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The Slice: Other 10 percent is having a ball

I haven’t done a survey or anything. But this is bargain country. So if I had to guess, I’d say 90 percent of the people around here regard 90 percent of the ticket prices for concerts and shows, et cetera, as exorbitant. OK, let’s move on.

“Slice answer: Readers answering the question about Spokane’s most-photographed building named several of the usual suspects — the Review Tower among them. (My fault. It was an uninspired query. What were they supposed to say?) But several respondents suggested that in recent months nothing has been photographed as much as the downtown art bears.

“Here’s how minor family traditions get started: “Paul, our youngest son, Adam, liked to personally program our telephone, VCR, etc.,” wrote Jeanette Loucks. “When I checked the speed-dial numbers on our phone, one of the names listed was ‘Brain’ instead of ‘Brian.’ So now everyone named Brian is ‘Brain’ in our family.”

People have been called worse.

That reminds me of when I worked in a college dining hall. The food service manager, a genius speller, used to label one of the cereal bins “Raisin brain.”

“Just wondering: What’s the surest sign that tattoos are over?

(And tattoo artists should feel free to call me and ask “What’s the surest sign that newspapers are over?” My answer might surprise you.)

“Slice readers’ all-time favorite TV shows: Here’s a list from 21-year-old Melissa Narrance of Hillyard.

1. “Freaks & Geeks.” 2. “Seinfeld.” 3. “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” 4. “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” 5. “The Kids in the Hall.” 6. “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” 7. “M*A*S*H.” 8. “The X Files.” 9. “The Shield.” 10. (tie) “Dead Like Me” and “Roseanne.”

Now here’s one from her mom, Laura Bundy.

10. “The Monkees.” (“Oh that Davy Jones.”) 9. “Judge Judy.” 8. “The L Word.” 7. “Melrose Place.” 6. “The Amazing Race.” 5. “Law and Order” (all of them). 4 “Big Brother.” 3. “Saturday Night Live.” 2. “Survivor.” 1. “The Shield.”

“Happiest person in Spokane: Gene and Janice Scott nominated KREM weather man Tom Sherry. “Not only is he the happiest person, he makes everyone happy,” they wrote.

Steve Baldwin nominated Jack Kendall, who operates an apparel shop and also works part-time as a coffee-drink concocter. “The one and only Happy Jack,” said Baldwin.

And, after posing that question, I heard from several grandmothers with new grandbabies. There’s a lot of love there, even though a couple of the infants have been saddled with regrettable names.

“Meat the parents: It always cracks me up when this one older couple I know orders the “vegetarian” pizza “with double pepperoni.”

“Today’s Slice question: Who holds the record for relocating from one address to another the greatest number of times without ever moving out of the Spokane area?

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