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Your Outdoors Photos: February 2020

The Inland Northwest is full of flora, fauna, waters, scenery and active people out to savor it all. Please visit this gallery regularly to share photos of your wild experiences, learning moments, hot discoveries, favorite trips. Help us build a visual tour of what's so great about the outdoors in this region through all four seasons. This photo gallery will be an inspiration to some people. To others it will be a reminder of why we love to live here -- and get outside as much as possible.

NOTE: Before photos show up in the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks for participating!

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Photos in This Album

  • Wood Ducks - Loon Lake, WA March 27, 2020

    Photographer: M J Lovell

  • Dr Gregory Roth is seen taking pictures with his antique camera of the Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State park. End of February.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Adolescent moose. We froze as it trotted by us. Close to Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute. February 21, 2020.

    Photographer: Mark Hurtubise

  • A Long-eared Owl flushes from very dense brush they roost in thick brush or trees during the day time and hunt open country in early morning or evening the long feather ear tuffs that are not really ears are not visible in flight. On the West planes taken Feb 12 2020

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • Dry Falls Panorama February 18, 2020 Dry Falls State Park The vista of Dry Falls and contemplating the mega floods that formed it are awe inspiring. It's also nice to visit when the temperature isn't triple digits.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Every year we wait for the first harbinger of spring, the Buttercup, to poke its pretty yellow face out and reach for the sky. Yesterday spring started! Seen near Marshall, Cheney area, 3rd week of February.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Snowy Owl Waterville Plateau, February 18, 2020 We actually saw six different snowy owls on this trip, all on private property at distance. This is about the best telephoto shot I could get of one.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • The coyotes this year seem very well fed and healthy. See along Grove Road mid- February

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Heron Strike Turnbull, February 10, 2020 We spent a lot of time observing this Great Blue Heron's hunting ability. He slowly stalked the muddy shallows for some small prey, and would strike with great speed and accuracy! Note the splash as his head enters the water. I couldn't identify what he was feeding on, though; whatever it was, it was rather small.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Searching for Food Turnbull, February 10, 2020 I wasn't sure just what this Blue Heron was finding to eat, but it required hunting skills, and wasn't very big.\

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Mated Pair Turnbull, February 10, 2020 Everybody was out enjoying the first sunny day we've seen in quite a while. This resident pair of swans drifted quite close.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Swan Closeup Monday, February 10, 2020, at Turnbull After all the gray dreary weather, a nice sunny day to get out. The two resident swans at Turnbull drifted particularly close this day.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • White Tail Deer - tongue out

    Photographer: Jim Schmitz

  • Cow elk in the mist out on the Turnbull wildlife refuge fog and a light rain. Feb 7 2020

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • For the birds well maybe!!! there were 4 mule deer at our bird feeders in Cheney this afternoon I thought they might come up on the deck to see what else was on the menu. Cheney W.A.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • The Indian Canyon Mystic Falls in the Palisades Park/Indian Canyon area are a beautiful hidden gem. The ice formations make them exceptionally beautiful at the beginning of February.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • "Winter Colors" - This photo was taken by Errol Cunningham on January 28, 2020 three miles north of Davenport Washington on Highway 25.

    Photographer: Errol Cunningham

  • Redtail Hawk at Sky Prairie Park

    Photographer: Jim Schmitz

  • Sky Prairie Park - juvenile redtail hawk

    Photographer: Jim Schmitz

  • Varied Thrush (Lxoreus Naevius). Beautiful male eating sunflower seeds under Maple Tree in my backyard. Photo was taken in March 2019. This male only stayed about a month and was first and only time I have seen this bird. Hope you enjoy.

    Photographer: George Coutts

  • It is a never ending battle trying to outsmart a squirrel from feeding on the bird food. He won today with his athletic body stretch. taken near Cheney, January 28.

    Photographer: Cindy Miller

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