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Coaches overpaid

State university football coaches being the highest-paid state employees is absurd. Football-loving taxpayers have looked me in the eye and decried this or that tax, all while defending the obscene salaries of coaches, who, by the way, simply try to move a ball down a field.
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Lead pollution a moral issue

The Bunker Hill Mining Company in Kellogg, Idaho, went bankrupt in 1981, creating our nation's largest Superfund (cleanup) site. The mine continues to pollute at the site of the mine and downstream from Kellogg to Spokane. Lead leaches into the Spokane River from the mine and repositories like the one at the Cataldo Mission. The EPA's move toward loosening the cleanup requirements will only increase the danger by allowing mining corporations to pollute at higher levels.
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Smart meter charge unneeded

Bravo to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission for nixing the sale to Hydro One (Avista may seek another "white knight," Dec. 7).

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Forest mismanagement facts

It always amazes me at how stupid/biased liberals and the media are, their stance on global warming causing the forest fires is ridiculous.
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Gonzaga’s terrible message

I am extremely sad and disappointed with Gonzaga University's recent decision to reject the request of a student group to allow Ben Shapiro to speak on campus, especially in light of its previous decision to allow Angela Davis, a known terrorist, to appear on campus. Having earned both a law degree and an MBA from Gonzaga, I have been a continuing supporter of the university.
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True meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas! These are words that helped ring in the holiday season ever since I was a child. Now, in my mid-'50s, it seems like these words have become offensive to some. Public and private use of the term seems to have diminished over the last decade for fear of offending someone.
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Albi vote was incomplete

For all of the chitter-chatter about where to put the new sports stadium, it should be noted that there is one major point people are missing.
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Falling through the cracks

Most of us panic at the thought of losing our cellphones. Now take a deep breath and try to imagine losing all of your possessions not once, but several times each year. Not only your phone, but your identification, money, clothing and sleeping gear.
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The Fake News cult

Trump says the press is the "enemy of the people" yet he constantly makes appearances on Fox News. He has even hired many individuals from Fox News to work in his administration.
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Our soldiers’ plight

Thank you for your front-page article on Sunday ("Grieving parents publish their son's journal," Dec. 2). It was poignant and heartbreaking, but a critically necessary reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by those who have volunteered to go in harm's way to preserve our country's safety and security.
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Planned Parenthood complications, priorities

A law in Idaho requiring that abortion providers report complications that may have arisen after an abortion is causing concern for Planned Parenthood. According to the Idaho Press ("Attorneys ask for temporary stop to Idaho abortion-reporting law, Sept. 19, 2018), the law requires information limited to age, race, live births and number of prior abortions of any patient who received an abortion and suffered complications.
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Teach the unskilled

There are 7 million job openings, but many can't be filled because candidates aren't technology literate. Better education is needed in high school that challenges students to become technology literate. For the unskilled, what's needed is for politicians to create jobs at the city, county, state and federal levels with a $15 wage. Unskilled candidates that are homeless, on welfare, are out of work or are tired of playing video games, watching "Oprah" or "The View" might be candidates.
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A win-win-win on climate

The Spokesman-Review on Nov. 27 highlighted the National Climate Assessment findings of growing and extreme climate change dangers in every region of the U.S. and the necessity of acting now. Climate change is a human issue, no matter the party or region.
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Climate change “sources”

Anyone else getting tired of all the global warming narratives? I've read and watched videos from both sides of this story, and the issue is muddled at best. Much of what we believe depends on which source resonates with you. If you choose to believe the "government" sources, then certainly climate change is a true threat. However, if you look into those sources, you might find that these "government" sources are not reliable. My sources paint an entirely different picture on global warming and have actual data and documents to back it up.
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Albi serves its purpose well

Here we go again. 60 percent of the voters said to leave Joe Albi alone, but the facilities district president says that this was just an advisory vote and they will build a downtown stadium anyway. Will no one stop them, probably not!
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An unclear message

I am not sure how to interpret Clay Bennett's editorial cartoon from Nov. 28. Is this intended to be a humble reminder that we all come from migrants and we should be thankful for our forefathers braving crossing the Atlantic on the Mayflower?
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Council’s end-run

Barely a month after an election to raise money for Spokane schools and libraries the City Council now realizes they need more money for police officers and firefighters. Why wasn't this on the ballot in November? Who could have realized that a sanctuary city that provides no sanctuary (i.e., lack of warming shelters for the homeless) would need more police officers? Maybe they realized that if they asked property owners to increase their taxes all at once that it would be too much to ask.

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