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Tribes Say Chenoweth Ignores Them Some Members Are Still Steamed About Her Remarks Last Spring

U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth is the only member of Idaho's congressional delegation who won't meet with Idaho's Indian tribes and ignores their concerns, tribal leaders said Monday. Chenoweth said in a recent interview she's willing to meet with tribes any time. "The only time anyone's number was left, it must've been a car phone or a cellular phone. There never was an answer."
News >  Idaho

Random Listing Proposed To Bring Order To State Ballots

Candidates who run for office all like to have their names listed first on the ballot. So Idaho taxpayers spend thousands of dollars every election to print up lots of different versions of the ballot, each with the candidates' names in a different order. Kootenai County Clerk Dan English doesn't think that makes much sense.

News >  Idaho

Kindergarten Bill Author Gets Lesson In Partisan Politics

Just how did it happen that the pet bill of one of the most powerful Republican committee chairmen in the Legislature got killed in the Senate? By one vote? Rep. Kitty Gurnsey, R-Boise, co-chairman of the Legislature's budget committee, isn't sure. "I was really shocked," she said.
News >  Idaho

State Will Administer Blood-Testing Program Bunker Hill Trust Fund Supplies Cash For Program

Federal funding is ending for screening lead levels in the blood of Silver Valley children, but a state-administered fund will keep the program going. Legislative budget writers on Friday approved a request to spend $10,000 from the fund to supplement the last $55,000 in federal funds for the 1996 screening. The screening is conducted each year by the Panhandle Health District.
News >  Idaho

Hint Of Change Seen For Local-Option Taxing

Legislation that would let any city or county in Idaho ask voters to impose a local sales tax died in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee Wednesday. But there was a glimmer of hope for North Idaho.
News >  Idaho

Panel Will Hear ‘Resort County’ Bill Tax Legislation Is Tailored Specifically For Kootenai County Economy

Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls and Kootenai County won a small victory Tuesday when a powerful legislative committee agreed to introduce their local sales tax bill. Lobbyist Chuck Lempesis gave the House Revenue and Taxation Committee a brief outline of the bill, which allows "resort counties" to ask voters to approve a special local sales tax. At least half the proceeds from the tax would go directly to property tax relief.
News >  Idaho

Bill: Rapists Can’t Claim Parent Rights Plan Proposed By Cda Lawmaker Also Limits Rights Of Killer Spouses

Two-time convicted rapist Shane McCloskey impregnated his 16-year-old victim, then tried to claim parental rights from prison and prevent the baby from being adopted. Rep. Jeff Alltus, R-Coeur d'Alene, doesn't want that to happen again. He proposed legislation Monday that would allow parental rights to be terminated in several situations, including rape.
News >  Idaho

Tucker Wants Assurance Of Water Quality

Idaho needs to make sure pollution from ASARCO's proposed Rock Creek mine in Montana doesn't damage Lake Pend Oreille, Sen. Tim Tucker argued Friday. Tucker, D-Porthill, proposed a legislative resolution calling on Gov. Phil Batt to work with Montana Gov. Marc Racicot to guarantee that Pend Oreille doesn't get polluted by the mine that would go in just upstream on the Clark Fork River. The measure would:
News >  Idaho

Boise Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Make Cfcs Legal In Idaho

A lawmaker from Boise on Tuesday persuaded a House committee to introduce a bill to declare chlorofluorocarbons legal in Idaho. The compounds, commonly known as CFCs, have been banned throughout the United States because they have been found to damage the Earth's protective ozone layer.
News >  Idaho

Committees Show Dorr The Way Out

It's been a tough couple of weeks for Rep. Tom Dorr. Dorr, R-Post Falls, introduced his first-ever bill, setting 25 mph speed limits statewide for residential areas. He meant to submit it to a committee, but accidentally got it introduced as a personal bill.
News >  Idaho

Health And Welfare Retreats From No-Visitation Policy

The state Health and Welfare Department is backing away from a memo sent to employees this month that appeared to order them not to visit the Legislature on their own time. "We certainly don't want to limit a department employee's ability to interact with the Legislature during non-business hours," said department spokesman David Ensunsa.
News >  Idaho

Nic President Makes Pitch For Money

North Idaho College needs more money to boost instructors' salaries, update library materials and remodel the historic Fort Sherman Officers' Quarters, President Bob Bennett told the Legislature's budget committee Thursday. But that's not all. The state needs to re-examine how it funds community colleges, in case the third of NIC's budget that comes from property taxes goes away, he said. The One Percent Initiative would eliminate that property tax levy, and other proposals have surfaced in the Legislature this year to reduce it. One would replace some of the money with a liquor tax surcharge.
News >  Idaho

Batt Taking Demo Bills Personally

Outnumbered Senate Democrats unveiled their legislative agenda Wednesday, but Gov. Phil Batt hinted he might block all their bills if the Democrats don't temper their criticism of his nuclear waste agreement. "It hardly bodes for cooperation when they bring up something purely political to try to embarrass me," Batt said in an interview Wednesday. "If they're going to attack me on a baloney deal, a purely political deal, why should I cooperate with them? The question has merely been posed."
News >  Idaho

Nic President Lays Budget On The Line For Idaho Lawmakers

A third of North Idaho College's budget is under attack, and the Idaho Legislature needs to decide what to do about it, NIC President Bob Bennett told a legislative committee Wednesday. "You're going to have to figure out a way to either stretch your dollars further, maybe tax people in a different way than they've been taxed before, or our local board is going to have to go to the students and say, 'Pay more,"' Bennett said.
News >  Idaho

Rep. Dorr Withdraws Divorce Bill

Rep. Tom Dorr withdrew his controversial anti-divorce legislation Tuesday, saying he hadn't thought of how it would affect divorces involving spousal abuse. "There's one glitch, and that's how the abused spouse is dealt with," said Dorr, R-Post Falls.