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Coronavirus 101

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Spotty sick leave policies limit options for avoiding virus

A barber in Beijing is supporting his wife and child by charging food and other expenses to a credit card while he waits for his employer’s shop to reopen. A waiter at a barbecue restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, washes his hands more often and hopes for the best. A parcel delivery driver in Britain worries about getting sick from the people who sign for their packages.

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What you should know if you’ve been asked to self-quarantine

As coronavirus concerns spur restricted travel and quarantine, questions are popping up about what it even means to be quarantined. Is everyone in quarantine infected? How does it work if you have roommates? Are you going to need the supplies you're tossing into your shopping cart?
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Masks vs. the coronavirus – fear sows confusion

Judging from the pictures of mask-donning people in Beijing, Tokyo, Milan – and now here in the Pacific Northwest – we should all be buying face masks to protect ourselves against the new coronavirus. In recent weeks, they’ve become a symbol of the epidemic’s spread around the globe. But it’s a symbol that largely belies the scientific consensus. “Seriously people – STOP BUYING MASKS!” U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams said in a tweet on Saturday.
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By decoding the coronavirus genome, scientists seek the upper hand against COVID-19

Those nucleotides conceal secrets of the virus’ past, including its origins, its passage among families and its journey to distant ports. They signal how long it has been at large and whether it can hide by infecting people who show no outward signs of illness. And they can point the way to medicines, vaccines and public health strategies that might bring a runaway crisis under control.