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Fluoridation works

I did my dental training in Indianapolis. When I moved to Spokane I was shocked at how many kids had decay or white spots on their teeth compared to the kids in Indianapolis. The only difference being, unlike most of the rest of the country we do not have water fluoridation. When I share this with colleagues from other parts of the country they laugh in disbelief that we don’t have this decades-proven, safe, effective prevention measure for our children. What is worse is that non-fluoridation hits low income and minority communities the hardest as they are too often the least able to obtain dental care.

Open your Bibles

I am stunned how the American public and the world are hanging on every word that Bill Gates states regarding the coming vaccine.

Too much to ask?

My father, part of the greatest generation, grew up during the Great Depression. After years of enduring that tragedy, he answered the call and put his life on the line to defend our country against the evils of fascism. Despite being shot down four times, he was one of the fortunate to survive and return home.


A teacher’s two cents

Friday, March 13, 2020 is a day that I will never forget. It is the day that I was informed that I had to prep my students for six weeks of distance learning that begins on Monday. 48 hours to gather all of the materials that each student will need and learn these brand new, never before used ways to organize, present the lessons and gather completed work. I know it wasn't perfect, or even ideal, but we did it. I know that as a parent there were times that it was confusing, very frustrating and overwhelming. I want to remind you that we only had 48 hours to prepare and learn.

Insure the police

Millions of taxpayer dollars are paid out to settle wrongful conduct and/or death claims from police budget. Just like doctors must have malpractice insurance, I propose that police also carry liability insurance individually.

Wake up, America

Undercover of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, there is a concerted, coordinated, and well-funded campaign to overthrow our form of government. It really hasn’t been about George Floyd for some time. The demonstrations and violence you have seen are designed to promote a socialist or even a communist system. Sadly, a large portion of the Democratic establishment is going along, apparently hoping for short term election gain.

How does Cathy do it?

I suspect that Trump would approve of any mail-in vote that is for him. He says that absentee ballots, like he and Pence and a lot of other White House staff use, are somehow good, but other vote by mail methods are bad. But an absentee ballot is indistinguishable from a mail-in ballot; that's exactly what it is.

Speak up for change

Joe Heller’s “toon” for August 4th succinctly shows part of the great debate in Congress surrounding the next relief package. (Spokesman-Review, August 4, 2020)

A false narrative

The guest opinion on August 2 regarding the pandemic shutdown of Slidewaters in Chelan ("Slidewaters owners: Our outrage is genuine") makes a number of statements that are wrong.

A plea from an inmate

We are under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s not getting any better any time soon. The courts and jails shall be closed with the exception of infamous and/or capital violent crimes.

Hatred upon hatred

Hate is one of those words whose meaning depends on context. One might say “I hate your hatm” whereas, “I hate blacks” has a much greater level of intensity. Rightfully, protesters are publicizing the hatred some have for others.

It’s time to restart

According to recent news releases, the restrictions to contain COVID-19 have had little effect. They're now enacting more stringent restrictions and enforcement; it won 't help. They're now running an intensive media campaign to convince themselves and the public that the restrictions are working. News reports on the spread of COVID-19 tell a different story.

Time for progressive taxes

As a local parent and member of MomsRising, an organization that represents thousands of moms and working families throughout this region and state, I agree there are better options to respond to the COVID-19 economic crisis than trying to cut our way out of it.

Training our police need

I have listened to concerns about "Killology" training that the Spokane County Sheriff's Office had now postponed. I finally googled this training and found the website. The website says in part, "killology focuses on the reactions of healthy people in killing circumstances (such as police...) and the factors that enable and RESTRAIN killing in these situations."

What about the parents?

I am a working parent of two kids, 4th- and 7th-graders. I understand the issues with reopening schools due to COVID-19 and am in full support of wearing masks, social distancing and the like.

Worst administration yet

I am writing to rebut Rob Leach's letter ("It's we the people," Aug. 2). He regularly states how Trump has made the economy so great -- actually, he inherited it from President Obama. Since COVID has made its ugly appearance, the economy has fallen into the abyss. The GDP is now a record low of -32.9% and another 1.4 million Americans have filed for unemployment. So, he can't say the economy is Trump's greatest strength. Far from it.

Dams and extremists

My ears perked up when I was listening to a Cathy McMorris Rodgers ad today. It was something to the effect that she wouldn’t be like those “extremists” who want to take down dams in the Pacific Northwest. What is her definition of extremist? Three and a half years ago, Donald Trump promised to keep the coal industry alive and well, in spite of the incredible damage to our air and health. Cathy didn’t speak up then to extreme polluters, or his support of them.

Democrat conspiracies

Rob Leach ("It's we the people," Aug. 2) et al. feel compelled to shamefully politicize people dying & losing jobs & businesses due to COVID.

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