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You’ve Not Seen Nothing Like The Fighting Quinns

Compiled By Staff Writer Rick Bo

You may have heard how Anthony Quinn’s son, Danny, testified in his father’s recent divorce trial that the actor abused him, his brothers and their mother.

What you may not have heard is that the younger Quinn went on to tell how that set the stage for him to batter his own former wife - actress Lauren Holly.

“I had a dysfunctional relationship with Lauren, whom I love to this day,” Danny Quinn said. “I would turn violent. I would grab her, I would punch her, I would kick her.

“It was awful. There were times I really wanted to hurt her.”

Quinn said he has called Holly to lend his support during her current split from her second husband, comic actor Jim Carrey. “If she ever needed anything,” he said, “I would be there in a minute.”

Loose talk

Sarah Ferguson, on temptation (in a vacation diary published in The Spectator): “With every smell, I smell food. With every sight, I see food. I can almost hear food. I want to spade the whole lot through my mouth at Mach 2.”

We’re giving you Tuesday’s birthday Wednesday

Tuesday Weld turns 54 today.

So, you could say Dodi’s out chasing booty?

The romance between Britain’s Princess Diana and Egyptian-born playboy Dodi al-Fayed has sparked some jingoistic feelings in both countries. “My only concern is that Dodi is a foreigner,” said Di’s stepgrandmother, Dame Barbara Cartland. Meanwhile, Arab journalist Fuad Nahdi exulted in The Independent: “You might hate and abuse us on the high streets and in alleyways. But our boys are cruising off with your biggest catches on the high seas.”

He’ll probably end up just puttering around

The aforementioned Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband, Prince Andrew, who retires from the Royal Navy in 1999, told a British television interviewer he has “a reasonable ability in golf, and that would be what I would most likely go into.” But a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman later insisted: “The Duke of York’s future career plans definitely do not include golf at a professional level.”

We imagine he probably cheats at golf, too

Word is that Kathie Lee Gifford flirted outrageously with actor Kevin Costner after he played a round of golf with her philandering hubby, Frank, leaving the sports announcer with nothing to do but toss his clubs in the air and walk away. And at their joint birthday party, she serenaded Frank with the Eagles song “Lying Eyes.”

Guess he should have been wearing a glove

Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden, slapped with a paternity suit by a former fling, says he doesn’t know if 3-month-old Tiffany Gaut is his daughter but that he has “taken Tiffany into my home, my family and my heart, and I will continue to do what in my judgment I believe is my best for Tiffany and all concerned.” If tests prove he’s the father, Darden says he’ll seek primary custody of the girl.

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