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Fiddling while we burn

The western U.S. will burn to the ground. Not if, only when. And before the flames impact us individually, the widespread smoke will impede the economy and cause long-term health problems that eclipse the deadly impact of COVID. But like Nero of ancient Rome, our “leaders” fiddle while the flames rage. Nothing of substance is done, they only add political hot air to the already scorching heat with their proclamations of emergency, dire warnings and arguing about the causes of this epic threat.
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The other party

President Harry S. Truman summed it up best when he said “Democrats work to help people who need help. That other party, they work for people who don't need help. That's all there is to it.”
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This makes no sense

If conservatives and Republicans want to win any future U.S. elections, whether at the county, state or national levels, wouldn’t you think they’d stop obediently following their culture-war approach of remaining silent on the issue of their supporters getting fully vaccinated for COVID-19? As a politician wanting to get elected, they need their constituents to be alive so they can vote for them. Conservative politicians never speak in support of their constituents getting fully vaccinated for COVID-19 for the ridiculous reason they think they would be interpreted as violating culture-war etiquette.

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Chase’s situational ‘truth’

I was amused to read Kip Hill’s article in Wednesday’s paper ("State Rep. Rob Chase's anti-vaccine comments removed from Facebook," July 21) regarding Rob Chase’s Facebook post being removed for misinformation.
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Symphony mask and vaccine policies

How disheartening to read the Spokane Symphony is selling indoor concert tickets with full auditorium seating and nothing but a mask honor system. The stated reason is that season ticket holders were unhappy about not being guaranteed their usual seats for this one season.
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We need a national fire policy

For the last five years we have had extensive fires in the Northwest as well as along the Pacific Coast. To date, this seems to be approached on a state-by-state basis, with both state and federal funding to supplement the costs.
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Jenny Graham states that a person should have the privilege to do their own research and to make their own decision concerning to be vaccinated or not. She is not against vaccinations. A person should also have the privilege to also make a decision regarding their health care, what medications they take.
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Think long term

We need affordable housing in Spokane, but not as dictated by the Spokane Association of Realtors. When Mike Lish pronounced, “I don’t see that it really matters what kind of housing it is, any housing is going to help the market,” read REALLY BIG RED FLAG. We don’t need City Council persons who vote yes to anything developers put in front of them. THINK LONG TERM.
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Could be a scare tactic

OMG! It hasn't been this hot/cold/wet/dry since 1924/1902/1938/1895! I wonder how those previous records happened without the benefit of gas-guzzling SUVs?
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Slipping into socialism

In 1978, airline deregulation was proposed and in 1980 railroad deregulation was proposed- along with the Motor Carrier Act stopping excessive regulation of the Trucking Industry. President Carter, Sen. Edward Kennedy and Sen. Joe Biden were all in favor of ending government regulations, helping fuel huge innovation and growth by the private sector; (government got out of the way!)
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Use common sense

I just don't understand the mindset of some people. You have the opportunity to get two, free, highly effective COVID vaccinations that have been proven to save lives and you do what? Listen to Tucker Carlson rant and rave about Big Brother forcing you to get vaccinated? Believe it's a left-wing conspiracy?
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Whom do you believe?

Whom do you believe? The doctors, nurses, microbiologists, epidemiologists, other researchers, and even Sen. Mitch McConnell (he had polio as a child) who keep saying COVID19 is dangerous?
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Re-shearing the sheep

Is the federal government deputizing "Big Tech" to monitor domestic texts to stem a flood of so-called vax "misinformation"? If so, wouldn't this form of corporate censorship indicate a lack of faith in the American public's ability to discern the validity of what they consume through their communication devices?
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What are we doing?

As a lifelong Spokane resident, let me say I avoid downtown Spokane at all costs. There is nothing down there I need and a whole lot of stuff I don’t need.
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An alternative vaccine route

How about this? Nobody should be forced to get the vaccine but insurance companies can refuse to pay bills for those without it who get the virus.
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Are they not worried?

I see, with apprehension, the rate of COVID infections and deaths in the country rising fast, apparently hitting the unvaccinated disproportionately. Then I listen to Republican leaders telling their followers not to get the vaccine ("they're not effective"; "they're dangerous"; "it's a conspiracy", etc.).
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COVID vaccine race

Just like the Cold War with the Soviet Union, we are currently in an arms race with a deadly enemy: COVID. We won the Cold War by acknowledging the threat, and made sacrifices to stay ahead of the weapon escalation curve til we won.
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CRT just another fad

I do not understand why people are so quick to embrace the latest fad, Critical Race Theory. What we have is something developed by a group a lawyers. No scientists, no sociologists, psychologists, or any other -ists.

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