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HB 1706 ignores SSI

I am the parent of an adult with a disability, and I oppose HB 1706/SB 5753. I believe everyone deserves a living wage, whether or not they are disabled, but HB 1706 won't accomplish this.
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Support long-term care act

The Long-Term Care Trust Act (HB 1087) has passed in the state House and is now moving through the Senate. I urge you to support this bill. Why? Because this will develop a public long-term care insurance that people will be able to use to care for their spouse, partner or family member if they should need care. This will prevent the family from using all their savings to pay for the care and also save the state money as families will not have to use state-paid Medicaid as soon.
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Waffling over time change

I've heard that the state legislature is considering staying on daylight saving time. They've voted to mull over the concept and that there will be a referendum on the November ballot. As a previous letter I wrote pointed out, representative democracy means we want our elected officials to take stands. While others might be confused about how that works, it matters.

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CDC doesn’t sell vaccines

I would like to say that one of my favorite pastimes while I have my morning coffee is to read the letters to the editor. I especially enjoy reading letters that have different viewpoints from my own ... they make me think. My politics are very much centrist. I do lean a little liberal but am willing to accept good solutions to problems no matter from where they come.
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Stuckart’s contradictions

It is really rich to read about City Council President Stuckart complaining about government overreach by the Clean Air Agency regarding asbestos control on remodeled buildings. From attempting to tax railcars passing through Spokane, enabling homeless blight, sanctuary for illegals, mandatory helmet laws, etc., he has been nothing but government overreach and control of citizen's personal responsibility.
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A choice is always lost

Multiple outbreaks of viruses previously thought eradicated have now reared their ugly faces in Washington. This begs the subject of vaccination and its health concerns.
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Second Amendment is clear

"We The People ...", perhaps one of the most quoted phrases of the preamble to the United States Constitution, would seem to indicate that each and every one of us, all inclusive and as individuals, and without exception, come under the protections and guidance of this great Nation's foundational document.
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What is ‘fake news’?

What does Leonard Pitts mean when he states "...if Fox wants to be treated like a legitimate news organization, the mandate is simple. Act like one."
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Give us a voice

There is again talk about separating Eastern Washington from Western Washington, forming a new state of Liberty. (I prefer Columbia, but anything is better than what we have now.) No matter how the east votes, the West Side decides how things will go because of population. My vote does not count - nor does yours!
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Handicapped but still blessed

I was born at home to an 18-year-old woman in Chanute, Kansas, on July 13, 1943. I was born with a severe harelip, and cleft palate. My mother was told by the doctor that I was the ugliest baby, and it would have been better had I been born dead. My mother ordered the doctor out of the house, and told her mother to never let him in the house again.
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You can’t always wait

You are in a car accident. You or a family member has a life-threatening arterial bleed. The victim has less than 60 seconds to live before they bleed out. An untrained Good Samaritan runs up to your car and offers to apply direct pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. Do you accept, or do you say you'd rather wait for the highly trained paramedic who is 5-10 minutes away?
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Don’t stop with Trump

It has become abundantly clear that Democrats are asking questions about possible criminal behavior of Donald Trump and his entire administration, along with numerous close advisers, that have never been asked in the two years that Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Yet it has been hard to avoid the strong indications of illegal activities that have surrounded this president both before and after his election.
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Exposing the bloat

I very much appreciated Shawn Vestal's article about the increase of administrators at WSU from 208 to 1,999 over a twenty year period ("WSU's administrative bloat," March 10, 2019). EWU has had a similar increase. In the 1970s, early in my teaching career, administrative costs were ten percent of the personnel budget, and they were more than fifty percent when I retired in 2008. I believe a like expansion has happened at all other universities.
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“Extreme” wasn’t always so

How times have changed! Current Democratic presidential candidates' proposed policies labeled "extreme" by Republicans today were actively mainstream when I was young. Examples:
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Fix Washington state, Jay

We have so many things here in our state that Jay Inslee could focus on rather than wasting his (and our) time running for president.
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Idaho’s conservation record

On Feb. 27, the League of Conservation Voters released its 2018 National Environmental Scorecard. It scores members of Congress on their voting record on conservation issues.
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Life, sold for profit

Our Constitution guarantees each American the right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." The first of these, life, is being sold to corporations whose mission is to profit, and is driven by greed and apathy.
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Nazi name-calling

In response to a recent letter ("Dems convinced me," Steve Brixen, March 11), there is no disagreement that Rep. Hank Johnson compared Trump to Hitler.

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