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The Slice: Midyear crisis? Not to worry

No need to panic ... yet.
 (The Spokesman-Review)
No need to panic ... yet. (The Spokesman-Review)

According to The Slice calendar, this weekend is the psychological midpoint of summer. So how’s it going so far? Don’t worry. You can still pull out a late-innings rally.

“10…9…8…: So this preschool girl heading west on the south side of Riverside looked up. Fixing her gaze on the Review Tower’s spire, she squealed in recognition: “Rocket!”

“Slice answer (all-time best-looking local TV anchor): “I am a fortysomething woman from Colfax and vividly remember an extremely handsome sportscaster on KREM 2 in the late 1980s or early 1990s,” wrote Sherri Aune. “(OK, he wasn’t an anchor, but HE WAS HOT!). His name was Rich Henkels and I had brief eye contact with him at Nordstrom one day about 15 years ago and have been wondering what happened to him ever since. Does that sound pathetic?”

Not compared to some of the things I’ve heard since bringing this up.

Henkels nows lives in the Philadelphia area, where he is a sales director for a company founded by his grandparents in 1923.

“Dressing down: In last Friday’s column, a Slice reader wondered if this area’s standards for casual attire had gotten ridiculously relaxed, especially at weddings. Here’s one of the responses generated by that item.

“I, too, have noticed it with dismay,” wrote LeAnne Hunter.

She said too many women dress like streetwalkers. But mostly she wanted to address men.

“I know that most of you would sooner have a root canal than go to a wedding, but let’s show some respect here. Would it totally kill you to be thoughtful of those who cared enough about you to invite you to share their special day?

“Severe tie-haters can get away without wearing one. A clean, open-collar shirt paired with a decent, casual pair of slacks and loafers would be just fine.

“Unless the bride and groom are both wearing jeans themselves and are marrying in a corral, leave the denim at home, please….

“Also, considering that a large percentage of weddings take place in a house of worship, show some respect of the higher kind.

“And for what it’s worth, there is no woman out there who doesn’t appreciate being seen with a man who can clean up nicely. Think about it, fellas.”

“Slice answer (going the speed limit): “I drive an unmarked police car while at work,” wrote Lt. Steve Turcott of the Washington State Patrol. “As such, I go the speed limit because it’s the right thing to do (and it sets a good example). The most amazing thing happens while I’m driving the speed limit: all kinds of other ‘law-abiding’ drivers somehow catch up to me.”

And, of course, some zoom right past.

“I stop and educate them,” said Turcott.

“Today’s Slice question: Would people who live on busy streets like to see police write so many speeding tickets that local governments would eventually be awash in budget surpluses?

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