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Your Outdoor Photos: August 2022

The Inland Northwest is full of flora, fauna, waters, scenery and active people out to savor it all. Please visit this gallery regularly to share photos of your wild experiences, learning moments, hot discoveries, favorite trips. Help us build a visual tour of what's so great about the outdoors in this region through all four seasons. This photo gallery will be an inspiration to some people. To others it will be a reminder of why we love to live here – and get outside as much as possible.

NOTE: Before photos show up in the reader photo gallery, they must be approved by an editor. If yours does not show up immediately, fear not. The only likely delay is that an editor has not had a chance to approve new photo submissions yet. Thanks for participating!

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Photos in This Album

  • PUFFED UP WITH PRIDE! This gobbler was parading for the ladies in our Rockwood front yard in the Spring. He's almost perfection. Perhaps they won't notice that he's missing one tail feather.

    Photographer: Claudia Smith

  • More from a backpacking trip in August 2022. The smoke cleared just in time for a cloudless astrophotography night. This was one a 1 shot photo, with the following settings: Aperture: F1.8 Shutter speed: 20 seconds ISO: 3200 Sony A7III, Sony 20mm F1.8 G lens

    Photographer: John Wehrer

  • Photo taken during a backpacking trip to Mt. Daniel and Peggy's Pond in the central cascades. The smoke. cleared just in time for sunset and made for some awesome views.

    Photographer: John Wehrer

  • This was taken by my great granddaughter who is 11 years old in Liberty lake on or about Oct. 15. her name is Sitara Doddarmstrong

    Photographer: Dick Dodd

  • Great Blue Heron Lake Spokane, August 30, 2022

    Photographer: Colleen Smith

  • This young cooper hawk was photographed in my backyard on the south hill one mile west of Ferris High School Thursday 08-18-22. Hamblen Park district is known to be a dense residential forest. All manner of wildlife reside here. He is now on his own and perfecting his hunting skills in pursuit of small birds and squirrels.

    Photographer: Jerry Rolwes (Difficult spelling, it is R O L W E S) Thanks

  • A peaceful early morning kayak to beat the heat on Chain Lakes near Elk.

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • Getting the "eagle eye" while kayaking on Chain Lakes near Elk.

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • Painted turtles sunbathing on Chain Lakes near Elk. One of my favorite things about kayaking our local lakes is observing the wildlife.

    Photographer: Carrie Dugovic

  • August smoky sunrise in Usk, WA

    Photographer: Steve Patton

  • Fawn in the woods, Usk, WA

    Photographer: Nia Patton

  • Butterfly on last blooms of unwanted thistles by most

    Photographer: Nia Patton

  • Summer fun on Flathead Lake

    Photographer: Nia Patton

  • Hummingbird nest off Indian Trail

    Photographer: Glenn Williams

  • This is a Great Gray Owl sometimes called the" old man of the Forrest" they are some 27 inches tall but weigh very little for their size just a little over 2 pounds. My wife Sandy and I found this one on August 4 2022 in Southwest Mt while on vacation.

    Photographer: Buck Domitrovich Cheney WA

  • This Calliope Hummingbird was photographed in the Spokane Valley on 8/12/22

    Photographer: Terry Sanborn

  • This frog and his buddies were chillin along the shore at Fish Lake mid August.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • Mama and baby moose in our yard on Spirit Lake - August 9 2022

    Photographer: Scott Simpson

  • Beautiful colors and reflections on the Spokane River at Riverside State Park on August 8, 2022.

    Photographer: Lisa Giegel

  • Geese on the Spokane River at Riverside State Park. August 8, 2022

    Photographer: Lisa Giegel

  • A little ragged but oh so beautiful! A Dragonfly sits among the reeds at Turnbull in the first week of August.

    Photographer: Melaine Williams

  • It’s nice to see the kids doing so well after our recent heatwave. Top picture is the same nest above the Spokane River from 2021’s June heat wave. Mom did her best but neither of 2 babies survived. Bottom picture is from August 2 this year. Everyone looking very healthy.

    Photographer: Rich Zywiak

  • The small, mighty and maneuverable often have the upper hand. This common defense tactic is called "mobbing". A much smaller bird swoops, dives and chases away a large predator. This can range from "noise-mobbing" to poking a predator in the eye. Besides scaring away the predator the goal can also be to distract from one's nest, let others know about the intruder and sometimes to show off for the females. Photographed near Hauser.

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • This Western Tiger Swallow Butterfly was photographed in our garden in the Spokane Valley.

    Photographer: Terry Sanborn

  • The last fragrant blooms of Syringa enjoyed by a yellow warbler fledgling. Photographed near Hauser.

    Photographer: Angela Marie

  • The Milky Way is photographed in the night sky above Big Creek on July 22, 2022, near Calder, Idaho.

    Photographer: Madison McCord

  • A kaleidoscope of butterflies surrounds a puddle of water after a rainstorm on July 6, 2022 at Big Creek outside Calder, Idaho.

    Photographer: Madison McCord

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