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The Slice: That big D is considered to be one big capital offense

That’s berry impressive!  Courtesy of Tina Wynecoop (Courtesy of Tina Wynecoop / The Spokesman-Review)
That’s berry impressive! Courtesy of Tina Wynecoop (Courtesy of Tina Wynecoop / The Spokesman-Review)

There are people who get really annoyed when sign-makers and others capitalize the “d” in Coeur d’Alene.

Fresh picked: Tina Wynecoop submitted photographic evidence to bolster her claim that, “It’s a good year for huckleberries!”

Just wondering: How many Slice readers remember when The Davenport Hotel steam-pressed paper money and gave coins a wash and shine?

Two-fer: Some people regard “rustic charm” as a warning when they see that phrase on home-for-sale fliers.

Didn’t ice cream trucks used to go slower, so kids could have time to get some money and then race outside to catch them?

Slice answers: Apparently, it’s not all that unusual to have a hummingbird land on you. Who knew?

Most responding readers said football players are the toughest athletes.

Several kids who look like Opie from “The Andy Griffith Show” walk among us, according to reports.

And Moscow’s Blake Ballard had two suggestions about how I could respond to the mayor’s compliment for something I hadn’t written.

“Thank you, your honor. You’re too kind. I really don’t deserve it.”

And, “Thank you, your honor. It was nothing.”

Today’s Slice question: Why is this a significant date for The Slice?

OK, I’ll answer that. This column first appeared on Aug. 3, 1992. That was the week Empire Life became IN Life — long before the features section was named “Today.”

Thank you for reading The Slice.

I’m going to be off for the rest of this month. My next column will appear on Sept. 3.

But in the meantime, starting Tuesday, you’re going to have a chance to see how well you remember Slice items from the past 17 years.

See you in September.

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