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School supplies, cheap

Once again, these school district members need to think out of the box on this one. Why rely on retail store contributions or use taxpayer dollars to buy supplies when there are alternatives?

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Far-right a product of Newton’s third law

I have recently read articles from various publications lamenting the extremism of the “right.” They called organizations like the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the John Birch Society “extreme” and said that long-time Republicans were upset with the shift to the “far-right.”
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Let’s end the 1915 drug prohibition

George Nethercutt (Guest Opinion, "The right way to battle opioid abuse in Washington state," June 10) is not the only American who does not know that America left the world behind in 1915 and entered into drug prohibition, while everyone else stayed with legal and regulated drugs.
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Malden Act

With Cathy McMorris Roger’s proposed “Malden Act,” a bill designed to stop presidents from blocking disaster assistance. CMR is tying to correct a problem she was instrumental in creating by voting lock step with a petty, vindictive president determined to punish our Governor. Supporting Trump may not reflect her personal beliefs. But she represents our deeply red, primarily agricultural district that continued to vote for this president and his adopted party even after he gave away the China market farmers had spent decades developing and made them dependent on federal welfare. Abortion and guns have been extremely effective in getting people to vote against their economic self interest and supporting the real Republican agenda of taxing work but not wealth. We need better representation, Tom Foley like.
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Pet rescuers

Thank you to The Spokesman-Review for featuring this animal cruelty case ("Pet rescuers discover more than 80 dogs," June 17). While I am extremely grateful for the Kootenai Humane Society's prompt response and all the volunteers who helped the animals in this case, if people would do what I and many others are doing, these crimes would largely come to an end.
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CMR’s Malden bill laughable

I nearly choked on my early morning coffee today when I read the news about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ self-serving “Malden Act” bill ("McMorris Rodgers introduces 'Malden Act'," June 16).
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Scrutiny of Pride Prep unfair

Chris Cargill’s op-ed piece (June 11) claiming unfair scrutiny of Pride Prep is itself unfair with flawed comparisons. And it sidesteps the root problem — poverty.
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Women in computing

I was sorry to see that Charles Apple ("History of Computing," June 14) failed to recognize two very important people who happen to be women. Ada Lovelace, gifted English mathematician, financially supported Charles Babbage, co-developed the Analytical Engine and the Difference Engine, and became the first computer programmer.
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First, do no harm

We assume that statement is a tenet of the Hippocratic Oath. It is actually from another of his works called "Of the Epidemics."
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Caregivers must be vaccinated

I have worked in health care for more than 40 years. For most of those years I have been required to get a flu vaccination. No problem; I do it to protect myself and my patients.
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EWU has the right

In response to Kenzie Lohman's letter, "Is the pandemic taking away our rights?" published June 15: No.
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Facts about the American flag

Located in Spokane is the only Flag Museum on the West Coast. The article on Sunday 13 June ("Flag Day is this week, and what you know about Betsy Ross is probably not right") talks about Betsy Ross and the first flag.
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Hatred comes from fear

Mr. Tabino ("Why the hatred?," June 10), maybe this can help you begin your journey to make some sense of the phenomenon often referred to as the human condition -- a journey that lasts a lifetime with many of its most basic questions frustratingly, never fully, or very satisfactorily answered.
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Thanks, NARFE!

On June 21, the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) is celebrating 100 years of advising and advocating for federal employees.
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We’ve seen this before

Ninety years ago in Germany there was a man who promised to make his country great again. He claimed to be a great leader and demanded absolute loyalty from his followers. His bully boys attacked his opponents or sent them to places with names like Dachau and Auschwitz. In the end he ruined his country and blew his own brains out.
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Whose community?

The full-page ad on the back page of Sunday’s Northwest Section ("Letter from the Community") begins by declaring that Spokane voters have spoken and government collective bargaining must be public.

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