Washington State School Salaries: 2011-2012

This data site contains personnel information, including salaries, for public school districts in the State of Washington. Data was provided to The Spokesman-Review by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in response to a public records request. More information regarding this database can be found here.

Bellevue School District

  • Enrollment, 2010-2011 (pre-K thru 12th): 18,321
  • Total Salary: $60,621,786.00
  • Average Salary: $26,062.68
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PersonSalaryBonuses/StipendsInsurance BenefitsTotal Comp.
Amalia Cudeiro


Margaret J Turner


Ricardo Cruz

Deputy/Assist. Supt.

Patricia J Siegwarth

Deputy/Assist. Supt.

Sharon M Kautz

Deputy/Assist. Supt.

Judith F Buckmaster

Deputy/Assist. Supt.

Thomas C Duenwald

Secondary Principal, Sammamish Senior High

Eva M Collins

Deputy/Assist. Supt.

Maria E Frieboes

Secondary Principal, Interlake Senior High School

Dion C Yahoudy

Secondary Principal, Tillicum Middle School



  • Insurance benefits includes $768/month for school district certificated employee health benefits or $9,216/year. Certified employees include teachers, counselors and librarians. Classified employees are funded at 1.152 times that amount or $884.74/month ($10,616.83/year). Benefits are allocated by the State of Washington. [1][2]
  • All figures submitted by school districts are preliminary. Final numbers are due to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in September.
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Credits: Mike Tigas, Jody Lawrence-Turner
Data: State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
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Salaries for public school employees are considered “public record,” in accordance with Washington State’s Public Records act, RCW 42.56. An exception is made in the case of victims of domestic violence. Please contact the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for more information.