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Managing the fear

Reading troubling news stories during these scary times can result in feelings of anxiety and depression. For thirty years, I have been forced to learn how to deal with anxiety and depression to successfully manage bipolar disorder. My illness often starts with a small worry that grows in size to where it completely dominates my thinking and begins to hijack my brain. I’ve learned how to keep big worries small. These six techniques have been most helpful to me:
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Think positive!

Are you feeling stuck at home? Under "house arrest"? Quarantined? Banished from society? And are you grousing about the facts of it all?
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What about the refugees?

I am a Trump supporter and I find it hard to believe that the stimulus package which was signed by President Trump yesterday, did not include funds for refugees who have come to the United States legally and have been working. Most of the refugees that have been here for as little as one month are working at minimum-wage jobs. These refugees have $0 saved. How are these folks to pay their rent after being laid off?

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Break from China

There seem to be many people in the U.S. who are willing to give the People's Republic of China a pass on the pandemic.
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Plastic bag ban

Governor Inslee's ban on plastic grocery bags starting in January 2021 is simply silly. It’s as if the person in line in front of me just climbed up on the grocery checkout counter, rolled around with their reusable bags and spread whatever germs might be on those bags. That's what our Governor is saying by signing this bill into law.
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Straight shooter

Are truth and integrity missing in our government? Not with Steven Bradshaw, our District 1, Bonner County commissioner. Not only has he spoken out loudly against the silicon smelter and the deceptive land dealings by HiTest Sand Inc., but he supported those opposing the Scotchman’s Peak wilderness, when the people voted against it. They voted against it even without the clarity of designating it a “federal” wilderness. We need to keep this straight shooter!
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Put on our full armor

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul tells us to put on the full armor of God before we battle sin and Satan. Likewise, we should put on the full armor of knowledge and wisdom, vigilance and human decency before the arrival of unseen malice and peril.
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Takeout standards fall short

While I certainly applaud the efforts of Rick Clark and others to support local restaurants and other people in need ("Community rallies to feed the hungry during crisis," March 25), the picture of two local owners preparing food is pretty telling.
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We shall overcome

We are at an unusual crossroad in our lives. Literally our lives are at stake. But it is up to us to make it as painless as possible.
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An easier list

Trying to wade through the article in today's paper listing the essential jobs and groups who are exempt from the "Stay home, stay healthy" order, it occurs to me that an article listing non-essential jobs and groups who are ordered to "Stay home, stay healthy" might be more helpful and easier to navigate.
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Congress’ pork bill

Why is this bill drafted to give Congress a pay raise; $25 million for the Kennedy Center and 1,400 pages of junk to sneak through for their benefits and gains? We are the people of the USA and they serve us. Disgraceful on both sides of the aisle.
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Fishing closure

Once again a state agency (I’m sure under the direction of the governor) has shown how absurd they can become.
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We’re human; we reuse

In response to Marlene Larson's letter, requesting that people leave their recycled bags at home, I am just wondering what her solution would be? Since the reusable bags were intended to help save our planet, and since plastic bags do harm to same planet (and will soon be banned anyway!), I just wondered how she is getting her groceries home?
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Columbia River hearings

The co-lead agencies doing this EIS did a very thorough job, looking at all the objectives and measures. There are five alternatives, including the status quo. My objection isn’t about the work that went into this process. It is quite extensive and involved.
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Don’t go overboard

Did you know that in the last century, when I was stationed in Germany, around 1984, there was an epidemic, HIV, Oh my gosh, we are all going to die. Oh, last century, 1918, Spanish flu, thousands, millions of people died. We just came out of a war that killed millions of people. That’s 100 years of war, epidemics, suicides, homicides, natural catastrophes. Did you know that when the economy crashed in 1929 people lost everything to include their lives. We made it thru the Crash of '29, the Dust Bowl of the '30s, WW2, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, oh, OK, Maybe I’m going overboard, thank the Lord I’m not on a boat, oh wait didn’t some guy have to build an ark. Sleep Well Tonight.
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Gutting our constitutions

The federal and state constitutions are being gralloched. The passing of a $2.2 trillion bill illustrates the wisdom of bread and circuses.
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Life without school

Mead High School is on hold because of the coronavirus. So, I’ve got plenty of time to relax. At least that's what I thought when I was walking home on the last school day. I was told by my parents that this is not a vacation, and that I would still be learning even though school was shut down.
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Riverview community

It is with great sadness that I read the article in the newspaper about my much loved Riverview community. ("Riverview skilled nursing to close," March 27)
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Seniors’ new value

What irony! After years of workers over 50 being considered of less value by employers, there are now some who are calling for them to sacrifice themselves to the coronavirus as "Patriot Economists."

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