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Your Outdoor Photos: September 2020

The Inland Northwest is full of flora, fauna, waters, scenery and active people out to savor it all. Please visit this gallery regularly to share photos of your wild experiences, learning moments, hot discoveries, favorite trips. Help us build a visual tour of what's so great about the outdoors in this region through all four seasons. This photo gallery will be an inspiration to some people. To others it will be a reminder of why we love to live here -- and get outside as much as possible.

NOTE: Before photos show up in the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks for participating!

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Photos in This Album

  • Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) Taken Oct. 17, 2020 at 5:05 PM in the Spokane Valley.

    Photographer: Don Berkowitz

  • A stately Bull Bison gives me the once over on a fall morning on the Nat Bison range North of Missoula Montana. Late September 2020

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • A small bull elk has a late lunch on a very pretty afternoon on the Nat Bison Range Southwest Montana late September.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • No false eye lashes on this pretty lady as she batted her pretty eyes at me the other day on the National Bison range. End of Sept Nat Bison Range Montana.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • A rafter of turkeys discussing whether to fly over and see if the grass really is greener on the other side of the Little Spokane River in Colbert. September 2020

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • A lovely day kayaking on Twin Lakes north of Rathdrum, ID. This time last year it was cold and snowing!

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • A lovely day kayaking on Twin Lakes north of Rathdrum, ID. This time last year it was cold and snowing!

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • One of the sweetest voices that often goes unseen, the Northern Waterthrush (in the warbler family) getting ready for a winter vacation in southern Mexico. Early September morning in Hauser.

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • This photo was taken in August in our yard. The Praying Mantis really likes the Spiraea plant.

    Photographer: Michelle Wilson

  • North Fork of the Cd'A River on a smoky day last week

    Photographer: Jane McDonald

  • A Black Widow spider found in a pile of rocks in the Marshall area middle of September

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Seeing the mountainous season of cold ahead, frogs are contemplating their next move of setting up camp in the mud. In Hauser the past month.

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • Some things just start to happen, smoke or no smoke, on the Turnbull wildlife refuge as these two bulls begin to spar with one another. Sept. 18, 2020.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • A smoky confrontation on Turnbull wildlife refuge. The smoke is not damping the start of the fall ritual as these two bull moose begin to push one another around. Sept. 18, 2020.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • From Rimrock Drive, a pall of smoke smothers downtown Spokane.

    Photographer: Matt Schmitt

  • Farm on Betz Road in Cheney seen through the smokey haze mid September.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • These two young buck deer travel brazenly around the populated areas of Cheney, not the least bit afraid of humans. Seen mid September.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Sun in today's smoke

    Photographer: Dan Petek

  • I was waiting for a friend under a weeping willow at Manito Park when I heard some tapping above me and found this Pileated Woodpecker, North America's largest woodpecker, searching for insects. Sept. 5, 2020.

    Photographer: Kari Monagle

  • Early September on the Centennial Trail just below Spokane Falls Community College, a wasp's nest hanging from a single twig - an architectural masterpiece. Made from chewed up wood and the wasps' saliva this paper-light ornament was about 8 inches in diameter.

    Photographer: Mark Hurtubise

  • Appears bold but very shy, a juvenile Pileated Woodpecker in Hauser developing his famous red cap (Pileatus mean "wearing a cap").

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • The moose was enjoying the abundant tree leaves among the tombstones in the cemeteries along Government Way, Spokane during the second week of September. Periodically making eye contact with him, my wife and I were his distant companion for over a half an hour. He had the largest antlers we have seen since moving to Spokane 15 year ago.

    Photographer: Mark Hurtubise

  • Abandoned barn in Adams County. Shot by moonlight

    Photographer: Robert Salsbury

  • A flock of about 15 Red Winged black birds have discovered the feeders and come in for breakfast and then again for dinner. Seen beginning of September near Marshall.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • "I think mom's looking." My wife Sandy and I found these three mule deer fawns just having fun out of mom's sight on a recent trip to Southwest Montana. Late August.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney W.A.

  • The ever-mischievous otters of Hauser Lake on a cool September morning.

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • Bull moose hanging out in the late morning of Sept. 5 in north Spokane off Shady Slope Rd.

    Photographer: Garith Krause

  • This Northern Rubber Boa (Charina bottae) Snake is the second of this type of snake we have seen this year. The first being on the Liberty Lake Trail earlier this year. They are a non-venomous very slow moving snake. This was seen near Cheney at the end of August.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Monotropa uniflora. Common name Indian-Pipe. Photo taken at Mt.Spokane State Park on trail 120.

    Photographer: Rich Leon

  • The Osprey Diner Nine Mile Falls, WA September 2020

    Photographer: Colleen Smith

  • Not quite full moon sneaking into town at 7:38pm this evening. The full moon is tomorrow evening. This was taken Aug 31, 2020 from my bedroom window in Kendall Yards.

    Photographer: Sharon Lindsay

  • This hummingbird moth was fascinating to observe. I felt privileged to witness its maneuvering behavior among the flowers, very similar to a hummingbird's ability to hover among the blossoms. Four Lakes, WA. August 2020

    Photographer: Cindy Miller

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