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Replace the CVSD board

It is time for a change in the leadership of our local school board. The current BORED members have served since the early 2000's. They will not be going anywhere soon unless we as citizens invite them to leave.
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Tax the rich

Jeff Bezos will become hundreds of thousands of dollars richer in the time it takes you to read this letter.

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COVID triage

Three MD’s wrote a recent guest opinion pleading for people to get vaccinated. “People’s lives put in jeopardy for thrill of fair.” (S-R Sep 15). They wrote: “people will die of COVID and some people, through no fault of their own, will die because they are unable to get into the hospital when they have a heart attack, stroke, or are involved in a motor vehicle accident.”
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Chalich for CVSB

It is indeed an honor and pleasure to endorse Stan Chalich for position #5 of the Central Valley School Board. I had the opportunity to work with Stan for more than 30 years of his illustrious career at Central Valley High School. During that period of time Stan taught all three of my children in his history and civics classes. Whenever I talk to him, he asks about how they are doing.
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No to infanticide

America has a terrible history concerning human rights by pretending that others not like us are not fully human – millions of indigenous people were considered “savages” and slaughtered, blacks were 3/5ths human and enslaved, women were not man’s equal and denied rights. Let’s not repeat our error with unborn children.
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A time for reflection

Lately I have been reading all the reasons that folks in Spokane have created to keep their anti-vaccine status.
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Health care rationing

A woman with a possibly cancerous lump in her breast, another woman and a man, both of whom need surgeries involving their gallbladders, are all having their health needs put on hold because foolish, unvaccinated individuals with COVID have been given priority.
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Nethercutt is exactly right

I recently saw an op-ed (Aug. 31) by former U.S. Rep George Nethercutt on the need for a competitive energy market. I felt the need to chime in. Nethercutt is exactly right. As the energy landscape changes, we need to ensure that we have the best tools available to meet those challenges.
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Cargill and Walther got it wrong

Are you tired of excessive summer heat and the smoke and destruction of wildfires? Of traffic-clogged streets and lack of parking? Of pedestrians and cyclists being injured and killed by motor vehicles (four in 12 days recently)? Of breathing problems from chemical and particulate pollution?
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Eliminating hospital overcrowding

Here is a solution that will get all hospitals in Washington back to normal rates within their ER’s, ICU’s, bed occupancy and once again allow doctors and nurses to treat the people needing cancer surgeries, brain tumors removed, heart conditions and the like.
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Time running out for library funding opportunity

Spokane loves its libraries and voters have shown support by approving a bond to build three new libraries and renovate four libraries. We’ve just completed two projects at Hillyard and The Hive and the dividends of this investment will be seen in our community for generations to come.
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Hypocrisy is innate

Is it possible for any of us to recognize our own inconsistency and hypocrisy? It is apparent on both sides of the aisle, as seen in the stances taken by many: A — on the Right) the government has no right to tell us what we can/must/shouldn’t do with our bodies. B — on the Left) the government can/must/should make and enforce mandates or laws that protect public health.
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Whatever it takes

I am personally in favor of whatever it takes to get people vaccinated under our current Covid-19, -Y, -MU, or whatever virus infection and spread.
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An easier way

On the 9/11 anniversary, I wonder what those sacrificed would tell us about our COVID epidemic. Would they tell us to take a deep breath of life because we may never again have a chance to do so? Is political loyalty really more important than a individual life?
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Back in the same boat

Call me callous -- I really don't care -- but at this point in the pandemic, I am blaming the unvaccinated and anti- vaxxers for the predicament our state has once again found us in.
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Be responsible

As a Vietnam combat veteran who fought to preserve our freedoms and while performing that duty put my freedom on hold for over five years, I staunchly believe in our freedoms as citizens. But I also believe we as citizens have responsibilities that accompany those freedoms.
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Jess Walter a national treasure

I was very pleased to learn that Jess Walter won the Washington Center for the Book Award for fiction for his novel, "The Cold Millions." And I was equally pleased to see that the SR made it front page news (even if it was the Saturday, online only edition).
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Needlessly suffering

This past weekend I was visiting my friend, standing in his front yard, we see his dad and stepmom's car come around the corner. In the driver's seat was his stepmom and it didn't appear as if Dad was along for the ride! When she pulled in Dad was sprawled out in the back of her SUV.

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