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As Variety Would Say, ‘Heretics Nix Dix Pix’

Compiled By Staff Writer Rick Bo

The offices of a supermarket tabloid is probably one of the last places you would look for a strong sense of moral duty.

Yet that’s apparently what overcame the editors of the Globe when they not only refused to run nude photos of a younger Angie Dickinson, but actually returned them to her.

The steamy shots showed the former star of television’s “Police Woman” engaged in a threesome with ex-husband Burt Bacharach and another man.

“I’m stunned,” said Dickinson, now appearing in the film “Sabrina” with Harrison Ford. “I know who the photographer is, and I can’t believe he’d betray me like this.”

So why did she cavort for the camera in the first place? Explained Dickinson: “What can I say? I was high.”

Loose talk

Johnny Depp, on his image (in Bazaar): “I’m not trying to be Mr. Sensitive, I’m not trying to be Mr. Hardass, I’m not trying to be Mr. Cool. I’m just trying to maintain an existence and, you know, have a good time.”

And she’s still living her life in the fast Lane

Teri Hatcher turns 31 today.

Word has it he’s faster than a speeding bullet

Teri Hatcher’s “Lois & Clark” co-star, Superman Dean Cain, wrote the script for Sunday’s episode of the show - and just happened to include a rather sensuous scene between their characters. “They’ve never had sex, and they confide in each other, and he makes some very startling revelations,” Cain told TV Guide. “You know, he IS an alien.”

He’s going to keep milking it for all it’s worth

Harrison Ford, on the multimillion-dollar paychecks top actors pull down these days: “You know, milk and eggs have gone up too. Everything has gone up. It’s a reflection of the spiraling costs of doing business in any endeavor … Having said that, it is, of course, absurd the prices that are being paid these days.”

It seemed like a gem of an idea at the time

A 19-year-old baggage handler at Kennedy International Airport has been charged with rifling through the Duchess of York’s suitcase in the belly of a British Airways jet and swiping nearly $500,000 worth of jewels, wedding gifts from Queen Elizabeth II. A diamond-studded necklace turned up in a doghouse behind Gilbert Terrero’s home in Queens, while a matching bracelet was found in an airport locker.

Princess? To us, she sounds more like an angel

Meanwhile, Princess Diana has been spotted sneaking out of Kensington Palace in the middle of the night - but not to meet a clandestine lover. The News of the World reports that Di visits cancer patients at London hospitals as many as three times a week. “Some will live and some won’t. But they all need to be loved while they are here,” she said. “I seem to draw strength from them.”

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