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Election Results

Candidate Votes Pct
Jay Inslee (D) 1,247,916 50.18%
Loren Culp (R) 433,238 17.42%
Joshua Freed (R) 222,553 8.95%
Tim Eyman (R) 159,495 6.41%
Raul Garcia (R) 135,045 5.43%
Phil Fortunato (R) 99,265 3.99%
Don L. Rivers (D) 25,601 1.03%
Leon Aaron Lawson (T) 23,073 0.93%
Liz Hallock (G) 21,537 0.87%
Cairo D’Almeida (D) 14,657 0.59%
Anton Sakharov (T) 13,935 0.56%
Nate Herzog (P) 11,303 0.45%
Gene Hart (D) 10,605 0.43%
Omari Tahir Garrett (D) 8,751 0.35%
Ryan Ryals (U) 6,264 0.25%
Henry Clay Dennison (S) 5,970 0.24%
Goodspaceguy (T) 5,646 0.23%
Richard L. Carpenter (R) 4,962 0.20%
Elaina J. Gonzalez (I) 4,772 0.19%
Matthew Murray (R) 4,489 0.18%
Thor Amundson (I) 3,638 0.15%
Bill Hirt (R) 2,854 0.11%
Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler (R) 2,686 0.11%
Ian Gonzales (R) 2,537 0.10%
Joshua Wolf (N) 2,315 0.09%
Cregan M. Newhouse (N) 2,291 0.09%
Brian R. Weed (N) 2,178 0.09%
Alex Tsimerman (S) 1,721 0.07%
Tylor Grow (R) 1,509 0.06%
Dylan B. Nails (I) 1,470 0.06%
Craig Campbell (N) 1,178 0.05%
William (Bill) Miller (A) 1,148 0.05%
Cameron M. Vessey (N) 718 0.03%
Winston Wilkes (P) 702 0.03%
David W. Blomstrom (F) 519 0.02%
David Voltz (C) 480 0.02%

* Race percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

Complete Coverage

Inslee blasts removal of mask mandate in Kootenai County

OLYMPIA – Removing the mask mandate in North Idaho counties endangers Washington residents across the border, Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday.

Five counties move off Phase 1 as Spokane records 8,000 COVID-19 cases

Five Washington counties that for months have had the strictest state restrictions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 were moved Tuesday to Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan. Meanwhile, Spokane County reported a  new milestone with 8,000 cases.

Inslee’s infested apples rounded up

Infested apples Gov. Jay Inslee brought to Central and Eastern Washington last month in a goodwill gesture gone bad have been rounded up and destroyed.

Spin Control: Governor’s debate had no big winner but some interesting moments

Determining a winner or loser in last week’s gubernatorial debate is difficult, but there were places where the candidates made points or mistakes.

Inslee extends rent moratorium through end of December

Washington will extend the moratorium on evicting tenants for non-payment of rent through the end of the year as the state continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington governor debate tonight

Washington voters can get a look at their candidates for governor Wednesday evening.

Democrats Heck, Liias vie for lieutenant governor

Washington voters shouldn’t assume the printer made a mistake when they notice their ballot has two candidates listed as Democrats in the lieutenant governor’s slot.

Gov. Jay Inslee critical of President Trump’s upbeat attitude on COVID-19

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who has been a regular critic of President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, blasted the president’s seeming dismissal of the seriousness of the disease shortly before being released from the hospital.

Inslee, Culp a study in contrasts in the race for Washington governor

Washington voters who like a clear contrast between their candidates should be ecstatic with their governor’s race.

Spin Control: Little words may or may not have big meanings

Every so often a politician utters an unusual word – not necessarily a bad word or a wrong word – that makes a reporter go “Wait. What?”

Inslee says Boeing tax breaks in danger if 787 line moves

The favorable tax breaks the Boeing Company gets could be in danger if it moves all production of its 787 jetliner to South Carolina, Gov. Jay Inslee said today

At some point, we have to accept that some folks just won’t register to vote

At the risk of sounding like a grouchy old Boomer, can I suggest now that we have passed National Voter Registration Day – which was last Tuesday – can every political operative and social media app stop asking me if I’m registered?

State asking Boeing what will keep 787 production in Everett

Washington officials are asking the state’s largest manufacturer what it can do to keep the 787 jetliner production line from moving to South Carolina, Gov. Jay Inslee said Thursday.

Washington airports get new virus protection rules

Travelers using Washington airports will be required to wear face coverings in most areas and observe rules for distancing from other passengers to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Inslee brings infected apples on visits to fire areas

OLYMPIA – When Gov. Jay Inslee traveled to Eastern and Central Washington to bring the state’s prayers, concern and comfort to victims of fire-ravaged communities last week, he also brought something else: Apple maggot larvae.

Inslee, Culp agree to one debate

Gov. Jay Inslee and his Republican opponent, Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, agreed to one debate before the Nov. 3 general election.

Spin Control: Culp offers up a fiery ‘quote’ that Inslee campaign criticizes

If political campaigns can be considered a Rorschach test on the boundaries of rhetoric, gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp offered a verbal “ink blot” last week that will almost certainly be viewed differently by his supporters than by Gov. Jay Inslee’s.

Eager bowlers return to lanes in north Spokane as other alleys work to reopen soon

Lilac Lanes opened this week, with the area’s other bowling alleys planning to follow suit in early September. The reopening follows a lobbying campaign by alley owners who’ve remained largely shuttered since the coronavirus pandemic began and who had anticipated waiting several more months until Phase 4 to be allowed to open the doors again.

Governor candidate Culp named in lawsuit over disputed traffic case

Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, the GOP candidate for governor, was named in a federal lawsuit that claims a Montana woman’s rights were violated when she was detained and charged after a traffic check in 2018.

Breaking into the paper’s Olympia office didn’t take a mastermind

Sometime on Thursday night or early Friday morning, some “criminal masterminds” broke into the building on the Capitol Campus with the office for The Spokesman-Review and two other newspapers.