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National Pet Week: Submit your pet photo

Pets are man's best friend and, currently, the best quarantine companions. Celebrate your pets during National Pet Week, from May 2-8, with The Spokesman-Review by submitting photos to our gallery below. Be it cats, dogs, barnyard animals or scaly reptiles, all pets are welcome. Images will be accepted through May 8, so check back to see photos of your and others' pets.

NOTE: Before photos show up in the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks for participating!

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Photos in This Album

  • 12/18/2022 ,her namee is LUCYBELL , she is on her couch in my home.

    Photographer: Patty Winters

  • Wearing my LSU outfit for baseball season

    Photographer: Paula Fontenot

  • Noah's Ark covered up on a cold winter night.

    Photographer: Paula Fontenot

  • Noah's newest polo shirt. At home posing for the camera. He's always ready to take pictures and he is also very photogenic.

    Photographer: Paula Fontenot

  • Meet Noah's Ark dressed in his new polo shirt

    Photographer: Paula Fontenot

  • Щенок двортерьера на кухне, на любимом диванчике. Возраст 3,5 месяца. Фото 10.01.2022

    Photographer: Вячеслав

  • Josie

    Photographer: Mary Jo Stauner

  • We are not sure but we think he is a jack Russell Terrier And his name is spot.

    Photographer: Jalen Ratliff

  • My little buddy Raylan taken out back on our deck. He is a one year old Golden Doodle and ...everyone Loves Raylan!!!❤❤❤

    Photographer: Michael Johns

  • My daughter's cat Oreo playing hide and seek with my camera...adorable feline!

    Photographer: michael forster

  • Sunny the duck photo bomb of Blu the dog, Spokane Valley, Easter 2021

    Photographer: William Cobb

  • This was taken last year june 2020 after a much needed day in the mountains Hatchi is a husky/pit mix with a far out personality✌

    Photographer: Kari Scott

  • Pend Oreille River - Kayak Adventures! These two are my "ride or die" adventure buddies, always ready for what's next. "Lucy" (left) & "Scout."

    Photographer: Logan Belleque

  • This was taken in Ruby's living room in Spokane, WA where she lives with her family, Mark, Dana & Alyssa.

    Photographer: Dana Divine

  • Hank, a perfect day...sunshine and his toy!

    Photographer: Melissa M.

  • Stewart and Haley boating on lake Roosevelt . Both were Rescues from Scraps.

    Photographer: Angie

  • Bella and Penny Rose at Rocks of Sharon hiking this winter.

    Photographer: Chris Danforth

  • Here is our Sammy getting ready for a winter walk. She loves her walks with her Momma, Linde.

    Photographer: Alex Renner

  • Lucy at the lake.

    Photographer: Dave Ogle

  • Josie, Colbert, WA May 2021

    Photographer: Margo Virden

  • Milo Spokane, WA May 2021

    Photographer: Margo Virden

  • Another Treat? Tiger at home looking for more popcorn 😃

    Photographer: Laura Dooley-White

  • Maddy & Scout Palm Desert, CA February 2019

    Photographer: Margo Virden

  • Sunshine ☀️, Cat, Bella dog 🐕, took over Papa’s leather recliner. Coulee City, Washington

    Photographer: David McWalter

  • This is my senior bichon, Tiger at home!

    Photographer: Laura Dooley-White

  • Checking out the backyard fountain.

    Photographer: Kerri Davenport

  • Holly relaxing in yard. She was adopted from the Humane Society in April 2018

    Photographer: Angie Petticrew

  • Siblings Chip and Cali at home.

    Photographer: Jill Dolle

  • Long day...

    Photographer: Sean Bresnahan

  • PICK ME PICK ME!! We rescued Jaxx at Scraps in Oct. 2017

    Photographer: George Petticrew

  • Thirsty boy!

    Photographer: Anna Bresnahan

  • Henry's Lake State Park, Idaho 2018

    Photographer: John Van Haalen

  • Rebel, our 18 year old Cockatiel. We rescued him when he was three. He is so sweet, anything but a rebel .

    Photographer: Francie Bradasich

  • Timmy our 19 year old, Timneh African Grey. Timmy is talker he loves to talk.

    Photographer: Francie Bradasich

  • Naptime for Jackson

    Photographer: Kathy Hansen

  • Miss Maya is ready for her birthday party

    Photographer: Lorin westerman

  • Buck in the backyard with his frisbee!

    Photographer: Rory French

  • Ollie Snow gets a neighborhood wagon ride in Spokane in 2020. Ollie has arthritis in his front legs.

    Photographer: Yvonne Lucero

  • Ollie Snow just hanging out on our deck in Spokane. Summer 2020

    Photographer: Brad Snow

  • General Zod waiting for a little kick-ball.

    Photographer: Scott Lewis

  • Gossamer Monster playing fetch.

    Photographer: Scott Lewis

  • My dog Livy with my son’s Blue Heeler Abby in my backyard.

    Photographer: Kerri Petersen

  • Soaking up the sunshine. Taken at home. 2021

    Photographer: Sally Tressel

  • This is Max. Picture was taken in 2013 in my living room.

    Photographer: Doug Zwischenberger

  • "Gracie." Picture taken in 2014 on my bed. {Where else?}

    Photographer: Doug Zwischenberger

  • THREE DOG TUG This is Mr. Magic playing with his girlfriends Olivia and Sophie Camilla Mounts However I am not the owner of any of these dogs. I just have the big yard with a fence and the need for pet therapy.

