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It Says A Lot About Livin’ And A Little ‘Bout Briefs

Compiled By Staff Writer Rick Bo

Since we already know about the president’s preferences when it comes to underwear, why not Alan Jackson’s?

Fruit of the Loom is sponsoring the country star’s new tour as part of a $40 million marketing campaign, which also includes ads of Jackson in T-shirts.

So what is it with him, boxers or briefs? “It’d be briefs. If I wore ‘em.”

White or colors? “White, of course.”

Who buys your underwear? “My mama used to buy them. Now my wife does, usually at WalMart or Kmart.”

Which is your favorite Fruit of the Loom: the apple or the grapes? “I don’t really know.”

What’s your most embarrassing underwear moment? “I can’t think of one. If I do, I’ll call you.”

Cynthia Kereluk, host of Lifetime’s “Everyday Workout,” on her recipe for fitness (in Total TV magazine): “Fill a sock with plastic bags of macaroni or lentils and pin it around your ankle. If you add water later, you’ve got lunch.”

If you ask us, his private life is his own business

Gay Talese turns 63 today.

And she’s still waiting for her end of the bargain

McCall’s magazine has agreed to a printed apology for an article in its current issue repeating old rumors that Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman to hide his homosexuality. In return for her hand, Kidman was allegedly promised an acting career.

It’s only cute so long as she keeps her clothes on

On Monday, which was Ronald Reagan’s 84th birthday, formerly estranged daughter Patti Davis told “Entertainment Tonight” that his Alzheimer’s disease has brought them closer together. Davis, star of a new nude Playboy video, is even on speaking terms with Nancy Reagan, who told her she wasn’t interested in posing for the magazine - “which I thought was cute.”

Applicants are always giving him snow jobs

Talk queen Oprah Winfrey is standing by her father, Vernon Winfrey, who’s being investigated by Nashville police for allegedly asking a 28-year-old woman for sexual favors in exchange for a school loan. The elder Winfrey, a barber, administers 10 scholarships set up by his daughter at her alma mater, Tennessee State University.

In their version, the real killer is named Bob

In case you missed the opening statements in the O.J. Simpson trial, MPI Home Video is releasing them in two tapes, each costing $15. Further updates are promised.

You couldn’t quite call it keen competition

CBS newsman Dan Rather, criticized for “lazy reporting” in Simpson’s new book, “I Want to Tell You,” is sticking to his journalistic guns. “I have no idea why O.J. Simpson doesn’t like me,” Rather replied. “This I do know, and the record will clearly show: No one in television has been as fair to O.J. Simpson as I have.”

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