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Christmas Fund 1997 Roosevelt Fifth-Graders Open Their Hearts With Gift

Beverly Vorpahl Staff writer

The students in Wally Driscoll’s fifth-grade class at Roosevelt Elementary School voted to share $85 of the $200 they earned at the Family Fun Night last fall.

One student expressed the students’ sentiments especially well:

“I think that you are doing a very good thing for this very white season because some people do not have enough money to buy stuff for Christmas like a Christmas tree and presents.

“This is a season to be Joyful and helpful for people in need.

“I’m trying to get some money by myself to give to your Christmas Fund. Because if I was a person in need I would be very sad, and so we are giving some money to you.

“Your Friend, Taylor Reillo, and the kids in room 123.”

These students are from a depressed neighborhood whose parents don’t have much money, Driscoll wrote, expressing pride in his students’ generous nature.

There was an anonymous gift of $94.30. The Spokane Valley VFW Jr. Girls Unit, 212 S. David, gave $78.22 from their Buddy Poppy campaign.

Gifts of $75 came from Jack and Karen Swartz, 2329 W. Dean; Terry and Bunny Larsen, 3125 W. Rowan, “for the joy of our two new grandsons, Dyllan and Trayten”; Sylvia Seipp, Veradale; Walter Hoefel, 1100 N. Superior; and the Inside Sales Group of Telect. Thomas Johnson, 6711 N. Cedar Road, gave $51.

Giving $50 were Mary Oliver, Odessa; Nan and Linda Erickson, and Lacy and Timothy Barber, with this note: “Thanking God for family and friends who in past years helped us so greatly in a time of need, and remembering an awesome, loving and giving grandmother, Winifred Colwell.”

Helen Patterson, Spokane, gave $50 “in memory of my little mother,” a memorial Mrs. Patterson’s given for 39 Christmases; Janet and Gary Pierce, 11106 E. 37th, in memory of Grandpa “Bob” Pierce, and Grandpa “Frank” Greene; Betty Perkins, 403 E. Garland; Annetta Farr, 8601 N. Forest Blvd.; Donna and Roger Clark, 2413 W. Bernhill Road.

Other $50 gifts were from Clara Hieronymus, Spokane, in memory of her husband, Ted Hieronymus; Mark Taylor, 815 E. 26th; Michael and Angela Sorensen, 711 S. Cowley; Tim Hatfield, 911 E. Beacon.

Jay, Jan, Christina, and Greg Rudd, Veradale, gave $50 with this letter: “There are many gifts given this time of year, but the greatest gift a person can give is a wonderful legacy. We are giving our gift in memory of our Uncle Ken Trent (who was director of the Christmas Bureau for years).

“There will be an empty place at our Christmas table this year, but Uncle Ken’s gift of giving lives on in the Christmas Fund, so he will always be with us. God Bless you all.”

Other gifts of $50 came from Heather and Mark Cassidy, 4402 S. Eastern Road; Jim and Jackie Vroman, 1202 E. Newark; Patrick Thiel, 1220 N. Farr Road; Caryl and David Halverson, 7123 N. Fox Point Drive; Emil and Ruby Hanson, 2240 Buell Court; Barbara Love, 437 W. 16th, in memory of Ruth Hillier.

Curt and Mary Jo Lorenz, Chattaroy, gave $50, as did Gwen Bowell, 4311 Northwest Blvd.; Vern and Shirley Wheatcroft, Newman Lake; Sybil, “In memory of Leona Schmitt whose love for children, family and friends lives on in her children.”

Other $50 contributions were from John Miller and Sandra Nolting, 3210 S. Stevens; Anne Franke, 1932 E. 25th; Jane Clark, Veradale, who wrote “in memory of my husband Lyle who was a special Grandpa to many children”; C. Melgard in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caldwell; there were 13 anonymous gifts of $50, including one “dedicated to the one I love.”

The Bindler family, 10207 S. Sherman Road, gave $45, as did Gary and Judy Spangelo, Cheney; the staff at Massage Magazine gave $41.

Gifts of $40 came from Alice Collins, Colbert; Marylou Moglia; and one anonymous donor.

Nichole Larsen, 10, wrote, “I belong to a ‘Girls Club’ with my mom and two aunts. Our club involves the Mariners. To raise money we picked players and paid fines. We had $80 in our kitty. We voted to give half to your fund in memory of my uncle and my baby brother, Randy.”

Go Mariners!

There was an anonymous gift of $38; Steve Johnston, 1817 E. 18th, gave $35, with a leaflet from United Way of Pierce County that says: “How to Survive the Crisis of Unemployment,” to which Johnston wrote, “Been there!”