    Photographer: Camilla Mounts

  • Susie. She loves to retrieve anything a person will throw for her.

    Photographer: Marilyn Simon

  • Daisy. One of the best dogs most people have ever known.

    Photographer: Marilyn Simon

  • The first serious snowstorm of 2020. Just inside on the couch like we usually are, after I get home from work

    Photographer: Brian Knutson

  • Enjoying the snow on Moran Prairie.

    Photographer: Lisa Meiners

  • Ida in the back yard.

    Photographer: Dennis Meiners

  • Cooper sitting on mom’s recliner, earlier this year in our living room

    Photographer: Dave & Renee Collingham

  • So many toys, so little time. This 8-week old lab puppy is a busy boy. Meet Huey!

    Photographer: Cindy Miller

  • Lacy & Huey May 5, 2021 Lacy is busy training our new puppy, Huey. She's a good teacher.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Mr. North

    Photographer: Julie Westbrook

  • Wyatt taking a summer time ride with his grasshopper googles

    Photographer: Holly Hansel Warner

  • Duke, looking like king

    Photographer: Holly Hansel Warner

  • Piper watching the world go by....

    Photographer: Holly Hansel Warner

  • Zorro on the couch

    Photographer: Holly Hansel Warner

  • Goddard 😅💕

    Photographer: Gwennyth Chambers

  • Outlaw Calvin riding in his Harley Sidecar

    Photographer: Diane Hobbs

  • Mr. Cooper, feral cat tam d by our daughter. Not sure how old he is.

    Photographer: Steve Bradasich

  • Fiona, 15 year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix. We adopted her after my mom passed away 3 years ago. Sweetheart if a pet😊

    Photographer: Francie Bradasich

  • Taken at home in 2020. Best buds and twins. Blaze (cat), Jack (dog).

    Photographer: Sheryl A. Lawson

  • Sammy is about 11 years old. She is a "Cheweenie" (May not be spelled right) She loves her "Momma" (My wife Linde) and loves walks with her.

    Photographer: Alex Renner

  • Monkey 18 months old. chilling in his basket

    Photographer: Tzena Scarborough

  • Joey’s photo was taken at home on his pillow next to his life-long favorite toy May 4, 2021.

    Photographer: Cathy Caskey

  • Lilly’s photograph was taken at home on March 31,2021 next to her human dad.

    Photographer: Catherine Caskey

  • ATKA enjoys RZR riding in the mountains around Yuma

    Photographer: Ray & Geri Hamilton

  • At home in Reardan

    Photographer: Ray & Geri Hamilton

  • Jake, the border collie, meeting Laddie for the first time.

    Photographer: Brigitte and Michael Doherty

  • This Rosie, a 5 year old boxer that rules her kingdom with loving kisses. Taken in our back yard on April 24th.

    Photographer: Donald Barnett

  • Scout and Maddy enjoying the winter in Palm Springs.

    Photographer: Doreen Robbins

  • Maisie and Felix...doing what they do best!

    Photographer: K Thompson

  • This is Maisie Mae laying in her favorite basket at home. Greenbluff, Wa.

    Photographer: K Thompson

  • Tobi on top, Morphie on bottom. Enjoying their condo in their "catio". Both are rescue kitties, both are loved and spoiled, but very appreciative.

    Photographer: Max & Sheila Carson

  • Maximus - 1 yr old Boston Terrier - Taken February 2021 at the dining room table using an iPhone 12 in portrait mode. Spokane Valley

    Photographer: Theresa Meyer

  • Our 3 year old rescue dog, Mia, enjoying the sunshine outside on a beautiful day in Spokane.

    Photographer: Kristi and Rob Curley

  • Cooper loves to smile

    Photographer: Lynn Noland

  • Rufus(dog) & Sylvester(cat) relaxing outside

    Photographer: Stuart Grineau

  • Dog's Name: RinTinTin (alias "Rinty") From Rescue Home Deb McKee North Spokane April, 2021

    Photographer: Cal McKee

  • Earl and Lilli road tripping!

    Photographer: Kerri Connors

  • Melody lounging on the carpet here at home in Spokane Valley about the end of April, 2021!

    Photographer: Jacquelyn Dibble-Robinson

  • This is Maggie Mae she has on new “jammies” her aunt bought for her. She is in our house at Hartline, WA

    Photographer: Sheila Poe

  • Leo, 2020, at home (Marshall WA)

    Photographer: Margie Heller

  • Jasper, 2017, at home (Marshall WA)

    Photographer: Margie Heller

  • Maizie loving life zooming through the snow at Slavin Pond Park, winter 2019.

    Photographer: Barbara Nelson

  • Maizie enjoying a warm sunny day in her aunt’s Seattle backyard last summer.

    Photographer: Barbara Nelson

  • Thus is Maverick, a 10-year-old mix, enjoying a hike at Riverside State Park in 2019.

    Photographer: Yvonne Leach

  • PIP looking for trouble

    Photographer: LINDA ROACH

  • The boys! Doc (15 yrs) and Finn (9-1/2 months)

    Photographer: Mary Rohner

  • My Patriotic "Monkey" on Veterans Day 2020. Looking out into the yard. Remembering ALL Veterans. Some Gave All, All Gave Some. taken by Tzena M. Scarborough, US Army Veteran

    Photographer: Tzena M. Scarborough

  • My best buddy, "Monkey" lounging on the back porch after he had slipped out the door and spent a night outside. He now weighs 14lbs. Taken October 2020 by Tzena M. Scarborough.

