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The Slice: Jim Kershner in a Speedo? Sorry

There is no truth to the rumor that the Today section is going to try to attract more advertisers and readers with a special swimsuit edition.

Let’s move on.

•Here’s my fear: Political polarization is going to keep getting worse. So, soon, we won’t even be able to talk about the weather without finding ourselves in heated disagreements.

And because of the ever-changing opportunities to weigh in on conditions we like and don’t like, places with four-season climates such as our area will be at the forefront of this sorry trend.

That’s my theory anyway.

Instead of the same old small talk, bringing up the weather will be an invitation to an online-like throw-down. With true believers of various stripes having run out of news things to argue about, even summer breezes won’t be a safe topic.

“I hear it’s going to cool off by the weekend. That suits me.”

“What? You don’t crave constant hot weather? What are you – a disloyal American? I guess you and your ilk want the terrorists to win.”

No, it doesn’t make any sense. But since when did that ever stop anyone?

•Just wondering: I understand that the liturgical calendar is not essentially an index of economic indicators. But isn’t Lent a bit redundant this year?

•Speaking of Lent: I know some of you would be disappointed if I didn’t trot out my annual Mardi Gras rant. So here goes.

If Ash Wednesday means nothing to you, engaging in robust Fat Tuesday revelry will not mark you as a deep thinker or spiritual heavyweight.

•It says here: People’s reactions to hearing a language other than English being spoken tells you quite a bit about them.

That’s probably true everywhere. But it seems especially telling in the Spokane area.

•With the Ice Palace season a few days from ending: I’m ready to declare my favorite skating scene of the ’08-’09 session.

This one helmeted little boy, whose expression of grim determination made him look like he was about to hit an enemy beach, stepped out onto the ice. He fell almost immediately. But as he started to get up, he smiled.

The dreaded outcome had happened, just as he suspected. But he had survived.

•Warm-up question: A ’60s TV Western set in the Inland Northwest would have been called what?

•Today’s Slice question: Considering the economic uncertainty, what’s your Plan B?

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