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Nov. 17, 2018, midnight
Heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house next week will undoubtedly trigger a few family disagreements at the Thanksgiving dinner table. If not over politics, over child-rearing.

News >  Spokane
Nov. 10, 2018, midnight
There’s a tough match-up next Tuesday evening in the boxing ring at the Howard Street Gym. No fisticuffs expected, only fact checking and flourishes of humor for the fifth edition of “Rhetoric in the Ring.”

News >  Spokane
Nov. 3, 2018, midnight
Health care reform has been a political slogan generator for over a decade. Repeal and Replace! Medicare for All!

News >  Spokane
Oct. 27, 2018, midnight
The contrast between Voters’ Pamphlet statements by U.S. Senate candidate Susan Hutchison and incumbent Sen. Maria Cantwell sparked more than a few jokes.

News >  Spokane
Oct. 20, 2018, midnight
The grassroots origin of the 1912 initiative and referendum process has been invaded by noxious weeds.

News >  Spokane
Oct. 13, 2018, midnight
It’s the 4th quarter and the game is tied. The red and blue teams are both looking to score campaign points with undecided voters, who will have to make the call when ballots drop next week.

News >  Spokane
Oct. 6, 2018, midnight
The Washington State Department of Archeology – Indiana Jones they’re not

News >  Spokane
Sept. 29, 2018, midnight
It’s been a gut wrenching week for anyone following the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and a teachable moment to discuss community norms and parents’ role in underage drinking.

News >  Spokane
Sept. 22, 2018, midnight
Accountants in private practice usually avoid wading into politics, at least not publicly. They can’t afford to, their clients cross partisan lines.

News >  Spokane
Sept. 15, 2018, midnight
Sign wars have been fierce in the 5th Congressional District campaign. Both sides are suspicious of an organized effort behind the thefts.

News >  Spokane
Sept. 8, 2018, midnight
Two years ago, Kris Maynard had an idea and a patent pending. Two months from now his patented product will be on the market and his dreams are bigger.

News >  Spokane
Aug. 31, 2018, 3:04 p.m.
It’s a great conversation nonstarter for Labor Day, but a good way to begin an argument. Mention how the complex web of labor regulations is driving the underground economy and you’ll be accused of wanting a return to sweatshops and child labor. Explain how President Franklin Roosevelt felt about public sector unions (he was against them) and clearly you support 18-hour workdays and unsafe working conditions.

News >  Spokane
Aug. 18, 2018, midnight
It takes guts for a bureaucrat to act decisively without clear policy as a safety net. Fortunately for a young researcher treed by wolves, somebody had guts.

News >  Spokane
Aug. 11, 2018, midnight
The dry reports of fire management can’t capture the flurry and swelter of the reality on the ground.

News >  Spokane
Aug. 4, 2018, midnight
There’s no question James Allsup is a white supremacist. His YouTube videos and writings are full of traditional white supremacist rhetoric that would have been found in underground newspapers a generation ago. The Spokane County Republicans denounced him in June with this statement over Cecily Wright’s signature as chairman: “His past statements, affiliations and actions are deeply out-of-step (sic) with the values of the Republican Party, as well as the values of the Spokane County GOP and our members.”

July 28, 2018, midnight
Sandwiched between a resolution on a $77 million bond proposal for library projects and an ordinance vacating an alley is a resolution declaring Spokane a nuclear-free community and calling for a day of remembrance on Aug. 6.

News >  Spokane
July 21, 2018, 5 a.m.
If you’re still waiting for your prescription refill authorization or a call back for a physician referral, it might have stalled on my mother’s kitchen table.

News >  Spokane
July 14, 2018, 4:45 a.m.
A one word substitution in last Saturday’s print edition of this column launched a lively social media discussion on fake foods.

News >  Spokane
July 7, 2018, midnight
Monday’s smorgasbord of questions to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Colfax was hosted by the McGregor Co., a supplier of seed, fertilizer, equipment and expertise to Palouse producers. Perdue took the stage and described his Georgia farmer credentials but made it clear he was there to learn what Pacific Northwest farmers have on their minds.

News >  Spokane
June 30, 2018, midnight
The political bands connecting us are fraying. Civil communication is unraveling and common ground is elusive.

News >  Spokane
June 23, 2018, midnight
Empathy is a poor guide for policymaking, according to Paul Bloom, professor of psychology and cognitive science at Yale University.

News >  Spokane
June 16, 2018, midnight
No more newsboys. Those intrepid boys (and sometimes girls) who delivered newspapers by bicycle and on foot in the early hours before school have disappeared.

News >  Spokane
June 9, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
James Allsup wasn’t “elected” a Republican Party precinct committee officer as much as some in the media want you to believe it.

June 2, 2018, 5:30 a.m.
It’s easy to convince ourselves that passing a law means a problem is solved, but not every problem is amenable to a legislative solution.

News >  Spokane
May 19, 2018, midnight
If the Seattle City Council had a mantra, it would be “most regressive tax structure in the country.” So last Monday the council voted unanimously to make it more regressive by passing a head tax.