    Photographer: Tzena M. Scarborough

  • 6-month old Pomeranian Zoey and friend, photo taken 4/15/21

    Photographer: Chris Sheppard

  • Joey, Queen Ginger, and Lucy (with her little stuffed manatee friend in front of her) enjoying a sunshiny spring day in March by the front door of our home in Spokane.

    Photographer: Jenny Edgren

  • Jimmy just had his 1st birthday. He is a rescue kitten from a CA kill shelter. He thinks the microwave makes a good bed.

    Photographer: Sara Updike

  • Jasper last Christmas

    Photographer: Sarah Hayes

  • Our Goldendoodle Jasper waking from a nap.

    Photographer: Sarah Hayes

  • Charlie enjoying Paws In the pool at Mission Park 2019.

    Photographer: Sarah Hayes

  • Charlie’s 10th birthday taken last May

    Photographer: Sarah Hayes

  • Levi taken in Spokane

    Photographer: Donna Foreman

  • Jasper Blue taken in Spokane.

    Photographer: Donna Foreman

  • Mellow Slow & Cleese our barn-cat....

    Photographer: Mary Peterson

  • Puppy while Covid-Sheltering. Corrine- very busy!🌞

    Photographer: Kyle Peterson

  • Our little baby girl

    Photographer: Adam nyquist

  • This is our Bernese Mountain Dog, Bruce! He is living his best life this springtime, feasting on all of our Maple tree leaf buds. He even kept one on his nose - a little snack for later.

    Photographer: Molly and Colton Litzenberger

  • We were enjoying a Seahawk game. Cally is a fan, too.

    Photographer: Kim Coltrin

  • Chloe and Bella all tuckered out from playing at home 2 weeks ago.

    Photographer: Carol Haegele

  • My home at Christmas.

    Photographer: Virginia Ann Utley

  • Cooper, February 2020, Four Lakes. We turned the horses outside to clean the stalls on a cold snowy day, and Cooper was urging us to hurry so he could come back inside!

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • My home at Christmas

    Photographer: Virginia Ann Utley

  • Lacey, September 13, 2018. Lacey is a Lab/border collie mix rescued from the pound! She's the perfect trail companion.

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Winking at me.

    Photographer: Steve Hanson

  • Patches in Lincoln Park, May 1, 2021.

    Photographer: Linda Martin

  • Maxwell March, 2021 Four Lakes This is Maxwell's obituary picture. He was put to sleep two weeks later suffering from a degenerative neuro problem that left him unable to walk. After 13 years of faithfulness, he is missed!

    Photographer: Gary Miller

  • Brogan is relaxing at home on the nice cool floor. He is a blue Goldendoodle and is 4 years old.

    Photographer: Cindi Durgan

  • Marty and Freddy earlier this spring looking out the window in our livingroom, in Spokane Valley.

    Photographer: Addy Hatch

  • Odie at home showing off his treat around Christmas

    Photographer: Kathy Large

  • Taz Taken at home a couple days ago. Looking to go outside and play.

    Photographer: Rick Colon

  • Harley at home waiting for his morning treats.

    Photographer: Rick Colon

  • Fabulous five doodles!

    Photographer: Tracy Hansen

  • Ladino

    Photographer: Pam Sturbaum

  • Petra the Parti Poodle

    Photographer: Pam Sturbaum

  • Bronson and Petra go for a ride.

    Photographer: Pam Sturbaum

  • Mr. “Duffy” McDuff watching the world go by.

    Photographer: Georgia Spencer

  • Hooch on parade.

    Photographer: Don Albright

  • Turner on His couch 5/26/2013

    Photographer: Don Albright

  • Turner and Hooch carp fishing at Marcus Island campground on Lake Roosevelt.This was taken 5/30/2019

    Photographer: Don Albright

  • Our happy boy Marley Charlie! 4/26/2021 in South Perry District, Spokane

    Photographer: Shelby Thomson

  • These are two rescue dogs at home in Liberty Lake. The black one is Curley, a poodle mix we got in Jan. 2020 from Panhandle Animal Shelter in Ponderay, ID. The tan one is Buddy, a shih tzu mix we got in Feb. 2015 from a groomer in Liberty Lake who rescued him privately and made him adoptable. We also have a pomeranian, Alfie, pictured elsewhere. Curley is the oldest; we think he is about 10 years old. We think Buddy is about seven.

    Photographer: Judy Kotar and Tom Berry

  • Willy enjoying Las Vegas!

    Photographer: Marilyn Simon

  • Photobombed by some ducks! This is my 11-year-old Yellow Lab named Happy and the photo was taken on the Centennial Trail near E Upriver Dr. Happy is a therapy dog that visits patients at Shriners Hospital and CancerCare NW.

    Photographer: Patti Livingstone

  • Alfie is a pomeranian adopted in winter 2020 from Thompson River Animal Care Shelter in Montana after we saw his photo on Petfinder. His paperwork said he was two years old and he came here from Korea. We don't know if he got lost there or was surrendered here. He is a smart, active little dog (10 lbs) who is alert to every noise in the neighborhood and barks so we know about it too.

