim: Thanks everyone, we'll see you again in two weeks!


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