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Downsides of moving downtown

Now, the idea of having football downtown certainly has a few pluses, but fans will now have to pay for parking and even more importantly, the impact of all of those high-schoolers in the downtown area and in particular the park itself could be huge.
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Look at the graphs

In a Jan. 6th letter a writer touted a Washington Post story (not personally verified) in 1990 predicting a 3 degree Fahrenheit world average temperature rise by 2020. The letter writer smugly points out that the rise has only been 1 degree F. That is wrong.
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Social Security perils

A brief history of one of the many social programs started by FDR: during the Great Depression from 1929 to the beginning of World War II, the socialists, communists and labor unions were on the verge of starting a revolution (Russia had already had one in 1917) if the federal government did nothing to help the plight of the masses of U.S. citizens. So FDR taxed the big corporations and the rich. After World War II the corporations and the rich took their revenge. All of a sudden the Russian communists were the new enemies of the USA, even though they were our allies to defeat the National Socialist Party (Nazis). Next came the socialists and the unions.

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Ditch that lackadaisical attitude

Get involved in your community. Be the person who will question leaders who want us to do as they say. Without interference and direction from our citizens we give policy makers little or no resistance, or support if appropriate. Battles are worth fighting if they do something extra for our community,
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Take it from Kurosawa

Re: our recent contretemps with Iran. In Akira Kurosawa's classic film "Yojimbo," the two rival factions of the town rush out onto opposite ends of the main street, scowling and making war cries. As they advance closer and closer to each other brandishing their weapons and hurling invectives, it becomes clear both sides are really afraid to fight. They are more interested in appearing manly and not losing face, and the skirmish ends without bloodshed.
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Alcohol at WSU

I was appalled by the article several days ago that appeared in the newspaper stating that alcohol would now be served on campus at the ball games. Isn't it a shame, the deaths that have happened recently on campus that making alcohol more available a senseless decision all for making more money.
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Christmas Bureau elves

We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to the many "Elves" who answered our call for help to make wooden trucks for the Christmas Bureau's children.
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Not-so-new Pavilion

Just finished reading your article,“A new iconic structure" (Dec. 28, 2019), about the U.S. Pavilion makeover. The boosterism is a bit over the top, considering you could call this the Park Department’s great failure.
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Different yet united

I thank Rob Leach for his letter to the Spokesman of Jan. 12, "Supporting Trump's values." I counted eleven points that Rob makes. Knowing the thinking of a Trump supporter shows that we agree on some important things.
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Giving Christianity a bad name

In his letter titled "Defending Trump" (Jan. 2), Mr. (Allen) Marsh asks, "Regarding facts" ... "What has our president accomplished?" The facts are that he has demonstrated himself to be a compulsive liar, a bully, a malevolent vilifier, a florid egoist, an embarrassment in the eyes of the world's leaders (except for Putin and some other tyrants), an enemy of the environment, a disruptor of peace, a disparager of "the least amongst us," an ignoramus of history, addicted to adulation, intolerant of disagreement, and never able to apologize, show humility or compassion.
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Hot air

Adapting a Jan. 1 Fox News piece, Donald Vicena implies that those who worry about anthropogenic warming are nincompoops ("Poor prognosticators," 1/6/20).
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No war with Iran

I do not support a war/proxy war with Iran and I cannot support giving more money to the DOD: $2 trillion, seriously? Yet many legislators keep saying affordable health care and housing assistance aren't doable. If there is that much taxpayer money for defense, all of my elected officials -- Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray and Rep. McMorris Rodgers -- need to give some of those dollars back to the taxpayers.
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Reconsidering the stadium

Let’s be honest, Spokane (aka Hooptown USA) is a sports town. Our devotion and loyalty to the Gonzaga basketball program is just one example of how driven and connected our community is by sports.
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Tweets for orders?

You have got to be kidding me! Tweets are now considering by POTUS to be an acceptable way to let Congress know of impending military action? Regardless of the War Powers act of 1973? Government by tweet?
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Vengeance with no vision

A presidential decree to possibly bomb Iranian cultural sites, is right up there with the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamyan. A new low; I am ashamed.
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WEA supports teachers, students

In response to Joanne Bovey’s letter of Jan. 16 ("WEA bullying"), I would like to provide my own perspective as a teacher and proud member of the Washington Education Association. Ms. Bovey perceives the WEA as “bullying.” However, the WEA supports Washington state educators every day.
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Behind unaffected doors

Last night , after viewing “Just Mercy” with several black American friends, a woman in the bathroom stall next to me was weeping. A very well-educated man I have tremendous respect for was upset and said he had to be convinced to go.
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Glamorous marijuana?

As usual I quickly put your Cannabis insert of Friday’s paper in the recycle bin. “Grass and Glamour”? Seriously?
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Let’s meet halfway

As a resident of the 4th Legislative District, I would like others to know that Matt Shea’s words and actions do not represent all of his constituents. I do not wish to be part of the proposed 51st state of “Liberty.” It does not sound like a free or inviting place to live. I’m quite happy with my current state, named after one of America’s greatest founders.
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RedForEd politically troublesome

There is a growing movement of public school teachers with the name RedForEd. This organization is troublesome to me in a couple of different ways. First, they have organized to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election. Second, the color of their uniforms (red), the name of their organization, and the leftward lean of their politics hints of a communist-like connection. There is no denying the similarities.

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