    Photographer: Judy Kotar and Tom Berry

  • Bridget at our cabin in Rhododendron, Oregon

    Photographer: Laurae Sather

  • Gus and Bridget relaxing on the deck.

    Photographer: Laurae Sather

  • Penny enjoying Cinco de Mayo 2021 with brand new squeaky toys from The Yuppy Puppy.

    Photographer: Shannon Kestell

  • Meadow romping through a favorite swamp on our property. I zoomed in and caught her free happy spirit - always makes me smile :)

    Photographer: Barb Brock

  • Baby Great Horned Owls always show up on our property each year. WE love them...but the birds don't?! Happily, all the wrens in this nest box survived :)

    Photographer: Barb Brock

  • This is Ranger. He lives on the River in Post Falls. When it snows, he likes to blend in with the scenery.

    Photographer: Lori Humphrey

  • Valentine’s day

    Photographer: Melinda Jewell

  • Max. Chilling on the bbq.

    Photographer: Aaron Fletcher

  • Look what I can do now! Bernie the Corgi puppy. Our back patio 5/4/21

    Photographer: Stewart Maxson

  • Ravi likes to relax and does it well.

    Photographer: Laurae Sather

  • This is Milo, a rescue kitten that we fostered from SCRAPS In September. He weighed less than 1 pound when we got him. We have since adopted him.

    Photographer: Becky Kramarz

  • This is Cooper, taken while lounging around at home.

    Photographer: David Vogel

  • This is Charlie helping me in the kitchen. He loves whipped cream.

    Photographer: Susie Sowell

  • Bullet our rescue dog meeting our granddaughter. 2019

    Photographer: Michelle Briggs

  • Static getting the best of Crosby as he tried to bury his bone in our couch circa 2012.

    Photographer: Michelle Briggs

  • Our rescue dog Bullet at an adoption event in Texas circa 2014.

    Photographer: Michelle Briggs

  • Goofing off at home.

    Photographer: David McQuillan

  • Alfie and Mo hoping for food to fall from our plates.

    Photographer: Lisa Brown and Brian McClatchey

  • 3-month-old Corgi, "Jo-Z," likes lying in the sun on her back.

    Photographer: Bill Morlin

  • Gilbert and Bentley, early spring time

    Photographer: Miranda Davis

  • Eddie our big tomcat on the kitchen counter taken a couple months ago.

    Photographer: Kathleen Keller

  • This is a portrait of the cat, PG, taken in North Adams, Massachusetts several years ago by the talented, Adam Shanks.

    Photographer: Katie Eastman

  • Wasn’t sure this perennial would come back this year.

    Photographer: Laurae Sather

  • Kato and Noodle in their binky, Feb. 9, 2018

    Photographer: Ginny and George

  • Stash (Beagle) feeling good...

    Photographer: charles wisowaty

  • Spokane pups Finley the Goldendoodle and Lanie the Golden Retriever soaking up the rays on the Oregon Coast.

    Photographer: Michelle Sidles

  • Tank

    Photographer: Hollie kile

  • Diesel

    Photographer: Hollie kile

  • Dex and Diesel

    Photographer: Hollie kile

  • Double Trouble!! Nikki and Diesel

    Photographer: Hollie Kile

  • Lilly snoozing on her favorite quilt.

    Photographer: L Miller

  • Saphire

    Photographer: Jeannie Kile

  • Betty posing with a gift of flowers, on a visit to California, in March.

    Photographer: Caryl Eagle

  • Bodie at one year

    Photographer: Ken Clement

  • Our boy, Charlie, smiling in the backyard. May 2020

    Photographer: Sam Hernandez

  • Our boy, Charlie, smiling in the backyard. May 2021

    Photographer: Sam Hernandez

  • Laying in her favorite chair.

    Photographer: Michael Dawson

  • Our boy, Charlie, smiling in the backyard. May 2021

    Photographer: Sam Hernandez

  • Maggie & Elsa

    Photographer: Echo Wilske

  • nine mile falls about feb 21 2021

    Photographer: stephen sala

  • At home in Reardan

    Photographer: Ray & Geri Hamilton

  • Bathroom, winter 2020

    Photographer: Anthony Dinaro

  • This is Lilly, Christmas, 2019.

    Photographer: L Miller

  • Maximilian loves to sit up in the dining room chair and wait for us to walk by, scratch his head, and of course, feed him. Piercing eyes and a plaintive face usually results in his desires being met by the humans he keeps...

    Photographer: Craig Weddle

  • Getting ready for Halloween.

    Photographer: doug roberg

  • Mason at Monument Valley, our vacation a few weeks ago.

    Photographer: Liz Krizenesky

  • Buddy in his bed.

    Photographer: Amy Turner

  • King of the House. Spokane 2018

    Photographer: Mary Butts

  • February 2021 he left us shortly after this. But he was always such a happy boy ❤️🌈

    Photographer: Sherry Davidson

  • Smokey, a Russian Blue cat, is the King of our household!! We adopted him 3 years ago from a friend in Montana. He used to be an outdoor cat in Montana but he is now an indoor cat at our house. Much safer! We adore this guy!! 💙

    Photographer: Kay Mohr

  • Spokane Valley April, 2019

    Photographer: Rebecca Hart

  • This is Goddard’s natural way of sleeping 😅💕

    Photographer: Gwennyth Chambers

  • A Calm Moment -- Ollie, Roxie and Bella, 10/2018

    Photographer: Terry Erickson

  • Moki in his RV (Liberty Lake)

    Photographer: Kathy Gibbard

  • Sammy hanging out with the neighbor lady while her people are out of town.

