Washington State School Salaries: 2010-2011

This data site contains personnel information, including salaries, for public school districts in the State of Washington. Data was provided to The Spokesman-Review by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in response to a public records request. More information regarding this database can be found here.

By the numbers

Top spending by district
DistrictTotal Comp. Paid
Seattle Public Schools

Enrollment: 47,696

Tacoma School District

Enrollment: 28,885

Spokane School District

Enrollment: 29,060

Kent School District

Enrollment: 27,062

Evergreen School District (Clark)

Enrollment: n/a

Lake Washington School District

Enrollment: 24,647

Federal Way School District

Enrollment: 22,218

Vancouver School District

Enrollment: n/a

Northshore School District

Enrollment: 19,744

Everett School District

Enrollment: 18,952


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  • *Maria Louise Goodloe-Johnson was fired from her role as superintendent of Seattle Public Schools in March. Figures may not reflect actual earnings.
  • Insurance/benefits includes up to $768/month (i.e, $9,216 annually for full-time equivalent employees) allocated by the State of Washington. [1][2]
  • View the FAQ page for more information regarding this database.

Credits: Mike Tigas, Jody Lawrence-Turner
Data: State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
More Information: view the FAQ

Salaries for public school employees are considered “public record,” in accordance with Washington State’s Public Records act, RCW 42.56. An exception is made in the case of victims of domestic violence. Please contact the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for more information.