There was one anonymous donation of $35. Giving $30 was: Glenn Gannon, Greenacres; Jake and Michael Zorich, 6103 W. Wind River Drive; and one anonymous donor.

An anonymous donation of $26.99 was received.

Gifts of $25 came from Doug and Debra McGill, “On behalf of our two beautiful sons: Luke, 4, and Nick, three months”; Blanche O’Connell, 5710 N. F, in memory of her husband, Donald R. O’Connell; Pearl McHenry, Cheney, in memory of her husband, D.D. McHenry; Donald and Suzanne Capstick, 625 W. 27th; and Lorraine Murray, Spokane, Frances and Maxine celebrated 40 years of friendship with their gift of $25. Robert and Atania Gilmore, 6920 N. Cochran, gave $25 “in memory of Anna Gilmore, our beloved baby.”

Other gifts of $25 were from Elizabeth Phillips, 6403 N. Royal Crescent Lane; Oliver and Eva LeCaire 2905 W. Weile; Rose and Dwayne Hamey, 6923 N. Cincinnati; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Polizzi, Mead; John and Margee Webster, 2246 S. Rockwood Blvd.; Cliff Tollet and Corrie Jordan, Thornton.

The Watson family, 4405 E. 41st, gave $25, with this note: The children are “beginning to grasp that they have had always enough in their life,” wrote their dad, Rex. “They understand that many kids go without.” And with that in mind, Stephanie gave $8 to the Christmas Fund, and Chase gave $7. Rex made up the difference.

Joshua and Tami Stickney, 822 W. Augusta, gave $25, as did David and Laureen Monasmith, 5922 N. Summit Lane; Jim and Carol Kershner, 121 W. 34th; and six anonymous donors.

KaLee Role’s name was misspelled in Wednesday’s gifts of $25.

This $20 gift from Debbie Lahue’s second-grade class at Chattaroy Elementary came with this letter:

“Dear Spokesman-Review, Our 2nd grade class recently made money at our craft fair. We wanted to give you 20 dollars. My name is Jacob Benson. I wish I could donate 1,000,000,000$ but I cannot because I don’t have 1 cent. But I will lose my tooth soon so I can git some money. Your Friend, Jacob Benson.”

Here’s to the Tooth Fairy!

Karen Fournier gave $20 in the name of her brother, David, who “has helped me so much in the past year. … He’s my brother, best friend, mentor and angel.”

Other $20 gifts were from Michele Cole, 3906 S. Eagle Lane; Mollie Hannes, 2209 E. Brookfield Lane; and five anonymous donors.

Brook Hutchings, 1015 E. Cozza, gave $15, as did Marvin Bohlen, 15612 N. Meadowglen; Matthew and Hayley Stephens, 10919 E. 27th; Pauline Hubsmith, 925 E. Sharpsburg.

Krysten Maxwell, 9, wrote with her gift: “I would like to donate 6 dollars to the Christmas Wish fund, because I feal bad for the kids who don’t get a gift or two on Christmas morning. I hope my donation helps a child to have a better Christmas morning.”

Isn’t that sweet?

Donations of $10 were from Charles Mosgar, 4205 W. Wellesley; the Norman Petersons, Coeur d’Alene; Brian and Judie Mitchell, 1006 N. Locust; J.B. Thibault, 2711 W. Heroy; and two anonymous donors.

The “Teamster Crew” at Huckleberry’s Fresh Market gave $7.25; there was an anonymous gift of $5.24; Jenna and Sara Dunbar gave $3; Sam Lombard, 6, gave $2; and an anonymous gentleman dropped off $1 at the newspaper’s Valley office.

Kim wrote this letter with her $3 gift:

“This is the year I do it. I have been without a home for 32 weeks this year. Two days ago, I was able to move myself and my four children into a small apartment. It’s only by the grace of God that we have a roof over our heads. Yet, it’s still not easy.

“My children’s Christmas tree and turkey and food have been provided by our church. So I know the heartache of not being able to provide well for my family. And yet, I’m grateful to God that my family is healthy and we are together.

“My income can’t provide much, but I feel I must help others in their time of need. My $3 is so pitiful in comparison to the large donations you have received, but, please, it comes from the heart. I know it will make a difference in someone’s Christmas.

“My children understand there are kids less fortunate than themselves and started a jar already for next year’s fund.

“It is the Lord’s holiday and miracles do happen. If everyone gave $3 …

God Bless you all!


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