    Photographer: Becky

  • Midas - first glimpse of snow Feb 2021

    Photographer: Amanda Knez

  • Zooey loves helping with puzzles!

    Photographer: Kathy Harper

  • A rare picture when my boys, Diggle and Diesel, are being photogenic at the same time. They love car rides!

    Photographer: Becky

  • Palm Springs 6 months ago

    Photographer: Claire Peak

  • Elly wants to travel!

    Photographer: Kathy Harper

  • Photo was taken in Palm Springs like six months ago..

    Photographer: Claire Peak

  • This is Ziggy.The picture was taken about 5 years ago in my backyard in Millwood.

    Photographer: Doug Zwischenberger

  • Buddy was reading the Bible in Yuma Arizona in early March. He passed away the end of March.

    Photographer: Steve Gump

  • Chip & Dale, 9 month old brothers, Spokane, April 2021, Salli & Jim Sledge

    Photographer: Salli Sledge

  • This is Basil at back door wanting in, picture taken on March 18, 2016.

    Photographer: James F. Vroman

  • 4/18/21 At our home. We called her name any she perked right up!

    Photographer: Jenna Nyquist

  • Rosie turns one year old (12/2021)

    Photographer: Larry Reid

  • Zoey - new puppy for us!

    Photographer: Tom Knudsen

  • My girls make me breakfast!

    Photographer: Mary Naber

  • Scout in bed (April '21)

    Photographer: Tammy Reid

  • Laser focused!

    Photographer: Terri Echegoyen

  • Louie and granddaughter Jade race to the dog food bowl. Spokane April 2021

    Photographer: Leyna Bernstein

  • Louie is a Chihuahua mix who loves to burrow under blankets. This was taken at home in Spokane in Nov 2020.

    Photographer: Leyna Bernstein

  • Putts relaxing at home

    Photographer: Catherine Dixon

  • Cooper at Coeur d Alene Lake. Chelsie love to smile.

    Photographer: Lynn Noland

  • Zor enjoying the views at Palouse Falls. Spring 2021.

    Photographer: Shae Blackwell

  • This 9 year old Milo on a walk in Mirabeau park

    Photographer: Nancy Sempek

  • Frodo - our brand new beagle puppy

    Photographer: Danny Moering

  • At home getting ready for bedtime

    Photographer: Bob Wong

  • Photo of my dog, Dufus, taken in my backyard in Spokane in the spring of 2002.

    Photographer: Paul Luppert

  • Say hello to Kona! She's a miniature goldendoodle weighing in at 32 pounds. She is very social and loves to play fetch, chase and keep away. Photo was taken in late 2020 in Spokane, Wash.

    Photographer: Kevin Dudley

  • Gertie on guard at home

    Photographer: Janet

  • Leo has the entire back seat to himself when we travel!

    Photographer: Stan Wright

  • Kahlua enjoying the snow at home

    Photographer: Janet

  • Fergus and Gracie Spokane, WA 2018

    Photographer: Connie Christilaw

  • Leo resting on his way home from a long hike in the woods!

    Photographer: Stan Wright

  • Chico's 15th birthday November 28, 2020; our home in Cheney, WA. He's a sweet little chipoo that I inherited from my mother-in-law 3 1/2 years ago!

    Photographer: Janet LaFever

  • Loki & Darwin chillin at home @ 2018

    Photographer: Elaine Hedge

  • Duke and I were camping down in Arizona and he makes sure to watch my every move in the morning.

    Photographer: Dave Paul

  • Penny in our front yard

    Photographer: Dianne Mahaffy

  • This is my boxer Cosmo, he is 5 years old, taken in my parents backyard a few weeks back

    Photographer: Rachel Geno

  • Bailey Barlow being silly. Spring 2021 Spangle WA

    Photographer: Toni Nersesian-Barlow

  • Spangle WA Summer 2020

    Photographer: Toni Nersesian-Barlow

  • Riley an Finnegan waiting politely for dinner.

    Photographer: Martha Fleming

  • Leo and Grandson Lucas became best buds on our post-vaccination camper visit to Santa Cruz in March 2021.

    Photographer: Meryl Gersh

  • Toretto is our Chin Mix.

    Photographer: Loretta Bombino

  • Arina, our little Pomeranian.

    Photographer: Loretta Bombino

  • Lexi, our German Shepard with Big Ears!

    Photographer: Loretta Bombino

  • This picture of Maggie (my beloved Springer Spaniel) was taken in the heart of Spokane between the River and the Centennial Trail. It is hard for some to believe we can run with our dogs in the wilderness and still be within a mile of the Spokane City Center!

    Photographer: Fred Corbit

  • Tyson is a 12 year old that wandered into our lives about 11 years ago. He is very sweet and loving part of our family.

    Photographer: julie wiens

  • Rowdy being a happy boy.

    Photographer: Brynn

  • Oscar -- The Cat About Town

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • Oscar in the garden.

