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The Slice: Nice to see you again, September

Let’s start with some quick Q and A about the golden oldie, “See You in September.”

Q: Re: that opening line, “I’ll be alone each and every night” – was that actually true in most cases?

A: Sadly, it was not. Frisky young people would head home from college for the summer and, well, I guess I don’t need to paint you a picture.

Q: Does the line “While you’re away, don’t forget to write” refer to text-messaging or to twittering?

A: Neither. You have to remember, this song was first recorded almost 50 years ago. That lyric alludes to something called letter writing. It was big in its day.

Q: What is meant by, “Have a good time, but remember/There is danger in the summer moon above”?

A: It means it is OK to play tennis and what not, but no doin’ the nasty.

Q: Is the line “Yes, it’s gonna be a cold, lonely summer” chiefly a meteorological allusion?

A: No. But that’s a different song.

•Choose the correct way to finish the following lyric from the show tune “Try to Remember”:

Try to remember the kind of September

When life was slow and…

A) not worth living. B) your mamma was good-looking. C) catfish are jumpin’. D) languid and bittersweet. E) oh, so mellow.

Yes, that’s right. E.

•Identify the band that recorded “Wake Me When September Ends”: A) The Fugs. B) Picture Radio. C) Green Day. D) Government Cheese. E) Suction Goat.

Correct. C it is.

•Pick the actual Internet Movie Database plot summary for Woody Allen’s 1987 film “September”: A) “Rivals on the NASCAR circuit duke it out over chicks and checkered flags.” B) “At a summer house in Vermont, neighbor Howard falls in love with Lane, who’s in a relationship with Peter, who’s falling for Stephanie, who’s married with children.” C) “Invaders from another galaxy assume human form and infiltrate office cubicles.” D) “Humorless, Swedish-inspired moping.” E) “The boys from Delta House are back in this raunchy remake of ‘Porky’s House.’ ”

The answer is B.

•Choose the best description of the group called Black September: A) Zydeco band. B) Bearish Wall Street brokerage. C) Consortium of independent film producers. D) Palestinian terrorists.

The answer is D.

•Certain radio stations used to call this month … : A) Zeptember.


•Today’s Slice question: Have you ever thanked the person who was your best boss or favorite teacher?

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