    Photographer: Rick Fredericksen

  • You woke me from my nap. Ziggy 2013 Lived 22 years

    Photographer: Vicki Deschaine

  • Go away! Gypsy July 2015 Lived 19 years

    Photographer: Vicki Deschaine

  • Apparently I can grow a cat! April 2019

    Photographer: Vicki Deschaine

  • I just adopted Lily Grace and I couldn't be more excited to start our furever-journey together. Welcome home sweet girl.

    Photographer: Cherie Marshall

  • If you don't talk with your cat about catnip, who will?

    Photographer: Jeff

  • Who over-watered my phalaenopsis?

    Photographer: Jeff Pugh

  • This is Shelby and Darby 2 years and 6 months, we are English Springer Spaniels and we are playing in our yard after a grooming session.

    Photographer: Lindsey Mahar

  • Eli on one of the High Drive bluff trails, spring 2016.

    Photographer: Karen Harkins

  • Nia (Neeya) Our German Shepherd pup 9 weeks old Pic Taken last week Nine Mile Falls

    Photographer: Debbie Montague

  • Shay and Rowdy getting ready for the game

    Photographer: Brynn

  • Shay napping on the couch

    Photographer: Brynn

  • Bella Joy, our 2 year old half siamese is a very independent sweet girl. Taken in April 2021.

    Photographer: Jan Loreen

  • Foo always has to hold my hand. Taken 4/20/21 in my living room

    Photographer: janet culbertson

  • Our Bloodhound Bentley

    Photographer: Kristina

  • Mr Rusty, our 2 year old siamese/tabby. Loves to sun himself on our deck swing. Taken April 2021

    Photographer: Jan Loreen

  • Holly, our 12 year old border collie. Taken recently relaxing at home (Spokane)

    Photographer: Jan Loreen

  • This is our 2 English Springer Spaniels in our front yard Shelby and Darby

    Photographer: Lindsey Mahar

  • Belle- 12 year old lab from Spokane

    Photographer: Sandi

  • Lucy- 10 year old Chuggle from Spokane.

    Photographer: Sandi

  • Bee and a painting of Bee, Spokane (Carol Vanhoff)

    Photographer: Carol Vanhoff

  • Boscar in the driver's seat, Spokane (Dennis Vanhoff)

    Photographer: Dennis Vanhoff

  • Boscar in the driver's seat, Spokane (Dennis Vanhoff)

    Photographer: Dennis Vanhoff

  • This was one taken on one of our trips to Greenbluff for peaches last year. Brody and Bailey are Aussie's.

    Photographer: Holly Hansel Warner

  • Molly Brown at Diamond Lake

    Photographer: John & Cathy Akins

  • Rick Oliver, a very laid back cat, relaxes. March 2020 during the Pandemic.

    Photographer: Patty Haag

  • Theo, enjoying a cozy fall morning at home in Deer Park.

    Photographer: Jeanne Powers

  • Satya, my Pudelpointer on the South Hill Bluff, 2016. We go there often and she loves it.

    Photographer: Patty Haag

  • Maisie the mini golden-doodle entices a pal to play fetch. November 18, 2020, Spokane.

    Photographer: Julie Riddle

  • This is Shelby and Darby are English Springer Spaniels in our front yard in March

    Photographer: Sally Mahar

  • Everybody loves Snacks!

    Photographer: Steve and Vicki Hertz

  • Shelby and Darby Our pups at play in our front yard in March.

    Photographer: Sally Mahar

  • Shelby and Darby Our pups at play in our front yard in March.

    Photographer: Sally Mahar

  • Toby Taylor chilling out. Taken Nov. 2020 in Spokane, WA

    Photographer: Sheri Taylor

  • Dexter at the lake 2020

    Photographer: FRED BOZANICH

  • Horatio is a green cheek conure! This is at his cage at our home!

    Photographer: Shari Davis

  • Max, always ready for a walk!

    Photographer: Aubrey and Willow Palmateer

  • KC the Cat, at home - watching over her domain.

    Photographer: Susan Bierig

  • Fernie enjoying the tall dead grass in February 2021 along the Spokane River.

    Photographer: Kimberly Marchant

  • Molly camping after her Bloomsdog run. Lake Spokane Campground May 4 2021

    Photographer: Barb Stuebing

  • Pet photo. Shay (Jack Leininger).

    Photographer: Jack Leininger

  • Sugarbear the Beagle She had a rough start in life and had to be bottlefed. She is now over a year old and doing well. Photo taken Feb 2020

    Photographer: Lorna Boydston

  • Sugarbear the Beagle She had a rough start in life and had to be bottle-fed. She is now over a year old and doing well. Photo taken Feb 2020

    Photographer: Lorna Boydston

  • Sugarbear the Beagle She had a rough start in life and had to be bottlefed. She is now over a year old and doing well. Photo taken Feb 2020

    Photographer: Lorna Boydston

  • Larry cat chumming squirrels in the back yard.

    Photographer: Vicki Moore

  • Fergus The Cat Taken at home @ Feb 2021

    Photographer: Lorna Boydston

  • Modoc. Going to the beach!

    Photographer: Shyann Morton

  • Modoc going to the beach!

    Photographer: Shyann Morton

  • Mavis hopeful for a better Seahawks season!

    Photographer: C. Hansen

  • JoJo in the historic downtown Genesee Building in 2020

    Photographer: Lydia Fraze

  • My Havanese Sonny, taken March 2021 at Spokane River beach just north of Peaceful Valley walking bridge.

    Photographer: Alice Galeotti

  • Meira waiting for her treat.

    Photographer: JanisNelson

  • This is meira waiting for her treat. The photo was taken on April 20th in our family room.

    Photographer: JanisNelson

  • Ruthie Bader Ginsberg

    Photographer: C. Hansen

  • Jaxson enjoys his new home in Spokane in April 25, 2021. Two months earlier, he was in the care of the Spokane Humane Society.

    Photographer: Garry Matlow

  • Cooper, the chef’s little helper 10/12/2019

    Photographer: Linda Fairhurst

  • My great dog taken about 10 year’s ago. Spokane Wa.

    Photographer: Jim

  • Patti keeping watch 02/01/2020

    Photographer: Linda Fairhurst

  • This is Calvin, this taken at my daughters house up on the Pandora River 2016

    Photographer: Gary keller

  • Gimli the Whippet

    Photographer: Caitlin Bagley

  • Paige

    Photographer: Colleen Ann Davis

  • Charlie

    Photographer: Colleen Davis

  • Desi shows off her trick-or-treating costume & her ploy for getting lots of treats!

    Photographer: Vickie Sienknecht

  • At the Browne's Addition dog park, April 20, 2020.

    Photographer: Chris Cook

  • James and Rocky Coeur d'Alene Pandemic pals

    Photographer: Joan Sample

  • Sasha is an Alaskan Malamute Husky, 10 years old. She was sleeping behind the flowers. When I called her name she stood up and I took the picture.

    Photographer: Walt Doellefeld

  • Sasha is an Alaskan Malamute Husky, 10 years old. She was sleeping behind the flowers. When I called her name she stood up and I took the picture.

    Photographer: Walt Doellefeld

  • Look at my teef!! (Taken in Spokane this winter)

    Photographer: Liza Mattana

  • Charly likes to sleep in small containers. Photo taken on desk in my home office.

    Photographer: Kim Hagerty

  • George in the recycle bin. Most likely place to find my missing cat.

    Photographer: Pattie Felland

  • Ginger sniffing Lenten Roses, Spring 2019, Chapel Hill NC

    Photographer: Nancy Lund

  • Flower’s first bath

    Photographer: Brenda Barratt

  • Pisco puppy! Named after our quarantine cocktail of choice, the Chilcano de Pisco

    Photographer: Katie Dull

  • Labrador Retriever Tikka at Christmas Spokane Valley

    Photographer: sean brewer

  • We’re quietly waiting for Pickleball to be over.

    Photographer: Anne Cowles

  • Elvis looking like Slash, at home.

    Photographer: Chrissy Ruiz

  • Elvis at home in the kitchen, waiting for treats❤️

    Photographer: Chrissy Ruiz

  • Winston says there's never enough sunshine. Taken first week of May.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Maggie loves a good motorcycle ride... this one was a few years ago somewhere in Whitman County.

    Photographer: Marilyn Wigen

  • This is Noel, our sweet Snowshoe Kitty who is love in a fur coat.

    Photographer: Linda Joe Bruno

  • Stan & Leonardo love morning sunshine, ABBA music...and each other. Spokane Valley, May 2021

    Photographer: Debbie Selzer

  • Miss Maizie Coeur’s first birthday.

    Photographer: Andrea Frye

  • Griffey & Princess Leia explore technology , March 2021 Spokane Valley.

    Photographer: Eli Selzer

  • Rocco adopted our family a few months ago & has captured our hearts. Spokane Valley, 4/2021

    Photographer: Debbie Selzer

  • This is Bella. This photo was taken in 2018 in Spokane valley.

    Photographer: Kaitlyn

  • Meet foster sisters Ashley and Gicle’e, adopted 12 years ago. They live with their faithful servants, Del and Diane Morissette in Nine Mile Falls. May 3, 2021

    Photographer: Diane Morissette

  • Taken four months a part Rudy and Ralphie always together.

    Photographer: Olivia Moore

  • Our family portrait showing how they all 3 hang out together.

    Photographer: Olivia Moore

  • My new Ragdoll cat, Gracie, making herself at home. (April 2021)

    Photographer: Cindy Omlin

  • This is Onyx (age 10 months) on Xmas day.

    Photographer: Jeana Swanson

  • Opal Bean loves to snooze like a hooman. Spokane, WA

    Photographer: Kristen Ximmer

  • Bohdi ..2 year golden doodle enjoying lake Coeur d' Alene last summer!

    Photographer: Shelley Moffit

  • Potted Pet

    Photographer: Ellen Lewis

  • Miss Molli, Morgan mare. Echo Valley Ranch Horse Boarding! Deer Park!

    Photographer: Jan

  • Annie chilling on her new deck bench! Loon Lake

    Photographer: Jan

  • This is Leny in Huntington Park with the beautiful Monroe St. Bridge in the background taken April 28th.

    Photographer: Jackie Caro

  • Taken at Deep Creek in April 2021 during Balsamroot season.

    Photographer: Jenni Cochran

  • This is Jessie, a border collie who is pictured in the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska. She’s the inspiration behind Jessie’s Pantry, a small zero-waste dog treat business. (

    Photographer: Alex Angerman

  • Sophie likes to pirate a treat whenever possible!

    Photographer: Michele Mulkey

  • My 12 year old Clarice and my 18 year old Siamese Hannibal. Hannibal was the worst name for him since he’s afraid of everything, even his own shadow!!

    Photographer: Janis Goings

  • Sweet Potato the Pony is excited about grass. North Spokane County, WA.

    Photographer: Serena Carlson

  • Golden Retriever Breezy 11 months old at the Oregon Coast

    Photographer: Shirley Anderson

  • Sweet Tender Moment!!💖❤💖❤💖❤ 😂Not exactly.... Kona, my 1 yr. neutered male GSD puts up with alot!! Bunny FooFoo the 6 mo. female corgi doesn't give him a moments rest..ALONE!! I took this in my home in Rosalia,Washington 5/1/21

    Photographer: Sherry Burnham

  • Ranger, the chocolate lab, at home on New Year’s Day.

    Photographer: Judy Crabb

  • Baby Bear plays fetch, bringing her favorite ball back to our TV room a few weeks ago in Spokane.

    Photographer: John Webster

  • Here is Toast, sunning herself at home in early April ‘21.

    Photographer: Nicole Gustavsen

  • This is Queen Samantha “Sammi” for short. Taken in Spokane about 8-9 years ago

    Photographer: Sharon Doyle

  • “ Do not disturb.” Luke under the covers, winter 2021, Spokane Washington.

    Photographer: M. J. Corliss

  • Nicki from CDA loves to rock. She hopes to make the cover of Rolling Bone magazine!

    Photographer: Stan Mulkey

  • Our Lil Bit and Leon seatbelted in and ready for a car trip.

    Photographer: Janis Goings

  • My Cheddar Biscuit boy. He chose me, and I'm so glad he did.

    Photographer: heidi Weaver

  • Bringing home our new puppy, Kono.

    Photographer: Jean Kelleher

  • Roxie Rae is my tri Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    Photographer: Vicki Magee

  • Our rescue Ovie and our adopted Shiba Inu, Lord Stanley....just relaxing at home.

    Photographer: Janet MacFarlane

  • My Ralphie, at home.

    Photographer: Linda Ball

  • Arthur is my 2020 Covid lockdown puppy. This picture was taken in late September on his three month birthday in our backyard in Peaceful Valley.

    Photographer: Cara Reidy

  • Noah’s Ark dressed up to go to the Poodle Kennel to visit with his friends Katie, Jolie, and Haley.

    Photographer: Paula Fontenot

  • Photo was taken by Allen Scott in Liberty Lake WA in February 2021. Dorie, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, was trying, unsuccessfully, to get a tennis ball from her taller Doodle cousin Jessie.

    Photographer: Sue Binger

  • This is a picture of Apollo. He is our Boxer/Labrador mix who is about 1 1/2 years old. He loves to sit on the couch and make himself look as comfortable and adorable as possible. Photo taken March 2021.

    Photographer: Lenna Bonilla

  • The weather is warmer and our old cat Stella loves relaxing in a porch flower pot!

    Photographer: Karen Stratton

  • Buddies hanging out at home.

    Photographer: Bonnie

  • This photo was taken two summers ago in Manito Park at the English gardens.

    Photographer: Rachel Labish

  • This is Pixie she lives in Cheney and has just had her First Birthday.

    Photographer: Jim and Beth Valentine

  • Stash , my 7.5 yr old beagle... Having a good day out & about Riverside State Park mid May 2021...

    Photographer: Charles Wisowaty

  • Our boy Max waiting for his favorite toy to be thrown in Spokane, Washington. Photo taken 2/20/21.

    Photographer: Brian Orne

  • Tuckered out, happy puppies on a hike somewehere...

    Photographer: BARBARA SKOOG

  • Gizmo is a rescue pup who loves her tummy petted! On her couch in Coeur d Alene April 2021

    Photographer: Lisa Bilich

  • Dusty was enjoying a beautiful fall day and watching for squirrels last year on our deck.

    Photographer: Alan & Lisa May

  • Sophie - Border Doodle - Taken last summer on the Spokane River in Liberty Lake.

    Photographer: Roy Powers

  • Lilybean the smiley dog.

    Photographer: Julia McCuen

  • Berger, the loud mouth cat, is displaying her noisiest qualities in Spokane, WA in 2019.

    Photographer: Joe Haeger

  • Winston the goat LOVES to nap in the sunshine! Taken in Marshall end of April 2021

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • This is Ruby, relaxing on the couch. It was taken about 3 months after she arrived to our house from a schnauzer rescue group.

    Photographer: Marti Daniels

  • Twins!

    Photographer: Jo Randall

  • The cone of shame!

    Photographer: Jo Randall

  • Sneaks is mad.

    Photographer: David D.

  • Chaco enjoying life in the snow storm of the century in Red Rock, Nevada.

    Photographer: Sean Stoops

  • Online developer Jack Phelan's Chihuahua, Ollie.

    Photographer: Jack Phelan

  • Mystic Happold, daughter of Spokesman-Review audience engagement editor Madeline Happold, is fierce and fabulous in her spiked collar, a Christmas gift from her mother. Mystic was a pandemic pet, rescued from the local humane shelter and is Madeline's pride and joy.

    Photographer: Madeline Happold

  • Reporter Kip Hill's Mastiff, Otis, and Tuxedo cat, Gypsy.

    Photographer: Kip Hill

  • Griffey, with S-R assistant manager editor Lindsey Treffry, poses in early April for the camera of copy editor Angela Schneider at Higgins Point in Coeur d'Alene.

    Photographer: Lindsey Treffry

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